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Found 2 results

  1. Ironman Suggestions

    As the Ironman mode is becoming more and more popular amongst the server I thought I'd post a few suggestions on how it could be improved. Feel free to comment more below and I'll add them in at a later time. Herblore I personally believe that when you're making potions through ironman it should be cheaper to make your own rather than buy from the store. This is also an incentive to train Herblore. Here are some of the current prices of buying materials vs buying the potions. Prayer Potion 2.5k to buy - 4.5k to make Super restore 5k to buy - 6.6k to make Saradomin brew 4.5k to buy - 8.5k to make Caskets I totally understand why Ironmen can't get caskets as receiving a Dragon Warhammer from one would basically save you 1-500 kills at chaos fanatic. However.. do we need to remove them all together? I think it's important to add diversity to the loot you receive from a boss rather than "I need a tbow" lets kill Vetion 500. Below are some of the loot suggestions; Cash? Skilling supplies? 3rd age pieces? Whip/fury(same loot as from crystal chest) Basilisk Jaw Please remove this from the vote shop for Ironman accounts as it's cheap (100 votes) and removes any incentive to kill basilisks in the future. Clan Chat Upon creating a new Ironman account, similar to the help CC, ironman accounts would auto be placed into an official ironman cc. We've seen people make these in the past but they never really last long as new Ironmen stay in the help cc. Mysterious Emblems/Wildy Slayer Please make these obtainable from Wilderness slayer or even just bosses/monsters killed inside the wilderness. Feel free to add more suggestions below and/or debate about these suggestions.
  2. Delete

    Clan has disbanded. /Delete -Thank you!