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  1. Staff Application

    +1 smart dude
  2. [Diamond]Himiko Toga

    thumbs up
  3. will get david's opinion aswell.
  4. another good vid vexia:) thanks for the content and keep up the good work
  5. Wheelchairz - Le Return

    nice to have ya back mr wheels
  6. Another fun vid Vexia keep it up brotha
  7. Fux Boy's Staff Application

    I do indeed see you have been active on discord & forums. Would like to see you in-game a bit more. Either way... +1 Goodluck bud
  8. Fux Boy introduction

    nice to see you back
  9. Runewild PK video 1

    keep up the good work.
  10. Lucky?

    ah nice.
  11. Calling Out NoxiousToxin

    thanks for sharing
  12. Epara's staff application

    I don't see you online a lot, and your playtime is a bit low. You need to tell us more about your history, it seems like you didn't put too much thought into your application.