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Found 8 results


    Post can also be read in the RuneWild Discord Below: RW DISCORD POST @David @Hope @WINNING
  2. Runewild NH Tournaments

    Welcome to the RuneWild Tournaments With this Discord community, we are aiming to bring the PVP community together. We know there are a lot of good PKers scattered across multiple different servers, and we want to bring everyone under the same roof. With the help of server owners like David being by our side and offering to help with contributing to prize pools and hosting giveaways, we realized that there is huge potential. After some growth, we are planning to run many different types of tournaments and the possibilities are endless. The payouts will mainly be handed out in the form of RuneWild gp or 07. https://discord.gg/WKUfUYZMwQ
  3. Hello and welcome, https://discord.gg/MfVatpq9 We have created a designated Discord for hosting RuneWild NH tournaments and we will be hosting a series of events going forward with varying prize pools. Even though we encourage team versus team, this Discord can still be regarded as a 'safe space' for anyone who simply wants to compete as their own selves. We also hope this encourages solo pkers to take on these tournaments and test yourselves against proper competition. On the topic of prize pools: The events will be hosted with different prize pools. In example: (Amounts can change if someone decides to add to the pot) - Example one: We host the event and put a certain amount of money that will be paid out to the winner/s. - Example two: We host the event and put up a set amount and then take buy-ins to create an even more competitive environment. First Tournament: If everything goes smoothly, we are hoping to run our first event this coming Sunday 10th 8PM GMT. Sign-ups are in process and you will be notified in Discord a couple hours before they are closed. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction and we can get this part of RuneWild PVP more active and competitive. Thank you!
  4. RUNEWILD | PK VIDEO | 2021

    Pking by JuJuDizzy Edited by me @SMOERREBROED

  6. Like and comment your in game name for chance to win a Twisted Bow, courtesy of David https://gyazo.com/e1bd108846eb174770a215b8cd6a8658
  7. RuneWild PK VIDEO 1!