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  1. Kree was fun, now im done

    Very nice man!
  2. Slayer points suggestion

    I feel like that would be a great medium, I can't really see a big downside to this
  3. Petition to unban Xavier

    The bigger the community the better, pretty sure if you ever get banned again David wont be so forgiving, therefore You have my support.
  4. Slayer points suggestion

    When you extend your tasks, you go from like 10 kills per task to like 100, but when you do this, you keep getting the same amount of slayer points. Was thinking it would be a lot more beneficial to give more points for those extended tasks. Otherwise players can just do those small tasks and farm up slayer points. I realize some players won't want this because they focus on the loot from extended tasks but I feel it would even things out for those grinding the xp or slayer points.

    I'm glad you made this post because I feel that our staff should definitely be recognized and given props, over the past few weeks the server has been undergoing a lot of changes, and with the rise in player activity, our staff has been making sure everything runs along smoothly and supporting the community in terms of helping out/guides/misc. I completely agree with most of this, I say most because I haven't had the pleasure of seeing/talking to AJ or Virtue. In regards to David, I have only been playing this server for maybe a few months now but the changes over the past few weeks have been phenomenal. The impact of this reset has caused the player base to return to what it was weeks before. From the changes with Kraken, to the new $100 tournament, you have outdone yourself. Matt, I haven't gotten to know you that well personally, but what Adam says is definitely spot on. I see you helping out the community with even the smallest issues. Sean, "You always go that extra mile to help someone out" is an understatement. Since you've become trial moderator, I've seen your activity increase, and your participation in the community explode. I trulybelieve that you will become a moderator and blow us all away. B, when all else fails, I think we all know that you're going to be on because you are literally on 90% of the time, when do you sleep? Over the past week I have not only seen you take on the responsibility of being a moderator, but you took it by the horns. I'm glad you're back on the staff team, and I'm glad that we have actually become friends . Adam, you always go out of your way for Runewild. I believe its the small things like making these appreciation posts like this that keeps the community together. Keep up the good work all of you, it does not go unnoticed.
  6. A small suggestion :)

    Definitely support this!
  7. Two Suggestions

    Add a way to use the mysterious emblem guy to return to not being skulled. I think a lot of people know that skulls last very long and rather than suicide to random people in edge and giving out free kills and such. Also, there's a bug (I guess?) where if you log in wild, you wont get the temporary bounty hunter ban. I wish that either the temporary ban was implemented to players who log (so that I don't have to log out ever 30 seconds, can be pretty annoying), or implement a way to turn off bounty hunter (maybe making it a donator perk or something).
  8. Hp's Graphics!

    Sick work bro!
  9. #Goodfellas

    If you mean K?d, then yes he is a phenomenal artist.
  10. Spawn Guide

    I realize in advance that this may seem basic, and it is. But I also realize that many new players are new to "spawn" servers, so this is for them There are two commands you need to know, ::Getid (Item) Example: I enjoy killing kraken, so I need a lot of ruby bolts (e). To get the ID for ruby bolts, I type in the client "::getid ruby bolt" which returns the values of Ruby bolt tips - 9191 Ruby bolts (e) - 9242 Ruby bolts - 9339 ::Item (#) (#) The first # represents the item ID while the second # represents how much you want of that item. Example Cont: Now that I have the item ID for Ruby bolts (e), I can simply spawn them by typing "::item 9242 5000" which will spawn 5000 Ruby Bolt (e)'s. You may not spawn items in most areas. Spawn items in Edgeville for convenience. It should be noted that by typing generic item names such as "red" will return too many items, and you may not see the specific item you are looking for. For better results, be as specific as you can, or refer to http://www.itemdb.biz/ which returns many more items then the client will.

    Ayeeeni finally won one of your famous giveaways I’ll be sure to claim it after work