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Found 34 results

  1. Clan #1 en pvp https://discord.gg/VmvEHugjuH
  2. Max RSPS

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNUDkMehPCev1Fd4HQdWfqQI am grateful first of all for God and for David for this wonderful game full of fun and today I tell you that I have started a YouTube channel to show the world how much fun this game is here I leave the link subscribe, I hope https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNUDkMehPCev1Fd4HQdWfqQ
  3. PJ Timer

    We can all come together and say RuneWild is up there for a server, Ecosystem and Pking is great, easy to navigate have lots of fun. hear me out; When solo pking anywhere in RuneWild, Unfortunately, i'm a new comer with no friends list, Rune Wild, is Full of clans pking in single area's, exploiting area's of the wilderness, Rev's is locked down 24/7 magebank is controlled by clans. i really think rune wild would benefit from the OSRS PJ Timer system. it's 100% something i'd like to see bought into the game.
  4. Hey my name is Wais, I live in the United Kingdom (UK) I am new to streaming but my content I guarantee you will enjoy, tune in show some love and support subscribe and like to enter my giveaways and events LIVE! <3
  5. Hello and welcome, https://discord.gg/MfVatpq9 We have created a designated Discord for hosting RuneWild NH tournaments and we will be hosting a series of events going forward with varying prize pools. Even though we encourage team versus team, this Discord can still be regarded as a 'safe space' for anyone who simply wants to compete as their own selves. We also hope this encourages solo pkers to take on these tournaments and test yourselves against proper competition. On the topic of prize pools: The events will be hosted with different prize pools. In example: (Amounts can change if someone decides to add to the pot) - Example one: We host the event and put a certain amount of money that will be paid out to the winner/s. - Example two: We host the event and put up a set amount and then take buy-ins to create an even more competitive environment. First Tournament: If everything goes smoothly, we are hoping to run our first event this coming Sunday 10th 8PM GMT. Sign-ups are in process and you will be notified in Discord a couple hours before they are closed. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction and we can get this part of RuneWild PVP more active and competitive. Thank you!
  6. Vatos Locos

    "Vatos Locos" cc creado solamente para destruir clanes enemigos y conseguir algo de emoción en el wildeness por eso tuvieron que hacer público nuestra familia de VATOS ,importante anuncio,llenar y completar todo el formulario para que formes parte de nuestro equipo ahora. Nombre del Clan chat: VATOS LOCOS "Vatos Locos" cc created only to destroy enemy clans and get some excitement in the wildeness that's why we decided to make our VATOS family public, important announcement, fill out and complete all the forms so that you are part of our team now. NAME CC: VATOS LOCOS
  7. vestas

    does vestas armour degrade and does the vestas long sword degrade!

    Hello, fellow Runewilders. As many of you remember FGOONS, the most dominant team Runewild has ever seen, is making COMEBACK. What this means, this means BIG giveaways at our public discord (untradeables, tokhaar kal), slap videos, ACTION, and lot of fun! Remember to invite your friends since whoever has most invites till 24th day of December will win TOKHAAR KAL. And if you missed what happened yesterday, BOZO LEADER lost fight against FGOONS LEADER for 5B. SEE MORE ON OUR DISCORD! https://discord.gg/ktbatPxKWr
  9. #BOZO

    https://discord.gg/MwFfdwuzHk Daily RuneWild GiveAways !!! #Bozo
  10. RUNEWILD | PK VIDEO | 2021

    Pking by JuJuDizzy Edited by @SMOERREBROED (me) RUNEWILD | PK VIDEO | 2021 - YouTube RUNEWILD | PK VIDEO | 2021 - YouTube
  11. RUNEWILD | PK VIDEO | 2021

    Pking by JuJuDizzy Edited by me @SMOERREBROED
  12. youtube

  13. Risk fighting #1

  14. 6IXTH VS The World PT.2

    Hey There! Back for more I see well here we go geezer.... This Season's Banger Of A Song: Episode 3 Expanding The 6IXTH Dominance: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/give-henk-tank-english-lessons
  15. 6IXTH VS The World

    Welcome to a series brought to you by 6ixth: This Thread's Good Tune For You To Listen To: Episode 1 The 6IXTH Army's Demolition Of RW's Clans: Episode 2 The Vene's Failed Rebellion: After one unsuccessful HP Event "Much Money CC" & "R O B E R T CC" decided they would try and merge with another clan and still fail to pull ops when needed. This is what we done to them: "Saint Vasta" wasn't happy at all with a little baiting in the chat. #6ixth Lads That does it for today's episodes of 6ixth VS The World. Tune in next time where we continue to dominate every foe who step in our way.
  16. First Try at making a video

    Not sure what i'm doing. but i figured i'd give it a shot.
  17. Recent upload

  18. ✅ To enter the *BIG* Giveaway 1. Like the video 2. Subscribe to my channel 3. Turn the post notifications (MUST) 4. Comment your IGN (create an account, if u haven't already)