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  3. No Way this happent!? + Yellow Partyhat giveaway!

    LMAO. Good vid man! Hopefully I win one of these someday
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  5. What's up guy! today i'm back with another FP Sesh! I hope you enjoy it <3 ! Good luck to everyone for the yellow phat giveaway !
  6. Loot from 10 hours of... + 7,5B GIVEAWAY !?


    I’m pretty sure I have plenty files of screenshots of you begging scamming AOTEAROA for his giveaways using alts @Davidthis guy talos aka crazyxpker aka lhi aka I lord Tal0s aka Teamsolopker was banned from other servers for rwting and player hacking if you need any further proof I have screenshots he literally is the one who uses alt YouTube’s and showed many people how to do it and encouraged others to do it for the “easy rebuild” he calls it he gets on discord beats his girlfriend infront of everyone and I have 3-4 people who can step up and even staff members and his own “friends” will say he’s a fake rat I have people like gamble baked , karishma, oaq and gretar his self will tell you this kids a rat and he’s the one showing people how to mini Pilates and use alt accounts his YouTube name is tonyyboy , Anthony Sanchez , teamsolopker, and much more he uses them and teaches others how to use them to take advantage you can check his trade logs and he will be exposed he used alts in aoTearoa streams to win multiple billions on your server then real world trade it by doing gambles to not ge to caught up with some “loxio” guy thanks that’s all.

    It’s actually really sad what someone would do for pixels. At first I paid no mind to pains actions but after day after day he will literally win 14/15 giveaways in streams daily on both minser and rw black jack he would ban me from chat when trying to expose him pain is just a different breed and honestly it will only get worse until he gets banned. I think he does deserve a ban this man has broke every rule in the book plus more you guys don’t know about. David already had him jailed for rwting but he paid his way out of it twice already on his “ibye” account which is now “irealism” because he changed his name honestly @David if you would like peace on your server this man needs to be banned because he is only ruining the fun in the game for everyone makes me not even even want to play man is a pixel junkie and will do anything for some coins or a hook he is known on another server as “toilet boy” because he has drank toilet water for pixels and has done plenty of other weird stuff for free hooks/pixels. I’m not to sure if this will do anything or if a mod will even see it but I hope sooner or later some will take action pain has ruined @RW BLACKJACK and @Misers streams/banks for antagonizing them to constantly stake/do giveaways/and constantly hook him. If you would like a peaceful server this man has to go he is the definition of a toxic snake player . He probably will find a way to talk his way out of this one honestly
  9. Last week

    Interesting, add this account to the alt list he posses. This guy is crazy @David. Please take action. He is hurting your server.

    Thanks a lot bro! Hard to find trustworthy honest people anymore. It’s sad

    Even though I'm cleaned man, PM me in game. I'll chuck you 500M. I apologize for his actions. I'm on now.

    Also.. I’ll still watch your streams whenever you have one. Wasn’t your fault. Feelsbad

    Yeah dudes a scumbag. When legit people would win he’d try to claim they were “alt” accounts. I won 500m and got rerolled because he said I was an alt account..I wasn’t. Really needed it as I legit have nothing. Would’ve been happy with just an ags to pk. Way she goes I guess. Dudes a snake rat.

    Heres some more snake stuff So the first is when I borrowed @Misers 5B on stream, his immediate response was the 1st reply and he proceeded to throw the biggest fit. https://prnt.sc/12qiooa This next picture is when someone on my stream asked if he was "irealism", he was watching the stream and messaged me on disc as soon as he saw it. https://prnt.sc/12qith6

    you forgot about 'xxx' 2pap pgb freespazz free shawn. this guy is biggest alt and is also the toxic guy. he is fucked in the head. ive caught him on other servers, he has pmed me and threatened to get me swatted and ddos me. (idk why my ign is this) -Josh king
  17. So, as a good chunk of you already knew. My "Friend", "homie". and moderator in my stream. Is indeed 110% the biggest con artist and piece of work on this server. Several others and myself have gone and did many checks, it is 100% confirmed every account youre about to see in these screenshots are all Kings accounts. Every single one. It's sad, I trusted this guy, I genuinely wanted to help him rebuild on the side while helping me out with keeping streams entertaining. He would push me into doing bigger giveaways to "Help the stream", but low and behold he would have 8+ alts MINIMUM in my stream at a time to completely MILK my pockets and take away from the true players and fans of my streams. I feel took advantage of, and betrayed. I confronted him about this last night, and he talked his way out of it. Then today I got many many new people coming to me with more information which I was hesistant about at first so I went and did my own research just to see if things were added up. For the real ones. who enjoyed my streams and were genuine. I appreciate you. I am sorry that I was this oblivious and allowed something of this nature to happen and if I wasn't cleaned right now I would hook every single one of you. In my honest opinion, King deserves to be IP banned at minimum. This is fraud, this is cheating and most importantly this is just unethical on many levels. @David, I hope you really see this and do something about it. He is a master manipulator and fraud. So please make sure to check thoroughly, cause he is sneaky. He's been doing this for a long time. Not only to me, @Misers as well and many others he has befriended. DO not trust this guy, he has called every single player in this game a rat, even ones he mods for. He is the biggest fake I have ever met in my life. If anyone else would like to chime in below, I ENCOURAGE you to. PLEASE. He needs to be exposed and something NEEDS to be done about this. I'll post the screenshots now of every alt we have confirmed 100% to be his, which every single one of these were in my streams together at one point or another. This is all, I am disgusted. tldr; Dont trust randoms
  18. Road to Basilisk Collection Log

    Updated 1500 still no jaw, been dry for 1000kc.
  19. Returning Player needs advice

    Hey man, welcome back. I've only been here a few weeks but I believe Slayer is still one of the best methods, basically any PVM. If you're dead broke due only just beginning, I would recommend doing some Slayer to get enough to afford semi-decent gear.
  20. [dealer rsps] 20b and a dream + 3b giveaway

    Great vidoe iwish iwin this giveaway IGN: Pk0wnr
  21. Nasty Focus's Staff Application

    Sorry you feel that way man, feel free to pm me in game or discord to elaborate.
  22. #MOTIONS - SINGLEs and a bit of multi fun too were a small team atm looking to get some more people in... chilled clan chilled people, if you speak english and have a mic, discord, and some singles pking experience then JOIN DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/n5mqNdwD OR if that does not work, then add me on discord: 7ulk#4752
  23. Plague Official Clan Thread

    Username: ElzuanfonsonTimezone: UTC -4K/D Ratio: (Screenshot) 1.09 KDR. 280-258 Play time: (Town crier @Home) 4 days 13 hours 26 minsLanguage(s): English - SpanishDiscord: Yes/ No (This is a must.) yesMicrophone: Yes/ No/ - no https://prnt.sc/12oyc7b
  24. Returning Player needs advice

    Hello! I haven't logged on here in a while could someone possibly tell me the best ways of making money in 2021? or just get me up to speed on everything?! I haven't played since like 2019 btw Welcome to add me in game and chat anytime!
  25. MOST LIT Streams on Runewild

    Feel free to tune into the most lit streams on this server. We will be live daily everyday @ 12:00 PM CST for a couple hours & @ 7:00 PM CST for a couple of hours. Live blackjack hosting, good entertaining conversations & lit music. P.S - No Vennys Here's our most recent stream;
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