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  1. Muted for what?

  2. About Us Us the Savages will never give up. Any obsticles, we will overcome. We have decided to rebrand the cc and have it run by our trusted high-ranks. Nothing will keep us from dominating the multi scene in Runewild. From a small group of friends to a huge successful multi clan. Even though this small obstacle, we will rise again to become the most active, the best multi clan runewild has ever seen. We will take off right where we left off. Our future is brighter than it's ever been, and we're looking forward to dominating from this point onwards. #SAVAGES Official Information Official CC name - Savages Recruitment Please make a topic with this format to join Username - Savages Timezone - K/d ratio - (Picture/Screenshot) Playtime (Location is at ::guide) - (Picture/screenshot) Language - Discord - Yes or no Microphone - Yes or no Pm "Savages" in game after completed. Discord https://discord.gg/ZSCU7cX
  3. Staff Application

    your tips have helped me majorly, thanks cata .
  4. Imbued God Capes

    thanks for helping the newcomers by adding this in
  5. De ironman

    you can't de-ironman an account, i'd advise you to pm @David . goodluck brother, you got a great ironman account ;/
  6. Also great update david, as always. Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve
  7. Summerboss box reward
  8. Application

    I like the vibe you give off aswell as the way you came back. Lots to catch up on, can't be done in a week +1 from me. Just get familiar with the latest updates. GL

    Absolutely not. Toxic individual, ive had many complaints in the past week. -1 Goodluck

    Please follow the application guidelines in ::topic 3690
  11. HUMOR Vet APP

    can you please put it in the proper format? You must have atleast 50 posts on the forums. Account creation must be atleast 12 months old. Your past 30 days play time must be atleast 50 hours. No severe punishments in the past 90 days.
  12. Veteran Application elmo

    thanks for making it easier.
  13. 300 Dh Sets

    gl brothermon
  14. Flare - Runewild UIM Skiller - EP 1

    I would also like to see more, good job. Id like to see your full potential