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Found 1 result

  1. #YFN Multi Clan/ Singles

    APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN NOTE~~ WE ARE MOSTLY A MULTI! SO WE WILL TAKE VORK!! Fill Out This Format And Reply to This Thread What is your in-game Name/IRL name? - What is you age? - What timezone are you in? - Do you have any previous clanning history? If so, tell us about it. - Do you have Discord/Ts3? - What is your current kd? - RULES THIS CLAN IS NOT FOR PVMERS WHO SIT ON WILDERNESS BOSSES FOR PROTECTION!!! YOU WILL BE KICKED INSTANTLY!!!! YOU WILL RESPOND TO CALLS IF YOU DO NOT YOU HAVE 3 WARNNINGS THEN YOU ARE OUT NO EXCEPTIONS!! NO FLAMING UNLESS WE ARE IN WILDERNESS!! NO ARGUEING WITH EACH OTHER, WE ARE A TEAM SO WHY ARGUE? YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE RULES OR YOU'RE OUT WE DON'T WANT NO GOOFYS! Show a picture of your return sets(Here is an example of welfare return set - https://gyazo.com/9586c57f73f1a593387ac20274f46ff1 ALL GEAR CAN BE CHANGED TO THE WEALTH YOU HAVE!!!! SHOW A PICTURE OF YOUR PK GEAR TAB (DOESNT HAVE TO BE MUCH ASLONG AS 25M+ (EXAMPLE) - https://gyazo.com/3806c2988d9b4e5ece5c2bc3ec6f4c4d --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------https://gyazo.com/dcfa04ea10434168364fa9f0a64a6a0a Show a picture of how you would return in mage gear. - ( TB) -https://gyazo.com/23b79be5a591ec76f8d211e95222af65 IF YOU HAVE A BIT OF MONEY - https://gyazo.com/28d34bbc380b41c076d5741764e688e9 Show a picture of how you would return in mage gear. - (TRIBRID)- https://gyazo.com/4afa058b027e439e4a3247600de0e133 if YOU HAVE A BIT OF MONEY - https://gyazo.com/c74bb534a3becf9e531411e2710dfd67 Show a picture of how you would reuturn in range tank gear. - NORMAL -SET UP https://gyazo.com/64c1750359865bff36e02799a607e636 IF YOU HAVE A BIT OF MONEY - https://gyazo.com/c06747c54054454a4b3343256e4b4295 Tell us a little about yourself. MEMBER LIST Founder - FOE NEM Leaders - FOE NEM (blank) Co-Leader - (Blank) Respected - (Blank--------------) Experienced Members - ( Blank------------------) Application Managers - FOE NEM / (Blank) Members - (High Risker------------------------)