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  3. #Dimp VLOG 3 - THE REVAMP

    Demonic Imperio have been kinda inactive due to some traitors we had to kick from the team, some rats bsing our own #Mercy boys so we eliminate a few members of the roster. Now with less members but still solid terrorizing the single zones we have been dealing with Valhalla, putting them into their place. FIRST VICTIM OF THIS WEEK - VALHALLA "RESCUE" he got murdered by our Leader H0 then we proceeded to eliminate other Vh soldiers in a massive war at chins Last night we started fighting VB and VH and one of them got the BIG BIG SMOKE...
  4. RuneWild 3

  5. YouTuber rank

    If ur actively stream, create youtube content it will be given to u by the owner.
  6. RuneWild 3

    Good luck on the maxing grind! Gratz on the purple!
  7. RuneWild 3

  8. RuneWild 2

    Thx will do
  9. RuneWild 2

    Fun content to watch! Keep it up !
  10. Yesterday
  11. Ma Deckberns Jailed For RWT? What?

    +1 100% he would never rwt, such a chill guy just plays to have fun and gamble, from low pots to high pots depending on how rich he is at the moment. Hopefully you get unjailed bro, rwt bot be annoying af
  12. Ma Deckberns Jailed For RWT? What?

    super bummed to hear about this man. You and i have had some damn fun playing together so i really hope this gets resolved and in the correct way. You're way too smart to rwt thats ridiculous.
  13. Ma Deckberns Jailed For RWT? What?

    That sucks bro I for a fact know you would never rwt, hope you get help from the staff.
  14. Hey guys, I created a ticket on dicord and now inquiring to see why I got jailed for RWT. Trying to get some explanation here as I'm pretty lost why. Im sure alot of you guys sees me at ::FP gambling 100m, 500m, 1b, 50b + depending on current cash stack and rebuilding.. Im sure Ive bumped into alot of you guys doing slayer tasks and picking up coins + dbones to sell for money, only to FP and 2x it to rebuild. Lol. Anyways, Im just trying to get some help here, since Ive already created a ticket on discord and here. Thanks!
  15. RuneWild 2

    Some gainsssss
  16. Last week
  17. Servant Glitched/disappeared

    Yeah I didn't and it's annoying as hell that 30b literally glitches out of my account so save it. Does staff exist to actually check things on this forum? Do your job

  19. RuneWild 1

    Just a quick introduction video, just started and I'm greedy on my bank rn, but videos will improve as they come
  20. YouTuber rank

    I was looking around to see the requirements for YouTuber rank, or where to sign up for it but couldn't find it soo, anyone?
  21. Servant Glitched/disappeared

    lmfaoo , deffo went on the FP lanes
  22. Servant Glitched/disappeared

    Great, hilarious. I legitimately did lose the pet and am extremely frustrated because of the time put into flipping/pking just to purchase it - so looking into the matter rather than jokes would be appreciated, thanks.
  23. Account Locked

    Create a ticket on the discord link down below, https://discord.gg/rgqDy5zK Good luck on ur case!
  24. Staff

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