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Found 23 results


    Can we please fix solo pking, there are no solo pkers left in the game since we just get gangbanged by 20 max dudes specing and tele. The fix should be a pj timer. you should not be able to spec tele and let your boyfriend insta attack me. We should also no be able to tag off ppl that are not attacking back. this should solve every problem. if you are in a team go to multi and fight it out. Why single out 1 guy with ur buddies. example: i might a guy he specs and tele, i should have a 10 sec pj timer to be able to logout or run far away.

  3. Hey! I was just wondering, which option is best for edegville pking? Which do you think will have more DPS? OPTiON #1 - TBow with void OPTION #2 - Bow of Faerdhinen with full crystal Any thoughts on the two bows mentioned? Thanks!
  4. Lords Of War

    Lords Of War NOW RECRUITING! RULES: #1. Always Look Out/Help your Clanmates #2. No Baiting #3. Never Leave a Man behind #4. Spare No-One #5. No Clan/Member Disrespect #6. Follow the RuneWild Rules Join "Lords Of War" Clan Chat in-game Today! Promotions are given out to those who put in the Most Time, Energy & Positivity into the Clan & Making sure we stay on top of ALL PVP Boards & PVM Bosses. An Official Discord will be made Soon! Stay Tuned! Lords Of War is an ENGLISH/SPANISH Speaking Clan & has an Active PVP/PVM/Skilling Member base.
  5. Bronze Man Mode Series | Episode #4

  6. YouTube Application

    New to this YouTube scene. Too much wild ish happens to me constantly for me not to show everyone the insanity of my Yin/Yang luck, I'm talking from the "how in the ....????" to the "wow... imagine that actually happening to someone though...." type ish. Love this server more than any other that I've ever played throughout the years to date. Really it's just way too phenomenal to not want to support and advertise it and assist it's growth in the near future to not give it a shot IMO. Anyways. Go for gold David. Let's make this economy grow even larger and flourish more than ever before together. I got you my guy. Hope you'll feel the same and throw this dog a bone to get some ish going in a better direction in his life. Leggooooooooooooooo RUNEWILD! YouTube Tag : @rubadubflub Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC88MY7FHbfmU5X1PcWsftrQ youtube.com/channel/UC88MY7FHbfmU5X1PcWsftrQ
  7. Valhalla pk

    Welcome to valhalla. About Us Valhalla strives to improve and further expand at all times, we are starting with a decent strong core of members who have been on the server for many years and ran a number of successful clans ingame for a long period of time. we welcome all who are who are willing to become a part of valhalla. Official Information Valhalla has a preference for members who speak good enough English to communicate and listen. members with Discord which isn't a must either but it does come with access to our Giveaways which are held actively by our hr team and other high ranks and the ability to move up the ladder in comparison to non-discord members who won't reach any further than basic ranks. Rules Valhalla has a list of rules but I'll list the ones most important to non-discord members. You need to have a PvP mindset No flaming No yell baiting No server bashing Recruitment You can become a member of Valhalla by filling out the recruitment format (see example below) which can be posted on this thread or feel free to click on the invite link to our Discord (bottom of the thread) and redirect yourself to the clan-verification's channel to fill out our Discord format which is processed and handled much faster. Username: valhalla Timezone: UTC +2 Language(s): Dutch and English Discord: Yes or No Microphone: Yes or No 89 agility? : Valhalla official discord - https://discord.gg/valhallarw It gladdens me to know that Odin prepares for a feast. Soon I shall be drinking ale from curved horns. This hero that comes into Valhalla does not lament his death! I shall not enter Odin’s hall with fear. There I shall wait for my sons to join me. And when they do, I will bask in their tales of triumph. The Aesir will welcome me! My death comes without apology! And I welcome the valkyries to summon me home!”
  8. familia -hxh-

    le damos la bienvenida a nuestro clan -hxh- donde podran disfrutar de un hambiente familiar y como donde podran hacer una gran variedad de bosses y de sorteos y muchas dinamicas divertidas y todo esto en una gran hambiente divertido y tambien podran entrar a nuestro discord para mas divercion enlace de discord : https://discord.gg/RxDMHuZyCP
  9. PJ Timer

    We can all come together and say RuneWild is up there for a server, Ecosystem and Pking is great, easy to navigate have lots of fun. hear me out; When solo pking anywhere in RuneWild, Unfortunately, i'm a new comer with no friends list, Rune Wild, is Full of clans pking in single area's, exploiting area's of the wilderness, Rev's is locked down 24/7 magebank is controlled by clans. i really think rune wild would benefit from the OSRS PJ Timer system. it's 100% something i'd like to see bought into the game.
  10. NBS [ No Bull Shit ]

    Short , sweet, and simple. NBS Stands for No Bull Shit Just trying to build a community that isn't constantly advertising they're active with 3 people in their CC's and completely useless to the community. NBS is a helpful community for beginners and experienced players alike. We focus on PvM and PvE I'll try to incorporate weekly giveaways of some sort or rewards for the most active members in the clan. Here's the discord : Not much yet, but it will be soon. https://discord.gg/jHuFkv2uBd
  11. Hello, my name is Zoe Anne. I just recently started on this server after getting bored with OSRS. I have a Level 124 PvP account and my bank is like 4b so it's just boring. I rocked nex for like 500 KC on OSRS Release for nothing soooo I wanted to find something more fun and relaxed! Current Stats as of Feb 18/22(Date of Starting this Thread) Hi guys! I hope everyones doing well! I have some bad news. One of my partners caught COVID so I have to take time off work - I manage a legal dispensary. While sad, that means BIG GIRL GAINS! I'm gonna start with an easy one. BARROWS LOG! Currently 38/39 and only about 3-4 hours here! I'm still thinking of whether or not to save up a load of Vote Boxes and Boxes from logs for a grand opening or something... What do YOU think!? Stat Updates - Total Level Milestones and Achievements! PvP Adventures - KDR, Epic Kills and what I think are decent loots! Drop Log from PvM and Skilling Content!
  12. vestas

    does vestas armour degrade and does the vestas long sword degrade!
  13. The crip

  14. Risk fighting #1

  15. General suggestions.

    So these are just somethings I have picked up on over a few weeks.. that i have noticed. feel free to post a suggestion below and i'll update this accordingly. (will be updating this as i find more/remember more) (Even if you feel its a bad request/suggestion, it will be added to the list and treated as any other one. remember these are just suggestions and not written in stone.) :Pvm related: Can Steel dragons/iron dragons have their drop-tables updated to have the dragonic visage. if possible could a "rough/detailed" post come around about drop rates of certain rare items? (tob(raids2)/basilskJaw/Etc) / It could be requested to see the drop rate and then you could edit forums post? Could the HP event have a bit more health, since it's now a "ditch" .. event. and the reward has been increased too. - More people go to this event then ever before now (pvp/pvm mixture of both) A possible increase to the rewards given by ancient emblems from revenants. Adding a locator for mole. (Falador shield (3?)) https://gyazo.com/90df5d2ca656be889c7c89eddc17acc4 Allow us to mine/jump this rock. Allow possessed pickaxes count towards the achievement of killing the floating axes Can all monsters inside the Catacombs have their drop tables worked (to match the rest of them outside of Catacombs) :Pvp related: Pj timer at egdeville to be prolonged after obtaining a kill Make it so you cannot redskull with the starting "lent" items. (when you first start the game you can get an Ags which dispersal in 50 hits, same with claws etc.) :Skilling related: Adding the ability to add crystal dust to be used with a super combat (or any other potions) to make them divine - https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Crystal_dust Allow ironman to retrieve a needle and thread to make d'hide bodies/chaps/vambraces. Using chisel on dark essence block to be instant rather than set to a delay. currently has a delay like cutting gems.. (qol update ofcourse) Add crushed superior dragon bones to the Skilling shop so super antifire potions can be made, along with Extended Super antifire . https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Super_antifire_potion#4_dose https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Extended_super_antifire#4_dose Perhaps adding a wishing well which costs 500m to fill up and boosts xp rates by .50 for 3hours, 6hours, 9hours or 12hours :Equipment related: Volatile possibly have an accuracy buff on its special attack? (To be reviewed also so it's not outstandingly good) Can abyssal dagger have it's max hit increased from 42? this makes the weapon almost.. just not viable in any scenario. Dismantle option for the wilderness weapons (Craws bow, viggs mace and thammons sceptre or whatever its called!) into ether Allow the Dwarven rock cake to act as an untradeable and be autokept below 20 wilderness. check the variations of max cape have the Bonuses the regular max cape have. ie. the minimal but increased drop rate. Tyrannical ring(i) And Ring of Gods(i) do not have double stats like they should Possible introduction of Arclight and Skotizo :Stores: a possible rework on valuating the PKP store/Bounty Hunter store sell cut gems back to the skilling store for a marginal price.. like Sapphire 25k > sell to shop for 2400.. just something like this. Adding Crystal dust to the skilling store(or drops) Adding pure essence to the skilling store - So when people get them as a drop they can just sell them back to the store. like herbs etc Add a tax fee on decanting potions.
  16. Hybrid 15

  17. Quick Slappingz

  18. Rookies

    Join our public discord: https://discord.gg/r2az3tM