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Found 4 results

  1. purple sweets

    This is a game that consists of a lot of savages but the truth is that every day it becomes a very good game in pvm and I would like the least to try to add the purple sweets for pvm lovers I know it is not a great idea but I think it would give a good entry to the market and would be perfect for people who would like to learn to "tick". I would like to hear your views on this matter.
  2. Cerberus slayer lvl 1

    this is a bug that should be corrected since many people can kill cerberus with only level 1 slayer and their requirement should be lvl 91
  3. Cox solo no Gear

    A more successful challenge, I think that doing cox alone and with a scythe, tbow and a trident and only food is very easy because the truth is that I have a lot of food but it was still a nice challenge I hope to motivate more people to do a good pvm.
  4. Vorkath Vs showbow regular

    Seeing what they think about this, I managed to kill Vorkath with just regular shorbow, ring of recoils and taste vengace. *what I could see is that every time I use I taste revenge vorkath's stroke diminishes very considerably his fireball goes down from hitting 80 to only 3 damage