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  1. Bio's reintroduction

    Hello, some of you may know me, some may not. which is totally fine im an ex staff here on runewild and took a break from the rsps scene for a while but i am now back. makes me sad that i am no longer the top poster see you in game <3
  2. Raids 2 Guide

    nice guide
  3. Gambinos Kill ratlords for 500m

    Never died to you other than when i dced vs you, what a coincidence
  4. Gambinos Kill ratlords for 500m

    to bad its pms saying that we "ddos" you guys are a bunch of retards honestly lmfao btw look at your fag members "BS" coincidence that i "dc" mid fight even though i lost maybe 15m l0l you guys have resorted to ddosing mysticers ;-;0;e-fp;-;-g; https://gyazo.com/5b3e1e846886b5368178e5d2bbd620ee
  5. nice video man, like how you sapmmed l000000000000000l
  6. Ironman

    Pretty cool idea, support
  7. 07 karhu Road to Max cape

    nice work broader
  8. Travis

  9. runewild vid 3 yuhh

    sick wideo
  10. The Usual Suspects

    video is unavailable mate
  11. Runewild promo video <3

    Nice job mate
  12. Killa Jojo

    wait wait? THE frogman??
  13. My staff feedback so far

    Cheers for the staff feedback man, glad i could help! really appreciate the kind words
  14. IbbeFan221

    Nice video man
  15. Jail pvp

    you wouldn't need to have a pvp area and you would have all the wilderness locations in the game if you didn't decide to say or do something to get you in that position. defiantly no from me, stop breaking rules.