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  1. How to Make Money With Enchanted Crystal Keys! Hello, RuneWild community! This is Holy Luck, and today you will learn everything there is to crystal keys, where to locate the chest, how to enchant the keys & what the hell all of it is about. First things first, let´s get some fundamental knowledge. Crystal keys are mainly obtained from dungeons such as Toa, Tob, Cox, and so on - but not only. Another great way to obtain crystal keys along with crystal shards is in the Iowerth Dungeon. In fact, Iowrth dungeon is the only place where you can get crystal shards. Best approach in terms of gear (If you are planning to grind shards & keys) Best possible ranged gear (Full armadyl, blowpipe, anguish, avaˇs, etc). You will make approximately 1,000 crystal shards per hour by killing Greater Nechryaels (Lvl 80 Slayer is required) If you have more money then opt for melee (Full vestaˇs, basilisk jaw, scythe, torture, etc). You will make approximately 2,000 crystal shards per hour by killing Kurasks (No requirements except financial investment) Keep in mind that crystal shards prices are volatile. They are different each week. From 120k to 200k How to enchant the Crystal Keys In order to make one enchanted crystal key, you need to combine one crystal key with 20 crystal shards. Where to Locate the Crystal Chest Crystal Chest can be found at ::home in the secondary house where you can get your Slayer tasks. What can you get from Crystal Chest If you are lucky, you may obtain crystal items such as: Crystal helmet, crystal body, or crystal legs. If you are very lucky you may obtain Bow of Faerdhinen (inactive) in other words Bowfa. Generally you will get barrow items. What to expect from 28 Enchanted Crystal Keys How to make money with Enchanted Crystal Keys There are two ways to approach this: A) You become a mercher / You will buy the crystal shards from anywhere between 110k to 160k & the keys you will gather for 1.5M - 2.3M B) You grind the material Either way you will be making profits. If you opt to grind the material your-self then you can expect to make 100M - 300M per hour. Good luck, and have fun in gaming. - Holy Luck
  2. How to Vote & A Bonus for Newbies

    How to Vote & get up to two Mystery Boxes per day! Hello to all RuneWild players! I am Holy Luck, and today I decided to share my method how I vote, and a few good tricks to keep in mind for some additional coins. Voting can be done once every 12 hours, per one account, per one IP address. It is possible, and not illegal to use multiple accounts, and multiple devices to vote. (Only if you come from different networks with each device) To make it even more understandable: If you have one computer, and three mobile phones that all have access to mobile data, then you could potentially vote X4 x X2 times per day. Which is pretty neat. Now, let´s get on with the guide! Voting on RuneWild is all about timing. You have to time your votes. The best approach is to vote once in the morning, and make the secondary vote after 12 hours has passed. Gaining 8 points per day. (Points mentioned here are the ones you see at the high score table when you do your voting. Top three always will get a prize.) The title mentions up to two mystery boxes per day. Here´s the thing. After each vote you get 6Mil in Coins, one Vote Box, and 8 Vote Tokens. (Vote tokens are roughly around 4.4Mil each) One Mystery Box is 15 Vote Tokens when you speak to Vannaka @home. For FREE you can get one mystery box per day. But. If you are willing to make a slight investment, then you could acquire two mystery boxes for less than half the price. You make your first vote, get 8 Vote Tokens, buy 7 additional Vote Tokens at the market price, and either sell the box, or open it to see if you are lucky. Repeat the process after 12 hours. There are more ways to approach how to, and whatnot but this is just an example what could be done if you are just starting out. I believe I have got about 4 - 5 Dragon Warhammers which sell for 130Mil @Vannaka Good luck, and have fun in gaming. - Holy Luck