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  3. 22andtonk Staff Application

    Proper legend! Good luck man.
  4. Royal Area

    i agree and also, they need to update the rank benefits, it doesn't actually state that diamond and royal can host corp instances for example. it can be found through searching multiple threads. but considering its 50k points to diamond then 50k from diamond to royal, there really is no incentive to get to royal unless you make bank gambling and want somewhere throw excess money
  5. Drop rate showing actual numbers

    this will expose that the donation % increase is a myth so they wont do it. sadly
  6. Wellbeing suggestion GAMBLING

    I Agree, which is why im annoyed, i asked to be jailed for 5 days because i wasn't in a good headspace and had 700b+. my reply was "we dont do that, just gamble ban youself" which we all know is a joke... but even adding a much higher cost (maybe not set your own) would still help the game alot, its not the once with hundreds of bills that donate for bank back anyway its usually the ones that try their luck with 3b and lose and donate for it back. but considering the time limits would remain the same (eg one week gamble ban with 100b unban fee) would still be in the interest of the game as most people like myself after that week has past would return to gambling, but likely without the mindset i was in that led me to be going 500b+ pots lol alot of people have quit and not returned because of being cleaned completely. so i think it could benefit the players at a small cost to RW itself. but considering gambling and fp is a huge push in this game i would say this will be overlooked. another idea to counteract the "loss of money" would be to have the gambling unban cost ingame credits, as these kind of have a direct currency value to RW.... i know alot come in via mboxes and other means but majority come from donations, so it would be peoples donated money being tokened to unban peoples gamble bans...
  7. Uncommon drops are very rare?

    i believe you could be correct! i completed my zulrah collection log and the last item i needed was a crystal key lol!!
  8. Out of time - Envy Nothing

    Nice vid mate definitely never Fighting you good work!
  9. Yesterday
  10. The Return Of PLAGUE

    Username: Iron MudboneTimezone: EDTMic; Yes/No: YesMulti Experience: years of nhing/veng pking
  11. Hard to get OSRS payout

    I won a 100m osrs tournament a while back and got directed to the runewild support discord for a payout. But it feels impossible to get the money. I've written multiple times and it always takes hours before I get an reply, which almost always at the time while I'm sleeping. Last time today i got a message to get the money in w308 lumby bank while I was acually at the computer, I replied to the message in less than a minute and was at lumby bank in like 90s. I found the guy at traded him multiple times over like a 10 minute perioid until he logged out. If im there within 90 secounds of getting the message and still not being able to claim my prize then it seems more like a scam to me. Has anyone else had problems with this? Or has anyone payments and made it work? Ty
  12. The Return Of PLAGUE

    Username: Omi Don TimeZone: GMT Mic: Yes Multi experience fair amount, decent nher.
  13. My discord for winner the giveaways

    https://discord.gg/gP798ztC4s Join my discord for check winner my giveaways
  14. The Return Of PLAGUE

    Username: Emma DaleTimezone:UK GMT+1Mic; YesMulti Experience: Multi pkd since soulsplit/battle-scape - Unbreakble on OSRS
  15. A Terrible Pking Video

    Great commentary! Love the video man. Keep it up <3
  16. 22andtonk Staff Application

    +1 Amazing guy and very helpful, well written app
  17. A Terrible Pking Video

    Not a bad video, keep up the good work
  18. 22andtonk Staff Application

    +1 Good luck buddy!
  19. vookaville vet app

    +1 deserves veteran, active player and pvmer for a while ! Good luck on ur vet app and nightmare !
  20. vookaville vet app

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  22. Guia de Runewild #2

    Suscribanse y denje un like Guia de Runewild #2
  23. MuzzleFlash clear another team. Nobody is sure who has made this car crash of a team some say its Aggression on alts others say its a impulse re make I would say it could possibly be the team known as SOS but even these noobs don't suck this bad.. DAY 1: After that 3-0 they ended for the night.. only to return the next day spamming the yell chat on RuneWild saying "Where is muzzle flash" so we quickly geared up in TeamSpeak and went to chins and lets just say... it was BAD They started off fighting us as usual on their normal IGN's but then realising how strong MuzzleFlash are they quickly teleported out and re grouped and their leader put everyone on "XIIIIIIIIIII" spam names to try and make it harder on us TBING them and pulling off clean focuses at GWD It didnt make a difference.. they tried spams/ely camping nothing worked they just kept dying. During day 2 at the team fight they killed one of our shooters FOOX on a DC (Clear dc on vid everything) so we had to slide for the bro... After the 4-0 we went to mage bank and refunded our boy FOOX his max set he was CHEATED out of and so far it seems the "XIIIIIIIII" names have closed. Score ended in 7-0 Proof of name change etc:
  24. 22andtonk Staff Application

    +1 Well written app! Good luck
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