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  2. sweet vid, keep up the good work ! IGN: elinor
  3. L1am - sick vid bro, wish i could pk like you <3
  4. IGN: Xer Good video keep it up. A little bit of commentary and some montage clips are good. Switch it up a bit, keep the viewers interested.
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  6. Xer's Introduction

    Welcome feel free to contact if you have any questions lad
  7. stop using your mod rank to boost your hits my dude damn, that's some insanity. Nice one though ign - Tiki
  8. Nice vid yo! IGN: Crunchyroll
  9. Development Blog I - PvP Leagues

    Okay this is fucking Fire david
  10. Xer's Introduction

    Hi everyone, I am new to RuneWild, hopefully I can get to talk to all or most of you in-game. Regards, Xer.
  11. Staff Feedback Format

    - Owner - @David - Honestly one of the best owners I ever experienced in my 5 years of rsps history, he listens to the community and there suggestions and puts out tons of updates and I can tell he really takes his time on them. Keep up the good work david you never fail to impress me - Senior Moderator: - @Virtus - Never really see you in-game so cant really say anything about you @B- you need to stop being rich and share some of your wealth with me XD, but your a very chill person and very helpful - Community Manager - @Calm I haven't really talked to you much so I cant really say anything about you - Global Moderator: - @Heart Attack/ G - I love this boob shaped guy haha, very chill guy and he's very helpful and never fails to put a smile on Trey's face @Nicc - I don't see you much in-game so I cant really say anything about you - - Moderator: - @Maxed / Pied Piper- Very helpful person @Karlee / AK - Oh this my boy right here, he's extremely chill guy and very helpful and very active. By far best choice to be part of the staff team @Cata - Oh lemme tell you about cata, one of the most funniest mods I witnessed. If I ever need a laugh ill come to this guy, he's also very helpful and chill
  12. Staff Feedback Format

    - Owner - @David - excels in everything he has done so far, leagues gonna be great and I feel it will help the server grow and improve, keep up the great work papa - Senior Moderator: - @Virtus - I have not heard from you, no offense, but neutral @B- you're a very relaxed member, you do your job well so that's alright. - Community Manager - @Calm - I have not heard from you either, BUT I have heard a lot about you, many good things and I appreciate your work brother. - Global Moderator: - @Heart Attack/ G - Hands down an all around good team player, gets things done when he needs to and helps others improve, appreciate you fella. @Nicc - - I have not heard from you in-game that much but I have acknowledged your presence a few times I think, but you're a pretty chill person it seems. - Moderator: - @Maxed / Pied Piper- a very chill moderator, you do a good job keep it up fam. @Karlee / AK - You know I see you big fella, keep that amazing work up. @Cata - I hear good things from you, so i'm assuming your'e a good person, keep it up g - Trial Moderator: - N/A - North America? Kappa Credits to @Hp for the original template
  13. Staff Feedback Format

    Pied Piper - big random, a noob, abusing powers, demote immediately
  14. Staff Feedback Format

    - Owner - @David - - Senior Moderator: - @Virtus - @B- - Community Manager - @Calm - Global Moderator: - @Heart Attack/ G - @Nicc - - - Moderator: - @Maxed / Pied Piper- @Karlee / AK - @Cata - - Trial Moderator: - N/A Credits to @Hp for the original template Please Keep this clean and Flame free, Constrictive Criticism will be appreciated and welcomed thanks alot guys!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Forger staff application

    +1 for u oslo
  17. Forger staff application

    shh splinter
  18. Forger staff application

    you're a fuckign spastic
  19. Good Video however I think you should condense it into smaller clips and a smaller video as most people's attention spans last like 2:30-3minutes. Also you should upload your video in 1920x1080 to get rid of blackbars. - IGN Ya Boy Edgah
  20. 1 minute in to the video and already know its gonna be fire, <3 Ign: Charlie Day.
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