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  1. Timeless Pker ?

    Damn some really nice switches tbh, nice video. Keep it up! ~ Applestake
  2. Corporal Beast Event

    Yeah that should be a requirement to make it fair for everyone! ~ Applestake
  3. Corporal Beast Event

    Ofc but if u want to get any drops u will need some decent gear. ~ Applestake
  4. Corporal Beast Event

    I will definitely join. Only problem tho is that pking clans Will wait outside the corp cave entrance. Else a great idea! ~ Applestake
  5. Firemaking Guide (exact amount of logs needed)

    Thanks, made my life a bit easier ? ~ Applestake
  6. Rate the setup

    8/10 organisation <3
  7. First and last for awhile

    Nice vid, Keep up the good work! ~ Applestake