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  3. I've decided to become #1 skiller.

    still waiting for you to trade me my addy bars.
  4. Donator (BOND)

    I've got a double feeling about this... Its a great way to have some kind of fair money sink to the economy / Also unfair because some people have bills to stock on membership. Players that have been around for a while have required their membership status for mostly 1 reason only... the restoration pool, so this effort and money being invested into the rank is pretty much being nullified and seems like a smack in the face it feels like. Knowing you could possibly feel more safe in deepwild because teams may have to wait longer to recharge special attacks to dump on people is a good thing... BUT with the current economy this will probably not be a realistic thing to hope for since most people can afford it. I think the bond system is a very good concept but the way it nullifies all current donator ranks achieved seems a little dramatic to me. If anyone has good ideas on how the bond system could be used, feel free to share because change starts with you.
  5. Donator (BOND)

    I Personally feel this is unfair and the WRONG way to go.. It feels like a slap in the face to all the people who spent their IRL money on their accounts to have perks removed and have to donate MORE to get these bonds..
  6. short vid, trash edits, trash music... -1
  7. In what is this not serious / adequate, thanks you for you feedback will improvement greatly near future all feedback welcomed.
  8. New 1 hour loot video!

    Do you record with camtasia or just use it to edit?
  9. New 1 hour loot video!

    Try out battlemages, you'll make 3x more
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  11. ill follow ur video and comment is good!!!!! - pk-99
  12. New 1 hour loot video!

    Watch my very first RuneWild video! Like and Subscribe!
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  14. Decided to make a skiller but mining essence is enough to make me quit.
  15. Basilisk Knight Basilisk Knights are located at Jormungand's Prison's dungeon; these monsters are level 204. To kill these effectively, players must wear either a Mirror Shield to avoid your stats being drained, and will essentially mean less effective kills. Although a higher level, these monsters are not entirely difficult to kill. They will use either magic or melee attacks depending on which attack style you choose to use. Basilisk Knights use a special attack to where they will hit you with a pale-red coloured orb, locking you into a stone block. This special attack does not cause the player to sustain damage; however, it does freeze you and leave you unable to attack, this can often stack up leaving you stuck until the effect wears off. To avoid being held, you must look for the special attack and move out of its way. Usually, 1-tile will do the trick. If you are ranging or using magic, it is recommended that you use protection from magic to avoid being hit with their magic attack. I also advise to stand outside of the door, to prevent melee damage, however, if you aim to use melee, you should be careful as they can be annoying to kill at times. How to get to the Basilisk Knights; Edgevile's teleport Wizard Then press "Jormungand's Prison" and follow the most southern path, shown here.
  16. Sir please trying a bit harder
  17. Arcane spirit shield - 2.75-3b 100 credits scroll ($10) - 700m-825m (7-8.25m+ per credit) (price under quote was the old price)
  18. Dragon Pickaxe - ~100m 3rd Age Druidic robe top - 300m 3rd Age Druidic robe bottoms - 300m Infernal cape - 1.5-1.75b Twisted bow - 800-850m Elder maul - 750-900m Kodai wand - 800-950m (price under the quote is what the old price was)
  19. video

  20. Brideo 14

  21. Application for staff

    Add more detail and tidy up the application, best of luck. Neutral
  22. I hold no opinion in this application so therefore I'm not going to only give you advice. I feel that this application isn't serious and so we should only stage it for comedic purposes - although if you are serious, you really need to work on the application otherwise it won't be looked at. Best of luck though
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