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    -mostly bitterness from being confidently 4 specced while in dh and triple eating from a guy in torva knowing his 4th spec would exactly hit 47-45; which it did. but still valid-

    pls nerf dds/change value equal to that of ags/claws reason: pk for 1 hour, watch how consistently you get 35+-35+ speced. That's all have a good day sexians x
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  6. *COOTER* NH PK Vid #4

    V enjoyable. GJ.
  7. 4b Giveaway Tomorrow !!

    Best of luck to everyone.
  8. Login problems

    Pm David on discord. https://discord.gg/3teZAd
  9. Help Me Please

    Join our discord and PM David.
  10. Login problems

    Need help! Cant login, I am tryingto log in on Mac, but every time I try to log in it says connecting to servers, and then Try Again one More time please.
  11. Help Me Please

    I need help, everytime I try to login it says Try one more time please
  12. 4b Giveaway Tomorrow !!

    4B giveaway tomorrow guys ! Dont miss out !!! Also make sure to follow @Runewild.Rsps on Instagram ! Good luck to everyone CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW THE INSTAGRAM - Kingz00
  13. Ingame review

    Welcome to the forums!
  14. Ingame review

    Nice to see you brother
  15. Cox

    David is always looking to improve the server and yes I agree more pvm and variety things need added. However you also need to keep in mind this is a pk server so his main goal will almost always be to keep the wildy active to keep the large majority of the players happy. All in all a good topic to put up and a nice discussion piece. Thank you for posting it
  16. Ingame review

    Hey man we are happy to to have you thanks for coming.
  17. Ingame review

    With ya brotha, I love this server for the community and that’s the reason I stay
  18. T2b_Limitles Staff Application.

    Very kind and helpful guy, has been nothing but nice and in my opinion would be a very good addition to the RuneWild staff team. 0161 Kettle
  19. Basilisk Knight Location & Explanation.

    is there an actualy drop rate on these or is it jsut 'very rare'
  20. T2b_Limitles Staff Application.

    Waggit, Just read ur reply will also join the help cc from now on too. Kind Regards, T2b_Limitles.
  21. T2b_Limitles Staff Application.

    Super nice guy always very helpful! can definitely say he's determined. +1
  22. T2b_Limitles Staff Application.

    Nice guy! Hes really helping new players out. (hes a guy who stands before hes words) +1
  23. *COOTER* NH PK Vid #4

  24. Ingame review

    hi, my IGN is kingz00, i'm taking a moment to introduce myself and thank david and all the runewild team for the great work you do. sometimes life goes bad but runewild is always there to cheer me up with a community of extraordinary people. I really appreciate this family! Team Runewild! Ps: If you need anything, help, loan etc just hit me up in pm :) - kingz00
  25. PM Jono#1062 or Cold#3519 on Discord to spy. Lethal Public Discord: https://discord.gg/3gE2RPx
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