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  3. Plagues Breakaway.

    Nombre de usuario: acer skullZona horaria: gt-5:00¿Pker multi/individual?Hora de reproducción: (Pregonero @Home)Idioma(s): spanish and englishDiscordia: SíMicrófono: Sí Enlace de discordia: https://discord.gg/ckhPfJbAKZ
  4. Plagues Breakaway.

    I'm not playing right now
  5. Banned nexx ??????

    Got banned from nexx cc i accidentally typed whip 500m on the cc my brain was fucked what can i say unban me please
  6. Yesterday
  7. Plagues Breakaway.

    Username: Blessed OniTimezone: ESTMulti/ singles pker? I WANT ALL THE SMOKEPlay time: (Town crier @Home) 4 days 2 hours, lost my other accLanguage(s): EnglishDiscord: Yes/ No - YESMicrophone: Yes/ No - NO
  8. Log in bug

    I have the same problem
  9. deepwild max pking!

  10. Remove Corp from Slayer or add instance,

    There is instanced Corp for Ultimate+ donors.
  11. Last week
  12. This boss being able to be assigned as slayer task killed the whole purpose of corping. Nobody is doing corp off-task due to crashers who have task because they have dps advantages. People dont get kills and leave. Another option is to add instances. This would be the best solution to fix the ongoing issue.
  13. my name name -hawk

    hi everyone my ign -hawk im new eco and i got jailed for rwt and i didint rwt i dont know all rules idk what rwt i only hooked friend and my cousin on runewild thats all i need help to get unjail and thanks.!

    In-game name: sakeboy Youtuber name: sakeboy Number of subscribers: 98 Recent videos: (insert link) https://youtu.be/IVS0LR4pdys Number of views that week:978
  15. What Drops

    Casket guide - Guides - RuneWild
  16. What Drops

    hey I was just wondering as I just received my first golden casket drop. and I need to use a Casket Key in order to open it without receiving -%66. could anyone make a list of what monsters drop caskets and casket keys? or if so guide me to a forum that already has. I can't seem to find one. and people say only way to buy a casket key and some say basilisk knights drop keys.. idk just help me out please.

    is the zcbow buffed now? hits fuck all lol
  18. Log in bug

    Hey I'm currently having an issue where I can't login even after I change my password/restart my client after being met with the issue that "my username/password" is incorrect. Can anyone offer any assistance?
  19. Plagues Breakaway.

    Username: MontanelasTimezone: europeMulti/ singles pker? multi, single, nh, dh, pure, naked , everything just call me Play time: (Town crier @Home) 2 days in server , but a long career in the business of pkLanguage(s): english, portuguese, spanish, french, and i can reply 10 different accentsDiscord: Yes/ No - yesMicrophone: Yes/ No - yes but shy

  21. Spider-Man AKA Shelbs Veteran App

    Gl mate. Winning give this man his veteran rank
  22. You must have atleast 50 posts on the forums. - yes Account creation must be atleast 12 months old. - yes Your past 30 days play time must be atleast 50 hours. - yes No severe punishments in the past 90 days. - never Been playing 2 years+ with my Spider-Man account being over a year and a half old. Fair and kind to those who are in need. Don't gamble.

  24. Plagues Breakaway.

    Username:Smile DTimezone:lithiuanianMulti/ singles pker?bothPlay time: (Town crier @Home)1 weekLanguage(s):english ruskiDiscord: Yes/ No noMicrophone: Yes/ No no

    Yo! nice 2 shot! congrats on the ely.
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