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  1. Fix Monster Aggro Stall

    Idk if this is an intended server mechanic but is it possible to have this fixed? It not like this in OSRS an gets a little annoying... https://gyazo.com/9369d6f3405836347a672b4bf64257e4
  2. Helloo. Would it be possible to get the same interface for Casket's as we do Mystery boxes but with casket loot.. I think it would bring more hype to higher tier casket's rather then just selling them. Example Below.. Mystery box- https://gyazo.com/a6134599ede4422ea85305dc03029268 Caskets- https://gyazo.com/f31455b5aaf254ce084ce731f7922329
  3. Muted for what?

    bump. Staff you are responsible to responding to your community. Please respond
  4. Revise pre-sets interface

    Please re-vise this interace. Remove/Change the F keys option. Nothing more frustrating when your in a rush to get somewheres, Click ur pre-set, telly out, set ur hands on ur f keys to find your in a different pre-set then you orginally selected. https://gyazo.com/7723ed303888a5646a59d629f6142c17
  5. Savages Official Clan Thread

    Username - SeeknSurgeTimezone - ESTK/d ratio - (Picture/Screenshot) https://gyazo.com/596d2906749cbe70cb874393fc1cbad2Playtime (Location is at ::guide) - (Picture/screenshot) https://gyazo.com/5dd43d1a171114e0805aa70789a8c604Language - Eng.Discord - YesMicrophone - Yes
  6. Muted for what?

    Ingame Username: SeeknSurge Punished by: No idea, you don't get told anything. No pm from the staff member or website message. its Clear abuse/no communication. Reason for punishment (Enter the real punishment or it will be automatically denied): Like stated above you don't get told why; it just happens. The mods don't inform you they just mute/ban you lmao. There needs to be some of protocol for ban/mutes.. Ie. message the player an inform them their offence/why, then do it. Alot of power of power hungry's that see something they don't like an mute/ban the person. Why should the punishment be lifted? Why should I be muted, atleast provide a ss of what I did. I posted this in appeal at first but no response.
  7. Wilderness Slayer.

    Hello, Can we get wilderness slayer tasks? They would introduce alot of new people to the wild. Could even make Caskets drop during slayer tasks.
  8. Magic book filters.

    Would it be possible to get osrs style magic filters added to the client. Would be a nice feature for pking.
  9. Why did I get banned?

    savages cc
  10. Why did I get banned?

    Why am I getting banned? Legit have been to almost all the events today?? Ive been in this cc since I joined the server like a week ago when it was 6ixth.
  11. Savages Official Clan Thread

    Username - Pukk Timezone - EST K/d ratio - https://gyazo.com/17171370c003c364dacc4de5812342cd Playtime (Location is at ::guide) - (Picture/screenshot) https://gyazo.com/343a9492fb2ede7e9103c016a1a45fab Language - English Discord - yes Microphone - Yes/no