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  1. Savages Official Clan Thread

    Username - Lil Meat69 Timezone -EST K/d ratio - http://img.runewild.com/a247adb56176c92b352c210b71ef3f680582ad95.png Playtime (Location is at ::guide) - https://gyazo.com/fb6ea23f219dbccf54c58856c06104e7 Language - English Discord - Yes Microphone - Yes
  2. Savages Official Clan Thread

    You're a legend brodie love u man
  3. Finaly a introduction.

    Im a little late but welcome, im just getting back myself! I hope you turn everything around! I know how hard it is to stop gambling and to get away. best of luck
  4. My appeal hasn't been looked at

    If you have a discord i'd recommend pming one of the support/moderators and apologize to them. Make sure it doesnt happen again and go from there. best of luck.
  5. Suggestions 1.0

    I’m loving all your suggestions and how nice and good it all looks bro! Keep them coming.
  6. [Guide] Untradeables

    Solid brother! Very nicely explained. I’d love to see more guides from you bro!
  7. 😁 little late watching it. I agree with the noob above me. More rushing. Always funny to see.
  8. Pking and killing teams

    Keep making and posting! Love watching everyone a vids! Very nice!
  9. Fux Boy introduction

    Dude right! Ton of new players but i feel like theres so many old players returning! Which is awesome!
  10. Master Clues

    I support this, esp for irons! i know it would help and be cool for you guys! +1
  11. AIO Bosses Guide

    Maybe if most the guide actually was still available it would be different. You’ve been playing for a while. You don’t need to post on it now to get your post count up. Thanks.
  12. Twisted bow pked

    I know someone’s salty 🤣🤣🤣
  13. AIO Bosses Guide

    Look at the date. Don’t grave dig.
  14. AIO Bosses Guide

    Don’t grave dig. Old guide. Most the stuff doesn’t even work.
  15. Great update again. Nothing new though. Keep it up David 😀😀