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  2. rng in pking

    Ive been pking for a decent amount of time and one thing i've noticed is the pking system is like 90% rng or at least it is in trying to do something that involves skill Example: one of my fights my ags hit 2 0s and the persons whip hit 43 twice and a 46, ok thats just one fight but trust me this happens every fight for me and when it goes in my favor i notice it and feel bad for the person i am vsing cause they dont stand a chance. This isn't the duel arena skill should be involved, if i always teleport away from my fights ill barely have any kills or deaths, i just stick around to the end to not get bored. Is this just me or is this happening to any of you?
  3. Donator Island/Rank Suggestions

    ::unskull every idk 30 secs or minute change dzone spawn location or change the place where u teleport to, i dont know why you teleport away from the bank and altars.
  4. Today
  5. MEXMEXMEX Staff Application

    Good guy. Good knowledge. Good pker +1
  6. Cokiemonsta Appliation

    You flamed me to one of my friends so I had to come and beat the shit out of you. Just seem like a toxic fanboy -1
  7. Cokiemonsta Appliation

    +1 cokie u best
  8. 200M OSRS Tournaments & Void Tribrid FFA

    nice one david

    nice bro keep it up
  10. Last Loco Vid

  11. Testing Spec Weapons with MAX Strength!

    nice bro:)
  12. Legion showing the quality of elvy

  13. New Vid

    Been a while my dude. Good vid, keep it up!
  14. New Vid

    3:31 Preferably my choice of weapon is Jadakiss my friend, awesome video my friend Jadakiss, keep up the great videos, would love to see more RuneWild content coming from you in the future buddy, much love appreciated, enjoy your day

    Laughed so hard at the 90. Nice vid.
  16. New Vid

    god i suck
  17. Legion leader Gone Gone

    sheesh bro leigon just gonna take this
  18. Legion leader Gone Gone

    Man, when they scammed me for 100m he had 3 deaths, he gotta have like 20 at this point lol

    Thanks guys, plan to put more out soon.
  20. Vote & Win Great Rewards

    Woo I won
  21. Yesterday
  22. Vote & Win Great Rewards

    ikr bro #BioNoLuck get it trending LOL
  23. Vote & Win Great Rewards

    Look how close you was to 2nd place though. Kenmore just taking it
  24. Vote & Win Great Rewards

    congratulations everyone, of course i didn't win though #bionoluck
  25. Vote & Win Great Rewards

    Thank you to all 17 entries. I picked the winners on a spin wheel. Here are your 3 winners- 1ST PLACE- GERQ https://gyazo.com/58993813a36111ea2267134a419eeeaa 2ND PLACE- KENMORE https://gyazo.com/bbbcf1954a3d42ea12b499bd9b55b097 3RD PLACE- DONKEY https://gyazo.com/24eaad29b080d44f8dbbd0394d2418fa Pm in-game to receive your reward.
  26. Updated 1 hour npc drop rate guide #2

    Please do one hour of Vetion 😂
  27. Pures vs Zerks,voiders

    I support this fully; Just because the zerkers and, voiders wont have no one to fight but their selfs; us pures can actually have fun fighting and, not have to worry about insta telly after downing an opponent because a voider/zerk wants to be a $$$$$ so yea and, how it could work is if your zerking/voiding if u click a pure a dialogue will pop up saying your def is too high.. or the pure has to attack the zerker/voider first. I don't see why this can't be implemented in.
  28. future of runewild

    Man.. I d/ced yesterday in a 100m fight david lol refund me
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