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  4. Hi all!

    Welcome! If you have any questions you can DM me in game ign "Winning"
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  6. Hi all!

    Welcome to the server.
  7. Support App

    Great staff from before why not again? +1 for me Good luck my dude
  8. Support App

    Well, our personal quarrel aside not a bad promotion by any means but I do hope you won't condemn people based on being offered a mere side of the coin (information) without context as you have whilst leading what is now the largest clan-chat on RuneWild and some other matters shouldn't happen either, I reckon we both know what I'm referring too without having to throw out an example as the intention of this response isn't to tarnish a reputation, if your last statement in our personal DM's about leaving PLAGUE and switching to OSRS have been nullified with full intention to dedicate to RuneWild than sure, I'll support despite our quarrel, I'm not as 'two-faced' or 'child-like' as you and your members have made me out to be. Goodluck.
  9. Support App

    Definite potential.
  10. Returning player

    Welcome back
  11. $120 GIVEAWAY + Pking/Gambling ep.1

    Nice bruh
  12. $120 GIVEAWAY + Pking/Gambling ep.1

    nice to see u trying out rw!
  13. Hi all!

    Welcome to the server!

    Forwarded to dev.
  15. Returning player

    Try this, or alternatively make an alt, type ::discord in-game and try contacting a senior mod/admin.
  16. Theatre of Blood

    If that's true then damnnn.
  17. Returning player

    Make a request here brother, hope you get it sorted. And ofc, welcome back. - https://www.runewild.com/forums/forum/53-account-billing/

    Can you put needle and thread in skilling shop, only way to obtain is by spawning on a main but u cannot trade it over
  19. pure pk/nh clipclear

    thx lads
  20. Youtube Loyalty Program

    I have kinda old video, can i claim moneys from that video lol?
  21. Returning player

  22. pure pk/nh clipclear

    Nice vid!
  23. Hi all!

  24. Support App

    Goodluck adam
  25. pure pk/nh clipclear

    Good stuff :_P
  26. Plague Official Clan Thread

    Username: Been StuntinTimezone: EasternK/D Ratio: 0.8Play time: 2 Days(other account was played for a solid year but forgot info) Language(s): EnglishDiscord: YesMicrophone: Yes
  27. Returning player

    Hey guys i am returning too runewild after about 7-10 months.. It's been sooo long since i played i forgot my login info which sucks and had to make a new account but i'm jus glad to be playing the best rsps server created again!! If any staff sees this post and doesn't mind helping me out with getting back into my other account it would b super super appreciated noted i was almost one with all achievs n have spent alot of hours and dedication on the account thanks in advance! P.S SUPERRR GLAD TOO BE BACK@!@!
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