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  1. 6IXTH's Official Clan Thread

    Username: Boonk Timezone: EST K/D Ratio: https://gyazo.com/afa9f499593edc2fe90d1ba9c5b7c60c Playtime: https://gyazo.com/c1bcfc14e1d17a1083aa5b47c442da2a Language(s): and English Discord: Yes awesome1m#4070 Microphone: Yes
  2. Nice video buddy Boonk is still around
  3. Fix Dragon Throwing Axes

    After you pull out rcb, like 2 seconds delay before it specs, fix it!
  4. State of pure pking right now https://gyazo.com/f82aa31cd0798f44e78458ea841b5ca6
  5. Rip 200+ KS

    Pfft, how'd u even get to 200? your trash...
  6. Finally unbanned thanks to @B, you guys won't regret banning me and I will not make the same mistake. Don't be afraid to say wb at pms
  7. Skilling Additions?

    Unban me then ;)))))
  8. Skilling Additions?

  9. Apology to the Community

    My best bet is proving that I deserve a 2nd chance which will be hard.
  10. Apology to the Community

    It was a simple mistake then some kid said he would report me and I got cocky because I was pissed at the time, it's 100% my fault.
  11. So I tried appealed for a unban for what I did, adving another server [not intentional] just wanted to tell a friend where I was going and it was taken the wrong way by another member in cc and I just wanna say screw you. Ruined it for me. To the rest of ya I'll be attempting to reappeal again and i'm sorry to everyone that I let down, a former staff from locopk, I would be expected more from. Sorry.
  12. Banned I guess?

    Well gg for now?
  13. Just a suggestion? i dont think 100 kills for 32.5m is good... maybe rise the pk points?