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  1. Corporal Beast Event

    Dont bring items you dont want to lose.
  2. Youtube Loyalty Program

    Giving every person who views my video 2m. Will give each person who subs 2m also. Easiest 4m ever.
  3. Few suggestions.

  4. Gambling ban

    Instead of stopping gambling on one account with the gambling npc make it by ip. You can just create a new account and trade stuff over to gamble.
  5. Week V, VI & VII KOTH Winner: Gambinos

    I thought Gambinos died out. Reasons, why I dont, go in wild. Stay toxic.
  6. vorkath

    "Brings the community together" Yes I love teleing in wild and getting called retard kys by gaminoes great "community" that I want to see. I think the area should be in singles but the boss should be multi if that makes sense. Its like being in rev cave entrance. One guy can be in multi and get hit by many in singles. +1 to this idea. Its just camped by clans and isnt worth doing because you wont get the kills.
  7. Less toxicity

    I get banned for saying the "N" word but clans can flame me calling me retard, kys and other shit. Not fair when ending my life is no where near comparable to me saying a person is black. Same with retard, its a disability. It should be as bad as retard. Im saying mute people based on more words they use and not just the "N" word.

    Too many switched I got dyslexia from this video
  9. How old is your account?

    December 14th 2016
  10. Favorite Music?

    Anything but xxx. Fuck trump
  11. Pk Video 2

    clickbait. That wasnt b0aty who got hit a 73 lmao
  12. Forums kinda dead

    Gz on defender ez gp
  13. Raids 2 - Theatre of Blood

    +1 Let us sell the crystal bow and we good. Foreal lower the drop rate. been like half a year out and almost no items from raids 2 in-game. I saw a dude get the raids 2 defender from a mystery box.....