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  1. Donator Island

  2. Donator Island

    regular donator is like $15, what u have rn u deserve.
  3. Donator Island

    All of this already exists.
  4. 'Pied Piper'

  5. Buying max cape

    I concede, I will forever be #2 skiller 0-1
  6. Buying max cape

    dumb fucking random teras literally locked down willows and catacombs for weeks u fucking random ass cunt fucking 1,131,238,534-0.
  7. Buying max cape

  8. Fix DH holy shit.

    SUPPORT dharok is way too good its like cheating in edgeville atm I think the solution is to buff the shop price o rremove altogether, like its very fun to pk with but at 5-6m a set its way to cheap, i reckon 3-5m a piece would be good adjustment as its much stronger then other barrows sets which are all around same price
  9. Calm - My Official Introduction.

    I wish you good fortune in the wars to come
  10. Hooligans #ez clearence

    Potup son booty blasted 4-0
  11. @David I know they are a very rare drop but 1-8 rev killers going non stop since release surely wouldve had minimum 1-2 new items? can you look into this or release droprates
  12. making corp easier to kill

  13. Slayer task/ monsters

    Thanks to the resounding community rejection of this suggestion, I request a staff backed rejection and locking of this thread @B
  14. server down?

    Well said
  15. Slayer task/ monsters

    Thats your fault for using the slayer tower. Who the fuck wants to kill jellies on a rsps for 500xp and 20k bloodmoney? If you want to change slayer, change it for the good, maybe remove those fucking useless mosnsters with more nech/blood spots, albeit seperate from each other so you cant barrage like 40 nechs at once.