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  2. unfair RWT Jail

    AJ, i already did it. Thak you for help.
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  5. Great guide well done
  6. Guess and win 5b!

    Duke: 2900 Leviathan: 2200 Vardovis: 2450 The whisperer: 4250
  7. unfair RWT Jail

    Hi zer, I see you took the time to write this topic. You better off making the appeal on their Support discord for better help. Here I'll link you it : https://discord.gg/gxRBXW9g
  8. unfair RWT Jail

    Nickname: Afganas Jail reason: rwt by HASH HELLO, im acutally new there, playing 1-2 weeks. Situation goes like this, i was enjoying this RSPS it looks okay. I was active in Edgeville pking and got 60m osrs claimeble ticket. I don't know what its worth, i tried asking peoples and they told me sell it for items or something. Okay. ::yell Selling 60m osrs ticket. it went 1-2 mins Insta JAIL. No talking, nothing just insta jail unlimited time like 3 billion years. https://ibb.co/yBpXv1t Okay i asked why is that for, one of the mods said you cannot sell that. Okay. I admit maybe i broke any of the Rules, so went to check what is all about, what is even rwt?! When i found out looks like i didn't brake Rules. Someone just took this action to jail me without proof. If its enough proof to get rid of player typing in "::yell Selling 60m osrs ticket" wow guys, but for me it looks really weird... In my opinion looks like really not even logical punishment. "WIPE ACCOUNT after 1 week" I didn't made any of forbidden trades, not event tried to. But i tried explain what this is all about. Tried communicate, But Ignorance is at - MAX LEVEL. Tried make appeal on discord, all they told me they will give me free jail in 1 week and account wipe. Wow guys... My question is why ?! Nobody tried to even talk with me for example: im selling it for what? First of all i didn't want to sell this claimable tickets for real world trading, you hawe no proof all you you hawe is your opinion. Nobody talked with me, what grow people do is talk right... ? So please understand i didn't brake any of rules and i did not deserve this type of punishment. I worked kinda hard to make all stuff and it says its will be deleted. Its really sad, when mod HASH dancing in edgeville all the time in circles and nobody care that i got punisment mistakely. I understand. let it be how it is, BUT do you job i do mine i respect all staff members. But i did not brake any of rules. Where is the proof? Why you want get rid of me ?!, i did nothing to harm or brake this server.. I enjoy playing this rsps im jsut saying.. If you delete this okay its your opinion, but understand this, i DID NOTHING TO get this decision. i admit that this is your server, your rules, your decisions, but decision like this is just not fair for me... i hope you read this and find little bit logical https://ibb.co/qBqqZ02 Thank you for understanding. all is that i hope to comeback to this server. but if its a NO then is a NO. Thanks. its just weird and really sad... I liked this community
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  10. @UKs Finest Heard you giving out scythes
  11. update is dope thanks to David and the team
  12. Impulse

    rank me Watson i pk all day and event
  13. Impulse

    lemmee innnn

    its finally happening!! beta is already out!! testers are working out bugs!!! im excited!
  15. Legendary update, much love legend <3
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  17. soo hype ! thankyou David and team for all the hard work! runewild 4 lifeee!
  18. we goin for 10k views boiz lets go
  19. I'm wondering what the agility dispenser at the wildy course is, there's nothing about it in here, is there any upcoming agility update and that's just part of it?
  20. Thankyou David <3 Can't wait till i can play mobile when it gets released! Awesome Update!!!
  21. These new updates gonna attract new players for sure. Nice stuff g.
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