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  1. Road To Max

    goodluck sir.
  2. content i can watch and easily fall asleep to thanks & good night.
  3. Updated Crafting Guide / Rates

    damn very nice.
  4. Please help us learn from your views.

    Fair enough i guess.
  5. Please help us learn from your views.

    The fourth question was kinda a stupid one, New content is what keeps the game fresh and playable for some people.
  6. damn nice content drop may have to play an ironman account. as for the sword... my dude stop playing fortnite
  7. Ratlords Domination | Impact Leadership Audio

    Eh some things never change i guess
  8. Inspired by Cata

    wrong, every topic / sub-topic is another use for forums the fact that you're a mod and don't see this baffles me. introductions youtube content from our youtubers update information suggestions (like this post) Clan growth customer / player support
  9. Anglerfish/Magic Log Achievement Reduction

    support on this 20k is a stupidly high amount to get.
  10. Inspired by Cata

    What kind of Moderators are you scared that you may have to actually do something on forums??? Post counts are easy to edit & their is a punishment system on forums for said spam & invalid topics. spam section doesn't / didn't count towards post count prior to runewild.
  11. Inspired by Cata

    you're clueless my g.
  12. Inspired by Cata

    for a fill in of what this is follow this link; https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/1555-major-suggestions-via-forums/ Misc: Slayer Helms Serp Helms Easter Egg H'ween Masks Santa Hats ( Red, Blue, Green, Inverted, Black) Banshee Mask (banned player) Post Count: Cow X1 Bunny x10 Chicken x25 Bronze x50 Bronze G x75 Rune x100 Rune G x125 Gilded x150 Ranger x175 Range Ward x200 Mage Ward x225 Mage's Book x250 Dragon Chain Armour x275 Dragon Chain G x300 Dragon Armour x350 Dragon Armour G x400 Obby Weapons x450 Obby Armour x500 Dragon Claws x550 Fire Cape x600 Dharoks x650 Bandos x700 Armadyl x750 Armadyl Xbow x800 Spirit Shield x900 Dfs x1000 Aws x1100 Spectral x1200 Arcane x1300 elysian x1400 Infernal Cape x1500 Twisted Buckle x1600 Twisted Bow x1800 3rd Age Range x2000 3rd Age Magic x2250 3rd Age Melee x2500 Ancestral x3000 Justice Armour x3500 White Party Hat x4000 Donator: Red Party Hat - Donator Blue Party Hat - Super Donator Green Party Hat - Respected Donator Purple Party Hat - Legendary Donator Yellow Party Hat - Master Donator Black Party Hat - Ultimate Donator Rainbow Party Hat - ???
  13. Try me

    very nice Mr.Pontus
  14. ::unskull Command

    add the feature to the Rejuvenation pool. Not as op to use due to the timer Gives Donators a little extra feature ;p