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  3. Any time my man! Gl in future stakes.
  4. What up

    Yes, sorry for replying to this topic Jelly my friend, I saw it in the topics sections via forums home page, RuneWild.com/forums, I didn’t go into introductions section on forums and scroll down to this specific topic, I appreciate your security over the forums, much love appreciated my friend Jelly, enjoy your day
  5. Solid vid, nice seeing you go big lose or win. keep it up
  6. Another bomb video by vexia, very interesting good luck bro keep it up
  7. What up

    I don’t think that was so necessary to reply to this post now guys, we consider that as (grave digging ) and that’s a rule on our forum. Please don’t do that again or you can get your forum account banned. Kind regards
  8. Yesterday
  9. What up

    Hello my friend Rudra, I’m still knocking about, I see you a lot on discord, good to see you around, much love appreciated, enjoy your day
  10. What up

  11. ✅ To enter the * 2X SCYTHE OF VITUR* Giveaway 1. Like the video 2. Subscribe to my channel 3. Turn the post notifications (MUST) 4. Comment your IGN (create an account, if u haven't already) 5. Last winner - AT INTRO OF VIDEO! GZ
  12. (S) Green Partyhat

    Still got it bro?
  13. (S) Green Partyhat

    Wanna swap it for 3rd Age cloak? Edited: I sold it already thank you.
  14. (S) Green Partyhat

    Selling this bad boy for 1.5b, swapping it for feros or wise old mans hat.
  15. Fux Boy introduction

    What's good with it g
  16. Jelly Bean

    what flavor jelly bean are you though?
  17. What up

    Not this guy again....my lord
  18. Hello I am Rayp.

    Hello Rayp, I like to do the chacha like a sissy la-la, enjoy your stay and since you're new around here. I sell wildy passes really cheap for new players. Pm for more info
  19. Help

    Hhhhhhh hallo my fam, welcum to runewild ok or no
  20. Hello

    Welcome overlord Hippo
  21. Player Started Tournaments

    Thanks Cata! I think it would be awesome! i would love to personally host some! Have a good day friend!
  22. bullshit

    Locked, nothing constructive.
  23. Player Started Tournaments

    This would be nice to see being implemented, lovely suggestiong Fux Boy my friend, keep it up, much love appreciated, enjoy your day
  24. ::empty

    Wonderful suggestion Korianteri my friend. Keep it up, much love appreciated, enjoy your day
  25. Fux Boy introduction

    Thank you! I’ve been back for a bit as you know ‘ we’ve talked a bit on discord and in game haha. But thank you! Glad to be back!
  26. bullshit

    You really need 2 calm down. The server has a great owner and staff who are all respected a ton for a reason. If you’re going 2 act like this then I recommend finding another server. We don’t need or allow this kind of toxic here. Wish you the best.
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