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  1. NGL This a pretty fire update if I do say so myself, keep up the amazing work David.
  2. Drop rate and Revenants

    +1 from me I agree with the blowpipe scales suggestion because, that is true why have some items use scales and others not. Also agree with the drop rates labeled with numbers instead of with “very rare” etc
  3. Raids 2 - Theatre of Blood

    First thing I want to say about raids 2 loot is that its horrible. The loot that you get from completing a regular should be rewarding even if it is not a drop, considering not many people do raids and that it is considerably hard, I feel as if the loot should be buffed. Soloing the boss is already hard enough and after completing a raid it doesn't feel at all satisfying considering the chances of getting an item while soloing is extremely rare with it being the number rolling system based on players per raid. The chances of getting a raid drop while soloing is extremely rare, so I feel as if at least to reward the player for completing the solo raid that the loot should at least be worth their time and effort. A raid can take anywhere from 8-14minutes, depending on your rng for hits on the boss. To be doing a raid for 8-14 minutes and then being rewarded with 1-5m loot at most, this is without an actual item of course, it just doesn't provide any motivation for people to do raids. Another reason I feel that normal loot should be buffed is, because raiding whether it be solo or with a team, is just not profitable at all especially if you go on a dry streak such as the player "GIANT" doing 200+ raids and not getting and item. With the time spent doing all of those raids you could have made way more money because the normal loot from raids is 1-4m at most, like I don't see why having a crystal bow from raids 2 is a drop, it is worthless like you can't even sell it in the shop. I am just looking for a regular loot buff and making it more common for getting a good drop while doing solos, duos, etc. This could be done by maybe having a specific drop rate on an item for solos, then another for duos, etc.
  4. noob

    1.I like to pvm a lot and make money and friends while doing so. 2.Yes 22andtonk#1442 3.Yes 4.Yes of course 5.Yes on osrs i did tons of bosses,raids one,etc 6.Show pic if needed later but have,1b cash,blue donator,infernal cape,tbow,max gear for range,melee, can get magic if needed
  5. Jail pvp

  6. Jail pvp

    Legit dumbest thing you can do no reason to have enjoyment when you were doing something wrong theres a reason your in there might as well make it as bad as can be no pvp dumb idea.
  7. Vorkath

  8. Special attack restore after kill in Edgeville

    Yes do this probably 50 is good