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  3. Madgesty's Staff Application

    lier + scammer tryes mod app lmao
  4. RIP

  5. Madgesty's Staff Application

    I don’t have much experience with the staff members but from my first impression I definitely think you should be promoted. You give straight answers when you get asked questions, you’re clearly knowledgable and fit for the position.
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  7. unmute me man 


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  9. I took the heterosexual pledge today, you guys should consider too.
  10. Rayp(ist) Staff Application (gibs me dat)

    huned 100% support this bcs i been getting muted for no fucking reason and shit and jailed bcs mods power abuse the shit out of their powers
  11. Gambling ban

    Instead of stopping gambling on one account with the gambling npc make it by ip. You can just create a new account and trade stuff over to gamble.
  12. Thanks cutie, I play the server so much all this over-reaching staff action has really started peeving me. I only seek to put their power in check. My only desire is to have a fun server where people aren't afraid to yell something pg-13. Thanks man <3 I like love it too <3
  13. SaDnEsS of BrazilK1ng

    Yo, You related to SixNine?
  14. Yell Color

    This should make a lot of people happy lol. Good one bud.
  15. Yell Color

  16. Madgesty's Staff Application

    I'll try just for you bae<3 On a real note though, I'm trying:)))
  17. Madgesty's Staff Application

    Always great help keep up the good work bae +1
  18. SaDnEsS of BrazilK1ng

    When u help someone and they dont appreciate it :(((
  19. Yell Color

    Hey guys, I've been asked by many people about how I customize my yell color. It's very easy and I'll show you how. You will need to add <shad="color code"> after ::yell You can get any color code you want by clicking here Let's take this color for example. You'll need to use the decimal code like this: Once you've followed these steps, you should see your yell message with the color you've chosen just like this: Hope this guide came in handy for you! If you need anything don't hesitate to pm me in game or on discord.
  20. Neutral, love your name though.
  21. support, only butthurt mods dont support him because theyre power hungry, seems like an active and good guy,
  22. Glad I made you laugh :_P Truly retarded rule though.
  23. Rayp(ist) Staff Application (gibs me dat)

    giggling irl atm LMFAO
  24. Niccs 45 Def Ironman Progress Log!

    literal monster, ur insane man!
  25. Sorry, but no support from me.
  26. Quick edit- I thought I'd clarify and say I don't want staff role in game, I just want the ability to see mute / yell ban log and the respective proof. So just a forum and discord role, presumably. What's your in-game username? rayp What is your timezone? EST | UTC -5 What is your playtime? Tell us a little about your RSPS history. I've been staff on several medium to large servers, and also helped shape smaller servers that grew quite a bit after my involvement in the beginning. I'm a RSPS addict I come and play for a long time until I get burnt out then slowly drop the game for a year or two before I come back in which time the RSPS I used to play is usually gone. I play for 6 months to a year before getting burnt out usually. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? I'd like to help people and also be able to monitor mutes / reports that are being exerted. The latter is very important to me as I've been on the receiving end of multiple false / unjust mutes that were overturned. Others were for the BS rule that isn't listed anywhere in public called "flame baiting" I'll demand this rule be removed if I'm considered for staff. It's a catch-all that is undefinable and used hyper-selectively for staff to silence anyone they want. I'm super active, just look at when I joined divided by my play time. (28% of every day since I joined. I don't idle much at all either, that's active time.) Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: I'm sure my recent 8 day mute will be brought up for "racism." Words aren't louder than actions. I don't have a problem with black people and I help the black streamer "Lewwy" during his stream(s). I was reported by someone who uses the N word more than I do, he got butthurt that I killed him in a risk fight and had a screenshot saved for over a week. I had many examples of him saying it too, so of course he got the same mute I got. This is the only racism mute I've received and it was in a talk between two people who are using the same word jokingly. That isn't racism, it's banter. I understand why the mute was issued and that's why I didn't dispute it, I know the rules and realize I was in violation of them in that conversation. I accepted my punishment and hope it won't be held over me, as it's entirely irrelevant. I believe having a staff member that is on the side of the players rather than the staff is very important, as right now it feels like two teams competing, rather than the lower level staff being there to help players and make their experience better, it's warnings, yell bans, and mutes. I'm extremely antithetical to exerting power over others and will always stick up for those who don't have the ability to do so for themselves. Lastly, I'm quite active on forums in a very non-superficial way. I've updated skilling guides, try to give feedback that will be helpful, and post videos that I make of my playing experience. I've maxed so I know my way around the game and can help people with most aspects of the game without having to check forums. Thanks for reading. I hope you'll consider me. Also keep an eye out for my sexily narrated raids 2 solo guide coming out soon. (when the export glitch on openshot is fixed, or I go download a different video editor and re-edit the whole thing) edit- Also I do semi-regular live streams. Disclaimer: If all mutes and yell bans are made public in a forum section where other people can comment and contest them, I resign my application as I no longer seek the position of staff under those circumstances. My main gripe is unjust mutes that I KNOW aren't just being levied against me. Transparency would fix all of that in a heartbeat. (Small little "weird flex" I typed all of this without any auto correct and made no mistakes, I can speak English pretty alright. When I pasted it into google docs to check for typos this is what it looked like =) or it just missed em all lmao
  27. Niccs 45 Def Ironman Progress Log!

    Nice bank brother <3
  28. Top Fe's Bank video

    Banks look organized asf nice bank man
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