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Found 3 results

  1. Hello RuneWild! Today I am here to show a quick and easy Basislik Knight guide since I've seen a lot more people here. Will be going over Range and Magic. I WOULD NOT recommend melee as it is slower and less afk-able. POSSIBLE LOOT: Most sought after is the Basilik Jaw. 300-450m? (Correct me if I'm wrong please.) But i have gotten a ton of caskets here too. I've gotten everyone from red to gold. with red casket being most common. But a purple casket here and there as well! HOW TO GET THERE: Talk to the Ancient Wizard (in purple robes) at the Home Area and select Jormungand's Prison. After clicking the Teleport you will be at the North end of the Prison. Head Southwest. There will be two areas you can go to. Left or straight down. Both have safe spots, but i prefer the area to the Left as its easier to afk and not worry about your character moving into them. MAP: When safespotting Just attack and walk away. You'll know your safe because they will only attack with magic. GEAR and INVENTORY: This is the gear I use. Its fairly expensive, but you can swap it out for any of it. Ahrims/Void/Karils, etc. IF RANGING OR MAGING USE A REGULAR MIRROR SHEILD! DO NOT USE V'S SHEILD. MAGIC: NOTE: You can use Void. I personally use Ancestral, but its up to you. With inventory since you are safespotting them you don't have to bring food, but i like to incase I get some good drops and need to heal. They can hit hard if your not paying attention and walk into them! RANGE: I FORGOT TO PUT MY ACB! DO NOT USE DRAGON HUNTER BOW. USE DRAGON OR ARMADYL CROSSBOW! KILLING THEM: Protect MAGIC. They do have another attack. It will throw a red orb towards you. It doesn't do any damage, but will freeze you for a TICK or so. You can avoid it if you want, but I never do. <----EXAMPLE OF THE FREEZING. HAPPY HUNTING AND BE SAFE! -PvM PURE
  2. Hello thanks for stopping by in the guide below you can make over 50m+ Blood money perhour! Requirements 65 Slayer! Gear Setups Setup # 1 : Ancest/Ahrims/ Occult Necklace / TSOTD / Master Wand / Kodai Wand Eternals Unholy Book / Arcane / God Cape / Seers Ring / Any magic helm of your choice. Setup # 2 : Mystic Robes, Ancient Staff, Glory, Wizard Boots, Unholy Book, God Cape, Nezzy Helm, or Far seers, Seers ring if you got it. Inventory Setup You don't need much food because you're going to be praying melee the entire time, so i just recommend bringing almost a full inventory of super restore potions to make your trips as long as you can! Enjoy The Video! It Will Explain Everything Else!
  3. Big Robs Vetion Guide!

    Hey everyone thanks for stopping by i hope my guide helps you kill Vetion quick and make money effectively! Recommended Gear Setup ! Gear Setup 1 : Void (Elite or non doesn't matter) Glory or anguish, Snake Skin Or Pegs, Blowpipe / or Twisted Bow, Avas, Archers Ring (Optional) Gear Setup 2: Black Dhide ( Or What ever you can afford , Karils works too, ) Unholy Book, Snake Skin Boots, Rune/Dragon/Dragon Hunters Cross Bows, Archers Helm, Glory, Dragonstone Bolts (e). Inventory Setup - 5-10 Brews 3-4 Restores 2 Ranging Pots ( Since You'll Be Banking Semi Frequently) A Few Sharks Or Anglers To Fill Remaining Space, Vengeance Is Optional! Things to take into consideration.... 1) This is in the wild, don't bring what you don't want to lose. 2) I recommend making a preset that lowers your stats so you're around 86 - 88 combat roughly so you don't get killed by teams of mains. 3) Remember you only need to walk one tile over when Vetion casts his splash spell! Im aware that the video has a bit of a goof in it but it will be fixed soon! Watch The Video Here!