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  3. Completionist Cape

    I think getting 50M in each skill, including achievement diary completion would be more fitting for comp cape. Trimmed version would come with partial green collection log. Might be a mega grind with all boss pets included but if the cape gets relevant bonusses becoming BIS then it might be worthwhile. I think the following green logs would be viable for trim: 10/15x of any bosses of your choice 1x of any raid 1x barrows log
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  5. Dale - Staff application

    Best of luck!
  6. Realistically speaking 99% of people don't have the patience for this regardless, but overall you did good with this and I hope people take this into consideration whenever they try to make some cash.
  7. Dharok set value

    I agree but I think doing anything about it would cause more trouble than it's worth
  8. Last week
  9. 15b in a day is imo not really a small amount for what takes you maybe 20-30 mins , and except for the void waker and tumekens this could have been done with a 15b bank
  10. Good guide, but just like you stated most people don't see the comfort in spending their time with grabbing quick but small amounts of money. At the end of the day, people will always end up gambling, which is completely on them.
  11. Twisted bow sold wrong price

    Unfortunate my guy, I would honestly double check before selling fast... especially with the more high priced items.
  12. oops double posted by accident
  13. This spreadsheet was only used as a 1 day log for this post, to show how profitable just a day of it can be, and admittedly it was kinda interesting because it was more than I thought lol
  14. When Jagex wanted to spice up deadman mode they added sigils, and it was hype. I'm not suggesting that sigils exactly as they are should be added to RW, but maybe some variations of them. We already have the servant pet which is an approximation of what I'm saying, and I know there have been failed attempts in the past of servers attempting this, I just think the buffs don't have to be so crazy that people feel like they're playing pokemon rather than runescape. Let's say 4 tradeable pets were added, similar to the servant, and only use-able in edge, so riskers don't feel forced to partake. Half of the pets can be low-end and affordable, other half high-end and cooler, both spicing up pking just a little. Off the top of my head maybe a pet which gives like 'a further +10% melee accuracy when wearing void' as a low-end one, and maybe a high-end one worth 20b+ can give +2% damage boost to special attacks, so 2 max hits at most. The thing that makes pvp interesting is the different combinations of weapons/gear/prayers, and this would be adding another layer to that. Imo just make sure they're not overpowered buffs and it won't spiral out of control.
  15. Making money flipping + profits from a day by Mr. Chad

    Ya, this guy gets it. I think the spreadsheet is a bit much though, I tried it in the past and it led to burnout, I find that you'll gain a strong intuition of the turnover rate of diff items as you do it more
  16. Twisted bow sold wrong price

    Acting like you didn't click "Yes" on "ARE YOU SURE?" and then again "Yes" on "ARE YOU REALLY SURE?" Why still expect a refund lmao
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  18. Ultracompost?

    Ah didn't see it there, will look again. Thanks.
  19. Ultracompost?

    You can buy it from one of the npcs in the Farming Guild
  20. Ultracompost?

    It says you need volcanic ash to make ultracompost and I still cannot figure out where to get volcanic ash lol
  21. Ultracompost?

    Check the following guide: https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/8024-farming-skilling-guide/#comment-38356_wrap
  22. Ultracompost?

    Can anyone tell me how i'm supposed to get ultracompost? I tried to mine volcanish ash and it won't work
  23. Twisted bow sold wrong price

    Lol I once bought a Scythe like this for 3.5m a year ago.
  24. Dharok set value

    Not like that though. Existing Dharok pieces including broken ones would be wiped by replacing them with shop sell price value, aka half of what they cost in shop. This would act as if a player had sold them to the shop. Atleast leaves players with no complete disappointment when certain items get cleared from the eco. few factors to watch out for: -Existing pieces in players Trading Post also needs to be wiped. -Ironmen would be excluded from this wipe -Maybe adjust the crystal chest rewards to match the price changes (reduced chances of receiving a barrows piece) If there are more things to watch out for during this wipe, please do write a post about it.
  25. Dharok set value

    Panic buy DH sets
  26. Finally a veteran application that has all the requirements. Good luck.
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