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Found 34 results


    Post can also be read in the RuneWild Discord Below: RW DISCORD POST @David @Hope @WINNING
  2. Head resuscitation (Prayer) -This would be a proposal to add the head reanimation method to Runewild, to make the skill more dynamic. -It is a bit boring to upload only bones, it would be more interesting with the monster heads, as shown in the image.
  3. Server Application

    What's your in-game username? - TRADEFORLUCK What is your time zone? - (GMT+5) Basically on 24/7 What is your playtime? - 42 DAYS , 19 HOURS , 25 MINUTES Got Other Accounts with Much Playtime TOO Tell us a little about your gaming history. - Started Playing RSPS in 2016 Became Mod On A RSPS Decided To join The Community Of RUNEWILD In 2019, Had One Other Original Account too, Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - "I'm drawn to your team because I admire your values and believe my skills align well. I'm excited about the chance to contribute to your projects and grow with the team. I'm committed to making a positive impact and eager to join your success story. I would Love To Make Other People Better Too. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: Will Do my Best To be ACTIVE most of the time and Get the Name Of Rune-Wild HIGHER & HIGHER.
  4. -New Event- -The boss of the quest ds2 (Galvek) will be used. -It will have a mechanic like the quest in that it will throw the fireball, but its range will be changed to 3x3 and it will be expanded to multiple players. -The idea is to integrate a more interesting boss, his max hit if the ball hits you will be around 70 on protection. -Same issue as the other 1/500 events, the Mythical cape will be obtained.
  5. Proposal for the Satured or imbuid heart -The idea is very simple, that the saturates or imbues heart. They work like a magic overload. -It would be used as an overload of magic, the problem is when taking brew the statistics go down, and you have to wait for the time to expire before using it again.
  6. pin bank

    Please help me recover my bank pin
  7. vet rank app

    Played back when this server was called RSPSPK, my vouches are: nsr0wnz and msr0wnz. @David thank you for your time, this server has come a long way keep up the good work!
  8. SEX MACHINE Vet apply

    You must have atleast 50 posts on the forums. ye i got Account creation must be atleast 12 months old. yep Your past 30 days play time must be atleast 50 hours. yeap No severe punishments in the past 90 days. never No past toxic behavior. ofc https://gyazo.com/b3c464b02737dd7cfde32ebcd41d19e9 My playtime https://gyazo.com/59f5211c1c3ff6ac3b06e4c8c99d7caa Also Owner of super rare pet of Loco toro Jr witch look like now tob pet and david shud rework that or delete it and give me servent instead of it
  9. Jail

    good morning. yesterday they gave me jail for no reason. I just verified that I don't have any warnings from the game, I put a lot of effort into this game to get privatized. Please, investigate my case and see that I did not commit any violation of your rules. thank you
  10. Jail

    good morning. yesterday they gave me jail for no reason. I just verified that I don't have any warnings from the game, I put a lot of effort into this game to get privatized. Please, investigate my case and see that I did not commit any violation of your rules. thank you
  11. vacant to support

    i want join in this community from support from runewild,for help news-olds i have 4 years playing runewild and i help much in yell i´m bilingue i can talk spanish/enlgish if 1 user from spanish, need my help, i help to all
  12. YouTube Application

    YouTube Channel Links - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC88MY7FHbfmU5X1PcWsftrQ https://www.youtube.com/@rspsflub Sup boys it's Flub! Looking to keep making great content from RuneWild the greatest RSPS to date here! Just started my channel and ive streamed live for 3+hours str8 almost daily since. Already got the channel family growing more than expected and hoping to keep the growth going too! Planning on being live at least 3 hours a day if not longer most likely. Would really help out having that sexy YouTube Emblem on my account ingame and those helpful ::live commands as well! 100% supporting RuneWild and its Staff and all the guidelines as well as the economy and boosting it as much as possible through my content I hope! Anyways been here a lil longer than it says I have, and don't plan on going anywhere else in the forseeable future either. IGN for the Emblem if accepted is: RSPS Flub Thanks for your time and consideration either way guys!
  13. YouTube Application

    New to this YouTube scene. Too much wild ish happens to me constantly for me not to show everyone the insanity of my Yin/Yang luck, I'm talking from the "how in the ....????" to the "wow... imagine that actually happening to someone though...." type ish. Love this server more than any other that I've ever played throughout the years to date. Really it's just way too phenomenal to not want to support and advertise it and assist it's growth in the near future to not give it a shot IMO. Anyways. Go for gold David. Let's make this economy grow even larger and flourish more than ever before together. I got you my guy. Hope you'll feel the same and throw this dog a bone to get some ish going in a better direction in his life. Leggooooooooooooooo RUNEWILD! YouTube Tag : @rubadubflub Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC88MY7FHbfmU5X1PcWsftrQ youtube.com/channel/UC88MY7FHbfmU5X1PcWsftrQ
  14. I want to recover the pin of my bank is that I forgot
  15. Good Afternoon All, I would like to apply for a position within RuneWilds staff community. About yourself? What's your in-game username? - Militant What is your timezone? - GMT (London, UK) What is your playtime? - 6-10 Hours Per Day Tell us a little about your gaming history. - I have been playing RuneScape since 2009, understanding gaming mechanics and general in game knowledge will come in handy when helping new players/accounts. I have a good understanding of game bosses, Skill Training and most importantly understanding and following game rules to a T. During my 15 years of gaming I spent most of my time playing Call of Duty and other FPS games where the community was so toxic it has motivated me to create a friendlier and more enjoyable environment for others. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - RuneWild is a community in which I am not only proud to be part of, but it would also be something I would like to improve where possible (taking on board player feedback and making it my duty to understand issues, complaints and above all, prevent any in game bullying/profanity and toxicity). Adding the knowledge I do have, along with some of the in-game relationships I have created would be a pleasure. I have great interests in the future of RuneWild and would love to see it prosper for years to come as well as be a part of it.
  16. Rsps

    What's your in-game username? = -Josue Rsps- What is your timezone? = 3:07 p.m What is your playtime? - sometimes practically like 5 to 6 hours or from when I get up until I go to bed. Tell us a little about your gaming history. = upload skills for my maxed cape and after I get bored I start doing bosses. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? = to help people with any questions they have. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: I have nothing more to say. THANK YOU!
  17. help!!!!!

    i have changed my password 20 times and i still cannot log in
  18. New Minigame!

    Hello, I think we need a minigame in the great world of runewild! It should be wild too! Name of the minigame could be The wild!?? My idea is to have a small battle royal pvp minigame! It would have 2 game modes solo and duo's. Games would be a max of 10 people. Either 10 solo's or 5 teams of 2 players at each spawn area. Each spawn area would have a chest there for each player or team to start with, and would have random items for the team to split or the solo player to have. Then you enter out of the spawn area to the battle royal area ( or get kicked out of in 10 secs max time) then there are random chests around the map with random gear, food , pots everything in there that you must gather to hopefully win! Then make the map close in every min have npc's attack players but can only go so far in ( to simulate a storm closing in) until one duo's team wins or a solo. Also, add in Statius gear helm body and legs to the game for this minigame's shop! Could have a npc at home, port people in to a holding area then into the map. Also, have different maps based on the seasons I think would be a cool idea also. For duo's to team like a pre-made team, talk to the npc and type in duo's partner name they do the same boom you are a duo's team. Rewards from the game are as follows (just a idea): Rewards are for solo and duo's so each player would get same reward as team mate ( Team mates can be random or grouped also) 1st- 15 wild tickets (30m ticket value) 2nd-10 wild tickets (20m ticket value) 3rd- 5 wild tickets (10m ticket value) Wild Store: Based on tickets being worth 2m each (could sell in the TP also) Vesta legs- 750 wild tickets Vesta body- 750 wild tickets Vesta Longsword- 350 wild tickets Stat helm- 100 wild tickets Stat body- 500 wild tickets Stat legs-500 wild tickets SWH- 350 wild tickets Torva Helm- 750 wild tickets Torva Plate- 1500 wild tickets Torva legs- 1500 wild tickets Ags- 50 wild tickets Dragon claws- 50 wild tickets Elder Maul- 150 wild tickets Korasi- 350 wild tickets Ring of Vigor- 500 wild tickets Dharok's full set- 5 wild tickets Bandos Top- 25 wild tickets Bandos bottoms- 25 wild tickets M box- 40 wild tickets Utlra M box- 125 wild tickets 10$ scroll- 400 wild tickets I think this would help make the server better and more known for a different minigame! Also, it would be super fun help new people get money and I think help the eco. Like I said just a idea let me know your thoughts and see if this is even possible!? Also, might be a good idea to make a new price guide for the server too because these wild tickets will have a big impact on the servers eco but if the whole staff supports the price guide we can restructure the eco on the server and I think it will benefit everyone! Thank you everyone!
  19. #BOZO

    https://discord.gg/MwFfdwuzHk Daily RuneWild GiveAways !!! #Bozo
  20. bank pin perdido

    hola david, o algun moderador disponible tengo problemas con mi cuenta porque la preste a mi primito y puso el bank pin malo y no tenemos como entrar me podrias ayudar?
  21. Omran is back again

    Hey RuneWild community! My name is Omran, been so long time since I played RuneWild and I would like to say I'm back again to one of the best servers yet (RuneWild) , also I want to say hi to the owner of the server (David) Omran is here again mate
  22. help to recover my bank pin

    David friend please help me to recover my bank pin
  23. purple sweets

    This is a game that consists of a lot of savages but the truth is that every day it becomes a very good game in pvm and I would like the least to try to add the purple sweets for pvm lovers I know it is not a great idea but I think it would give a good entry to the market and would be perfect for people who would like to learn to "tick". I would like to hear your views on this matter.
  24. UIM & HC Agility

    As you are friends, I bring you a short story about the "Agility" ability in Ironman Ultimate and Ironman Harcore, and everyone knows that Ultimate is forced to take his entire bank everywhere and it would be totally risky to take his entire bank to the woods just to increase agility, and in the case of Harcore's ironman, because a kill would be his end and increasing agility to the woods would be a total risk. One of the first solutions that I offer would be that after lvl 60 of agility for the UIM & HC that will gain more experience in the same area of "Tree gnome villague" that could be the same experience as in wildnes or only 40k of exp per lap. another good option would be to activate the camelot agility circuit for the HC & ULM
  25. Cox solo no Gear

    A more successful challenge, I think that doing cox alone and with a scythe, tbow and a trident and only food is very easy because the truth is that I have a lot of food but it was still a nice challenge I hope to motivate more people to do a good pvm.