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RuneWild DMM

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There is a huge demand for deadmanmode style games, and I think a world for DMM seasons would be great here.

Your tele layout and drop system already would work great for a DMM style game, players could use the existing teleports to get around and get items from scratch.

There could be an automatic final started on a timer after x weeks or (any time period you choose).  All players would go to the clan area just like 1v1s in the regular tournament, and if you add a bank with a timer before fights, it should create a DMM style tournament.

Another option to draw players is to simply allow rewards that transfer over to the original RuneWild server, like cosmetics or titles that are unique and only obtainable through the new RuneWild DMM world. 

I think a permanent DMM world isn't as good as the ones that reset. It needs to reset and then start over like seasons, not constantly exist as a DMM world.

The ones that come every few months and allow a new build, a fresh start to pk and pvm and skill, and with an existing base, could thrive and be a draw for new players across the board. 


Rewards and achievements you reward could include

Maxing Your Stats on DMM: Reward (New cosmetic helmet, title, or pet)

Pking 100 Players During The DMM Season: Reward (New cosmetic weapon/wieldable, title, or pet)

Killing 10 of every single boss During The DMM Season: Reward (New Cosmetic Cape, title, or pet)

Being The First To Reach 99 In A Skill During The Season: Credit Scrolls? Cosmetic? Pet?

Being The First To Max During The Season: 100 Credit Scrolls? Unique Emote or Cosmetic Weapon Attachment? AKA Elder maul, Tbow, Scythe


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would be fun for like a weekend but would die long term imo or get stale just look at rs w45 

=--=-=-==-=-=- cool idea =-=-=-=-=-=-==--=-=-=

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