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Found 2 results

  1. k9kk99k9k99k

    he scamed me on flower poker did a 320k token fp and it put all my tokens in
  2. So, as a good chunk of you already knew. My "Friend", "homie". and moderator in my stream. Is indeed 110% the biggest con artist and piece of work on this server. Several others and myself have gone and did many checks, it is 100% confirmed every account youre about to see in these screenshots are all Kings accounts. Every single one. It's sad, I trusted this guy, I genuinely wanted to help him rebuild on the side while helping me out with keeping streams entertaining. He would push me into doing bigger giveaways to "Help the stream", but low and behold he would have 8+ alts MINIMUM in my stream at a time to completely MILK my pockets and take away from the true players and fans of my streams. I feel took advantage of, and betrayed. I confronted him about this last night, and he talked his way out of it. Then today I got many many new people coming to me with more information which I was hesistant about at first so I went and did my own research just to see if things were added up. For the real ones. who enjoyed my streams and were genuine. I appreciate you. I am sorry that I was this oblivious and allowed something of this nature to happen and if I wasn't cleaned right now I would hook every single one of you. In my honest opinion, King deserves to be IP banned at minimum. This is fraud, this is cheating and most importantly this is just unethical on many levels. @David, I hope you really see this and do something about it. He is a master manipulator and fraud. So please make sure to check thoroughly, cause he is sneaky. He's been doing this for a long time. Not only to me, @Misers as well and many others he has befriended. DO not trust this guy, he has called every single player in this game a rat, even ones he mods for. He is the biggest fake I have ever met in my life. If anyone else would like to chime in below, I ENCOURAGE you to. PLEASE. He needs to be exposed and something NEEDS to be done about this. I'll post the screenshots now of every alt we have confirmed 100% to be his, which every single one of these were in my streams together at one point or another. This is all, I am disgusted. tldr; Dont trust randoms