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  1. David making a update🤔, impossible
  2. WHERE ARE THE NEW SKILLS BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, but still a nice af update from the man the myth the legenden david
  3. Buffing scropia drop table

    Hello fellow runewilders, i hava been thinking about scorpias drop table. Its horrible atm, so i was thinking if you added dragonical claws to the very drop table, bcs scorpia dosn't have any real good drops and its in so dangerous area and dragonical claws dont drop from any boss. this would make scorpia more worth it and more people would do it and more people would pk there then. at it's current moment scorpia isnt worth doing, if your not going after the pet. gn fellow runewilders, heli out *daps in japanese*

  5. Hooligans #ez clearence

  6. Slayer task/ monsters

  7. Slayer task/ monsters

    No As any efficiency/money making minded slayermen here would understand and agree with, this suggestion would 1) decrease xp rates 2) decrease gp/sellable drops like javs/anglers per hour 3)decrease poinst per hour as you skip shitty tasks
  8. Can one get HvH legend tag in discord/in-game pls c: <3