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  1. awesome updates been a long time coming!!!
  2. Staff Update: December 2018

    only a few days late to the party but woo
  3. awesome update great to see some new bosses added aswell!
  4. hope you enjoy it as much as i did guys!
  5. RuneWild Best XP/HR

    i like this guide its dope
  6. Woodcutting Guide

    good stuff buddy, another great guide thank you =3
  7. Cooking Guide

    dope guide bro, fantastic work was a very much needed guide, thanks for the time and effort you put into creating this for us!!!
  8. First video ever

    that ags spec was clean as hell lol, nice vid bro
  9. NPC Locations Guide

    Could you have done any better on this guide? Lmao awesome guide bro i love the detail
  10. Agility Guide

    not started agility yet but ill be sure to follow this guide thanks bro
  11. Crafting Guide

    i love how you put your guides together so that they are easy to follow. great guides i hope to see more from you in the future
  12. Herblore Guide

    thanks for this guide bro helped me get 99 herb yesterday, another step closer to my max cape. appreciate the help brother