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Found 12 results

  1. My gear setup → https://i.imgur.com/iysnXH4.png
  2. Hello RuneWild! Today I am here to show a quick and easy Basislik Knight guide since I've seen a lot more people here. Will be going over Range and Magic. I WOULD NOT recommend melee as it is slower and less afk-able. POSSIBLE LOOT: Most sought after is the Basilik Jaw. 300-450m? (Correct me if I'm wrong please.) But i have gotten a ton of caskets here too. I've gotten everyone from red to gold. with red casket being most common. But a purple casket here and there as well! HOW TO GET THERE: Talk to the Ancient Wizard (in purple robes) at the Home Area and select Jormungand's Prison. After clicking the Teleport you will be at the North end of the Prison. Head Southwest. There will be two areas you can go to. Left or straight down. Both have safe spots, but i prefer the area to the Left as its easier to afk and not worry about your character moving into them. MAP: When safespotting Just attack and walk away. You'll know your safe because they will only attack with magic. GEAR and INVENTORY: This is the gear I use. Its fairly expensive, but you can swap it out for any of it. Ahrims/Void/Karils, etc. IF RANGING OR MAGING USE A REGULAR MIRROR SHEILD! DO NOT USE V'S SHEILD. MAGIC: NOTE: You can use Void. I personally use Ancestral, but its up to you. With inventory since you are safespotting them you don't have to bring food, but i like to incase I get some good drops and need to heal. They can hit hard if your not paying attention and walk into them! RANGE: I FORGOT TO PUT MY ACB! DO NOT USE DRAGON HUNTER BOW. USE DRAGON OR ARMADYL CROSSBOW! KILLING THEM: Protect MAGIC. They do have another attack. It will throw a red orb towards you. It doesn't do any damage, but will freeze you for a TICK or so. You can avoid it if you want, but I never do. <----EXAMPLE OF THE FREEZING. HAPPY HUNTING AND BE SAFE! -PvM PURE
  3. General suggestions.

    So these are just somethings I have picked up on over a few weeks.. that i have noticed. feel free to post a suggestion below and i'll update this accordingly. (will be updating this as i find more/remember more) (Even if you feel its a bad request/suggestion, it will be added to the list and treated as any other one. remember these are just suggestions and not written in stone.) :Pvm related: Can Steel dragons/iron dragons have their drop-tables updated to have the dragonic visage. if possible could a "rough/detailed" post come around about drop rates of certain rare items? (tob(raids2)/basilskJaw/Etc) / It could be requested to see the drop rate and then you could edit forums post? Could the HP event have a bit more health, since it's now a "ditch" .. event. and the reward has been increased too. - More people go to this event then ever before now (pvp/pvm mixture of both) A possible increase to the rewards given by ancient emblems from revenants. Adding a locator for mole. (Falador shield (3?)) https://gyazo.com/90df5d2ca656be889c7c89eddc17acc4 Allow us to mine/jump this rock. Allow possessed pickaxes count towards the achievement of killing the floating axes Can all monsters inside the Catacombs have their drop tables worked (to match the rest of them outside of Catacombs) :Pvp related: Pj timer at egdeville to be prolonged after obtaining a kill Make it so you cannot redskull with the starting "lent" items. (when you first start the game you can get an Ags which dispersal in 50 hits, same with claws etc.) :Skilling related: Adding the ability to add crystal dust to be used with a super combat (or any other potions) to make them divine - https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Crystal_dust Allow ironman to retrieve a needle and thread to make d'hide bodies/chaps/vambraces. Using chisel on dark essence block to be instant rather than set to a delay. currently has a delay like cutting gems.. (qol update ofcourse) Add crushed superior dragon bones to the Skilling shop so super antifire potions can be made, along with Extended Super antifire . https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Super_antifire_potion#4_dose https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Extended_super_antifire#4_dose Perhaps adding a wishing well which costs 500m to fill up and boosts xp rates by .50 for 3hours, 6hours, 9hours or 12hours :Equipment related: Volatile possibly have an accuracy buff on its special attack? (To be reviewed also so it's not outstandingly good) Can abyssal dagger have it's max hit increased from 42? this makes the weapon almost.. just not viable in any scenario. Dismantle option for the wilderness weapons (Craws bow, viggs mace and thammons sceptre or whatever its called!) into ether Allow the Dwarven rock cake to act as an untradeable and be autokept below 20 wilderness. check the variations of max cape have the Bonuses the regular max cape have. ie. the minimal but increased drop rate. Tyrannical ring(i) And Ring of Gods(i) do not have double stats like they should Possible introduction of Arclight and Skotizo :Stores: a possible rework on valuating the PKP store/Bounty Hunter store sell cut gems back to the skilling store for a marginal price.. like Sapphire 25k > sell to shop for 2400.. just something like this. Adding Crystal dust to the skilling store(or drops) Adding pure essence to the skilling store - So when people get them as a drop they can just sell them back to the store. like herbs etc Add a tax fee on decanting potions.
  4. Raids 2 - Theatre of Blood

    First thing I want to say about raids 2 loot is that its horrible. The loot that you get from completing a regular should be rewarding even if it is not a drop, considering not many people do raids and that it is considerably hard, I feel as if the loot should be buffed. Soloing the boss is already hard enough and after completing a raid it doesn't feel at all satisfying considering the chances of getting an item while soloing is extremely rare with it being the number rolling system based on players per raid. The chances of getting a raid drop while soloing is extremely rare, so I feel as if at least to reward the player for completing the solo raid that the loot should at least be worth their time and effort. A raid can take anywhere from 8-14minutes, depending on your rng for hits on the boss. To be doing a raid for 8-14 minutes and then being rewarded with 1-5m loot at most, this is without an actual item of course, it just doesn't provide any motivation for people to do raids. Another reason I feel that normal loot should be buffed is, because raiding whether it be solo or with a team, is just not profitable at all especially if you go on a dry streak such as the player "GIANT" doing 200+ raids and not getting and item. With the time spent doing all of those raids you could have made way more money because the normal loot from raids is 1-4m at most, like I don't see why having a crystal bow from raids 2 is a drop, it is worthless like you can't even sell it in the shop. I am just looking for a regular loot buff and making it more common for getting a good drop while doing solos, duos, etc. This could be done by maybe having a specific drop rate on an item for solos, then another for duos, etc.
  5. Civil Nation - PvM Clan

    Since there is no PvM clan I know of on Runewild so far coupled with the imminent release of Theatre Of Blood I thought it would be a great idea to start one. Also I've been PvMing so much recently and I'm tired of hopping between random clan chats. DISCLAIMER: By applying and joining Civil Nation you agree to split every notable drop you get with other people in the CC unless specified otherwise and agreed on with the other people you are PvMing with (Screenshots MUST be provided). Breaking this rule we result In you being removed from the CC instantly and being reported to staff. Your gear will effect what rank you get when you start out and will go up as it improves, we need as many people with the best gear for Raids 2 so this MIGHT change as time goes on. Newer recruits who get drops will have to give the loot to higher trusted ranks to split evenly. The more loots you split, the higher your rank gets. Gold stars will be the ranks that can split loot. Username: Gear (Show as screenshot or in game, will effect rank): PvM experience?: Notable Drops (Screenshots or just say): Discord?(Yes/No): Do you agree to split EVERY drop (Yes/No):
  7. quick, simple money making method

    Hi all, Just wanted to share a money-making method I've been using that can be used for beginners and more seasoned users alike. It's extremely low-risk and can be used to level your slayer up and get slayer points as well. My method is using blood barrage on abyssal demons in the Catacombs to make 5-6m cash per hour if you do it quickly. I use blood barrage rather than ice barrage, because freezing the abbys makes it more difficult for them to follow you and stack up into one square, allowing for quicker and easier kills. This is my get-up: Alternately if you are just beginning here is a setup consisting solely of spawnables/items found in your bank automatically: Below is the inventory I use, I suppose you could bring mage pots but I find it rather useless. Enter the Catacombs by talking to the Ancient Wizard in between the shop and the slayer building, clicking monsters, then catacombs. Abyssal Demons are very close to the entrance of the catacombs if you simply run West past the greater demons. You will want to keep Protect from Melee on the entire time you are doing this. Once you get to the Abby Demons and have Blood Barrage on autocast, there are eight abby demons you will want to get to pile you. This is easily done by running within a square of them and onto the next ones. Once they're all on you, you can run into a corner with them stacked and kill them all quickly. It takes me 2 minutes 30 seconds on average to get this done, which yields a 200k cashpile. There is a stack of 8 abbys in front of me here. Happy Hunting A