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  4. Mercy CC

    Username: Lack Timezone: US CST Discord: Yes/no: YES Multi Experience: YES Discord Name(Exactly the same): Sim#7738 Why should u be accepted into Mercy: I'm an active pker in edge looking to get back into multi pking looking for a clan.
  5. ToA Drop Rate Guide

    Just grind try to do 450+ i’ve gotten recently 6-7 purps within 100 raids its just rng mate the rates is perfect in the LONG way 100%
  6. veterank rank

    Good luck!
  7. veterank rank

    You must have atleast 50 posts on the forums. no Account creation must be atleast 12 months old.yes Your past 30 days play time must be atleast 50 hours.yes No severe punishments in the past 90 days.no No past toxic behavior. yes name is ME LOCKY
  8. ToA Drop Rate Guide

    By adding up the individual item odds for each level of invocation we get these percentages at base luck (no rank, row) 150: 1/45 purple 2.22% 300: 1/30 purple 3.33% 450+ : 4/75 purple 5.33%
  9. Mercy CC

    Timezone: EU utc+1 Discord: Yes/no: Yes Multi Experience: Played allot years ago. Since i haven't played in a while i'm a bit rusty. Discord Name(Exactly the same): Snurrepig#5380 Why should u be accepted into Mercy: Pvp is the only fun way to play this game but I've forgot allot so would be great to learn from experienced people.
  10. Mercy CC

    Timezone: EU/nordic Discord: Yes/no: Yes Multi Experience: Few years of osrs/rs2/rs3 Discord Name(Exactly the same): Raketen Why should u be accepted into Mercy: I wanna do wildy content and enjoy what it brings.
  11. TOA zebak path BUG?

    Btw, get used to akkha/kephri side for future 600s its much better gl on purples!
  12. TOA zebak path BUG?

    So not a bug mate dw
  13. TOA zebak path BUG?

    Hey, when you turn on akkha/kephris invos (stay vigilant and aerial assault) and go to the baba/zebak side you will mose 30/60 points for doing that, if you didnt loose points 600s for kits would be very eazy.
  14. TOA zebak path BUG?

    whenever i go for zebak path on p1 obelisk at toa, i always lose 30 raid levels.. but when i go for akkha path it just works fine... i keep my raid level always... can some1 help pls i think toa is bugged
  15. Gora Staff application!

    Please promote my TOA mentor
  16. Gora Staff application!

    +1 Good luck my man!
  17. Dohx Staff Application

    +1 Good luck
  18. Applicant for Staff Member

    @GoraAppreciated my man <3
  19. Earlier
  20. Applicant for Staff Member

    +1 to this guy, don't know him personally, but i see how helpfull he is in yell and specificly in RW discord says alot. Best of luck mate. #keep grinding
  21. Vote Party/Well of good Will

    Agree, I like it too! There is a BUT tho it can be so that its not ok to encourge in that way when it comes to rsps-list rules where the votes go (i have no clue if it is like that just free mind).
  22. Dohx Staff Application

    -1. Constantly asking people in Unity CC and people he knows in game to come and vouch for him on his thread. Trying way too hard to be a moderator also if you don't vouch for him he refuses to talk to you. LOL. Do not give this guy mod ever.
  23. Vote Party/Well of good Will

    i like it
  24. Mercy CC

    Username: Hard Deeds Timezone: CT Discord: Yes/no: yes Multi Experience: yes Discord Name(Exactly the same): halon#1623 Why should u be accepted into Mercy: active player, enjoy multi wars and events.
  25. Vote Party/Well of good Will

    Greetings, I feel like if we add a Vote Party when we reach a certain amount of voters it should trigger a double xp in skilling, increased droprate, increased ticket drops for pking,... for an hour or something like that, these perks would be random everytime we reach our goal, like for example, the first time it will be x2 skilling xp and the other time it will be something else. This will make the players do more than just sticking to PVM or only PKing, these are just examples of the rewards or perks. Another option would be well of good will, Reaching a certain amount of money will trigger some ingame perks for a period of time just as I mentioned above. Players will be voting more in my opinion and talk people into voting just to reach that amount needed for a temporary perk/reward! Thanks for you time, Any feedback is welcome! KaiseN out.
  26. Mercy CC

    Username:Fjoz Timezone:utc: EU Discord: Yes/no:Yes Multi Experience: Alot from OSRS Discord Name(Exactly the same): LazyL#9244 Why should u be accepted into Mercy: I would love to follow on trips and Pking much experience from good old times
  27. Defense doesn't exist.

    That gear should provide some defensive benefit though. As far as I can tell, there isn't much of a difference between wearing void and full tank gear.

    just rng mate
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