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  1. Runewild Nh Slaughterhouse [3] + GIVEAWAY!

    ign pkedbyzig love the vids
  2. PvP Leagues: Season V - Winners of Season IV

    Sure I was top at 630am .uk time but ok
  3. Second week's KOTH Winner: Gambinos

    swift 1-0 again
  4. I destroyed dh tourny

    destroyed dh tourney? u got rng lucky and u call that destroyed? think u need to go back to school mate
  5. Staff Update: December 2018

    grats to all promoted well deserved!!!! just wish i would get a reply to my staff app l0l
  6. tb fixing

    update today means tb is on for however long you are tbed for either half (2 and half minutes) or full (5 minutes). i doubt it will be changed back.
  7. HI im zig!

    I did first time round now im back thank you
  8. HI im zig!

    hello all im pkedbyzig. former player recently come back to the server. if u need any help ingame feel free to give me a pm anytime. thanks #zig