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  3. You took the advice, my guy! if you use that setup again some other time, would recommend using Faceguard over Inquisitor Helm (+1 max hit) and DFS to be less squishy lmao, did my own bit of expirementing with the set because I had the same issue at first which was insane dps and accuracy but squishy asf, nice video nonetheless
  4. Yesterday
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  6. 😁 little late watching it. I agree with the noob above me. More rushing. Always funny to see.
  7. Pking and killing teams

    Keep making and posting! Love watching everyone a vids! Very nice!
  8. Last week

    It wasn't a problem to start with as even if I knew I'd won before it announced it, I couldn't change anything. But appreciate it dude

    I see. That's unfortunate. Try to check out the guide i made for gambling. Will definitely help you in the future: https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/2932-gambling-guide/ Hope you'll be able to rebuild double your initial bank soon.


    I'd never fped before or even watched it so when I had an oak for example I didn't know if that was good or bad until the game gave me the items. I know now though obviously.
  13. Pking and killing teams

    Nice video, keep it up mate
  14. Swarm's staff application

    Alright, for correction purposes.. You have this filth of a habit to bend rules, I believe over the past week being muted several times for a number of reasons validates this statement, there's mention of RWT in your own application which I'll applaud since I appreciate honesty but I do feel like this application is overly exaggerated to make yourself look better than you are mate.. make no mistake I am by no means a saint, but unlike most people (yourself included) I don't sugarcoat it by mentioning a negative followed up by exaggerated positives that are nowhere near accurate for example "I'm a fair player, I follow the game by the rules" this couldn't be further from the truth, why else would you have an endless list of infractions? I also see no mention of 'cannot be trusted' which is odd because I could've sworn earlier this week you were involved in a conflict with Kodai after snaking him for 30b+ and were also infracted which almost lead to a ban and considering the requirements to be eligible for Staff that doesn't look all too positive to be brutally honest, there's also "You must know the rules" bit which if I haven't made that clear already is definitely NOT the case for you, either that or you do know them but choose not follow them judging by your recent time spent being muted or jailed.. anywhom, while this isn't relevant at all I find it rather convenient that this application shows up right after the whole Swarm clan-chat was torn apart, just because the self-proclaimed 'Kings' of the wilderness were dethroned you seek acknowledgement and ways to feed your ego elsewhere but becoming Staff isn't something that should be taken lightly, it's not some toy (Swarm clan-chat for example) to use and throw out once it doesn't serve it's purpose anymore but rather something that requires commitment and judging by how you ran your clan-chat and how easily you gave up on it after things became difficult, frankly that speaks volumes about you as a person and your mentality. PS: You are NOT and emphasis on "NOT" online that much, I am online far more then that (I have no life, it is what it is) and I know for a fact you aren't, that's another prime example of what I meant by exaggerated positives, had it said 3-4 hours active I would have believed it since the better half of your playtime in the last week was spent afk spamming on Yell-chat and at Edgeville to mass-recruit for Swarm after being demoralized at any and all events, after all weren't you muted for it? Support? non-existent. Sincerely, Wheelchairz.
  15. Swarm's staff application

    What's your in-game username? - 0o0o0o0o nh / swarm What is your timezone? - gmt+1 What is your playtime? - 50 days and 12 hours Tell us a little about your gaming history. - I Joined runewild when it first started, since then I have always been active & helped the server out. I've rwted and got muted a few times but over that I always tried to help this server out. I believe that I can make sure that every player in-game gets the assistance they need and I'm on 12h a day whenever anyone needs me. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I'm a fair player, I follow the game by the rules & I'm always ready to help people out. remember, the guy you least thinks can do it is the one that does it best. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: No, I'm just looking forward for all feedback by the community on the thread and I'm looking forward to be a part of the team! - Swarm
  16. I wanna see more vigour rushing with it

    it's beyond me why people continue to stake whilst already being able to do anything and everything in the game, but I guess I won't know because I don't ever gamble.

    Wym by "I didn't even know if I'd won until the game told me..."?
  19. Staff Application

    thank you so much for the support
  20. Staff Application

    Every time I saw you you were offering help to people and answering questions. You got my support. Keep it up

    I mean, it's common knowledge that it's a filthy addiction because most don't know when to stop and it's all down to luck. Sure, a solid bank can be accumulated but it comes with risks in comparison to more passive and reliable methods.
  22. You should attempt Inquisitor, it's quite powerful and surprisingly also easy to find fights with it.
  23. Staff Application

    Definitely fits the criteria of a Support, very likeable and genuine person, active and helpful. You have my support pal
  24. ✅ To enter the *FULL TORVA (15B) * Giveaway 1. Like the video 2. Subscribe to my channel 3. Turn the post notifications (MUST) 4. Comment your IGN (create an account, if u haven't already)
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