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Found 19 results

  1. hello this is my little guide on how to make a very good and quick money hope you enjoy and good luck the ring of wealth is optional if you cant afford it but it can help with unique drops
  2. Max RSPS

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNUDkMehPCev1Fd4HQdWfqQI am grateful first of all for God and for David for this wonderful game full of fun and today I tell you that I have started a YouTube channel to show the world how much fun this game is here I leave the link subscribe, I hope https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNUDkMehPCev1Fd4HQdWfqQ
  3. Nex (All in one) Guide

    Nex Guide _______________ defnotscout Strategy _________ Protect Mage All the time Switch to Range In only one Phase -> If you get Effect, Move 3 Tiles from other players to make it go away. (It drains the prayer quick) Nex spawns in her chamber shortly after a player or team of players pass through the ancient barrier within the Ancient Prison. The fight consists of five distinct phases based on the Ancient Magicks: with Nex using smoke, shadow, blood, and ice magic, before entering an empowered final state. In order for the fight to progress, Nex's hitpoints need to be reduced to a threshold, after which the mage who empowers her magic must be killed, which will then lead to the next phase. You also need 30 Ancient Essence to be able to go thru door's for Ancient Barrier Fumus NW 1st to kill Umbra NE 2nd to kill Cruor SW 3th to kill Glacies SE 4th to kill Gear _________ This is BiS, The inventory should always be the same, dont froget to bring veng, as it will do additional dps. All range gear works, Dragon hunter crossbow can be used here as good dps too ! Drops _________ and Nexling Pet People earn around 80 million each trip with this "brews setup" so this is considered fast money making method even with the low gear, as there are mass clan chats active every day "Nexx" CC is one of the Big in Japan. GOOD LUCK WITH DROPS !
  4. Very Simple 99 Fishing Guide Welcome to this short fishing guide. No information here is new, just presented slightly better 😎 Getting Equipment Type ::home and click on Vannaka, open the "Skilling" tab and purchase the following items. Total Gold Required: Regular Player: 94K GP Ironman/Realism Player: 188K GP 1x Small Fishing Net - 100 GP 1x Fly Fishing Rod - 250 GP 9317x Feathers - 93K GP IM/RLSM (x10 XP): 18614x Feathers - 187K GP Small Net Fishing (Levels 1 - 20) After gathering the items required for 99 fishing type ::fishing you will be teleported to the fishing guild, this is your new home now. Walk into the centre and right click the fishing spots until you find "small net". Fish shrimp until level 20. Catch 23 Shrimp for 20 Fishing IM/RLSM (x10 XP): Catch 55 Shrimp for 20 Fishing Fly Fishing (Levels 20 - 99) RuneWild is coded different as in once you hit level 30 fishing you can only catch Salmon, this is a good thing because it bring us up from 1000 XP to 1400 XP per fish after level 30. Catch 10 Trout for 30 Fishing IM/RLSM (x10 XP): Catch 20 Trout for 30 Fishing Catch 9307 Salmon for 99 Fishing (Fish 2200~ An Hour, 4 - 6 Hours) IM/RLSM (x10 XP): Catch 18614 Salmon for 99 Fishing (Fish 2200~ An Hour, 8 - 9 Hours) You have two methods that change the pace you will get 99 fishing although it is extremely marginal. Dropping all the fish (Fastest) [Settings -> Game Controls -> Make sure Shift-Drop is Enabled] Banking them all (Fast) The reason we only do fly fishing is because it has the highest xp rate out of all methods and the fishing skill itself doesn't yield any good profits due to food being readily available in the home shop. The story is the same for Ironman/Realism as you can get food for free from doing Daily/Weekly challenges or simply thieving for 2 minutes and buying it. Are you a donator? If you are a donator you can type ::di to get to the Donator Island once you are there run west to the bank/fishing spots. You are able to fish all different types of fish here but the main attraction is the Fly Fishing spot close to the bank. This drastically increases the speed as you can just instant depot your inventory with minimal running times. At the donator Island it will take you 3 - 4 Hours as you can fish 2500~/hr Thanks for reading.
  5. AIO Wilderness Boss Guide

    Please note: This guide is a work in progress, I only posted it because I don't see a way to create a draft topic. Any feedback is appreciated and encouraged, Thanks! Last updated: 17/06/2021, 0.02 added Callisto The Wilderness is a high-risk / high-reward area in Runewild, here you'll find majority of the bosses and they drop a fortune of items. As mentioned this comes at a high-risk with pkers always hunting for individuals to kill, and also teams of pkers who will take you down if you're caught in a multi-combat area. Whenever entering the wilderness it's important you understand that you don't bring anything you cannot afford to lose. Deceitful players will attempt to skull trick you and you may lose your more valuable items. This guide will outline important information about the wilderness, such as multi-combat areas, where the bosses are located, what gear to fight each boss and their mechanics. The Wilderness Map In the map above you can see the multi-combat areas highlighted in red, also where all the wilderness bosses are located. Some of these areas such as Callisto, Vet'ion, Venenartis, Scorpia are located in multi-combat areas and are very risky when you attempt to kill them. Although bosses such as Corporal Beast and Zulrah are located in the wilderness, their chambers are not in the wilderness - See their specific section for more information. Vet'ion Callisto
  6. Solo Olm Guide

    Hello everyone! alot of people asked me to do a solo Olm guide, so here it is! Hope it helps you guys This is a pretty indept guide in my opinion, alot of infos are included, you most likely will be able to do olm after watching this and giving it some practice !
  7. New Players Guide

    Newbie Guide Welcome to a guide made for new players. In here we will discuss a few points and tips that I wish I knew before, as it would've helped me save up a lot of money and time. General Tips and Tricks Use ::commands in-game if you cant find a command Purchasing Items Money Making Great Guide by @lustman Where to find... Emblem Trader: Ancient Wizard (Can tp you to alot of places): Duradel (Slayer): Tournament Hoster Barrows Repair Stand Lunar Altar Rejuvenation (Restore Healing+Prayer+Spec) Scams TBA Please let me know in the comments anything else that comes to mind when reading this guide, so i can add it. Shoutout to @Peterfor helping me with some questions I wasn't too sure about. THIS GUIDE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS Habra una parte donde estara traducido el guide al Español, Spanish Translation of the guide will be provided after completion.
  8. Runecrafting Guide

    Hello everyone, this will be an in-depth Runecrafting Guide WITHOUT pictures, because there are guides you can reference that already have pictures attached based on locations 1-77 - 1476 Death Tiaras = 162,360,000 Coins (1,476,000 Experience) - Each Death Tiara gives 1000 experience each, 14 Tiaras per inventory. - This will cost you 10,000 coins per talisman and 100,000 coins per tiara. From 72-99 you will be doing the Dense Essence Block Method. The Dense Essence mine is travelled to by talking to the Ancient Wizard in Edge, under Skilling, and is the 6th option from the top. You need 38 mining and 1 crafting in order to mine the essence. Mining Essence gives 240 Mining Experience and 160 Crafting Experience per block. This will amount in 1,294,080 Mining Experience, and 862,720 Crafting Experience. The altar also gives 1350 Runecraft Experience per enchanting each inventory, which equals 269,600 Runecrafting Experience just from enchanting each inventory. 77-92 - Blood Runes (5,041,672 Experience) - Each Blood Rune gives 474 experience. - In an inventory of 27 Dense Essence Blocks, you will receive, 51,192 Experience. - 5,041,672/474 = 10,637 Blood Runes Total. - Since you get 4 Dark Essence Fragments per block, this means that, 10,637/4 = 2660 Dense Essence Blocks mined, or roughly 99 inventories total for 77-92. 92-99 - Soul Runes (6,517,178 Experience) - Each Soul Rune gives 594 experience. - In an inventory of 27 Dense Essence Blocks, you will receive, 64,152 Experience. - 6,517,178,594 = 10,972 Soul Runes Total. - Since you get 4 Dark Essence Fragments per block, this means that, 10,972/4 = 2732 Dense Essence Blocks Mined, or roughly 102 Inventories total for 92-99. Suggestions: - Always take a chisel with you into the Mine, mine the Dense Essence Blocks, then bank them straight away. Mine 2660 THEN Chisel them by bankstanding, taking them out of your bank along with a chisel, and then click the "Bank All" button, in order to bank the fragments so you can stack thousands of fragments and get 72-92 in one inventory, and then the same with 92-99 in one inventory as well. - I would pick Runecrafting to be one of the first 99's to get out of the way, seeing as you will gain substantial levels in mining as well as crafting to skip the early levels. - Runecrafting Dense Essence Blocks and turning them into Runes also accounts for 3 Lifetime Achievements, Mining ores, Crafting Runes, and Chiseling Gems. This is an easy way to get those done, as you have to mine over 5k ores, crafting over 10k runes, and chisel 5392 blocks, which counts as gems CURRENTLY. After 99 crafting, you will have ALL 3 achievements finished. - I DO NOT SUGGEST starting off Runecrafting by banking all 5392 Dense essence, then chiseling as this may burn you out pretty quickly since the levels are very slow, BUT it can save you around 30m if you are that strapped for cash. Thank you, Bizotic
  9. Foster's 99 Runecrafting guide for donators ONLY! Step one: Teleport to ::di. ( As shown in the photo below ) Step two: Climb up the stairs twice to the top floor until you find the Mage of Zamorak. ( As shown in the photo below ) Step three: Teleport with the Mage of Zamorak to enter the Abyss. Once inside along the wall there are various rooms you can enter with alters inside allowing you to craft runes. ( As shown in the photo below) Step four: Now its time to start gaining levels if you have a large cash stack you can buy the pure essence from other players or the trading post be prepared to spend a lot of gp on essence most of the time it goes for around 15K-20K each. if you do not have a bunch of money sitting around you can mine your own by going to the rune essence mine VIA ancient wizard. ( This is much slower but saves millions ) Do i need talismans to get into the alter room? NO ( Currently no use for talismans at this time just use mage of zamorak ) What runes should i make? Make the best you can when you can always make the best rune you can make the better the rune the better the xp. Air altar 1 Mind altar 2 Water altar 5 Earth altar 9 Fire altar 14 Body altar 20 Cosmic altar 27 Chaos altar 35 Astral altar 40 Nature altar 44 Law altar 54 Death altar 65 Blood altar 77 Soul altar 90 Wrath altar 95 At 77 you can now use dense essence blocks to make blood soul and wrath runes. ( Dense essence can be found teleporting with the ancient wizard to the dense runestone bring a pickaxe and a chisel ) I HOPE THIS HELPS.
  10. Hello thanks for stopping by in the guide below you can make over 50m+ Blood money perhour! Requirements 65 Slayer! Gear Setups Setup # 1 : Ancest/Ahrims/ Occult Necklace / TSOTD / Master Wand / Kodai Wand Eternals Unholy Book / Arcane / God Cape / Seers Ring / Any magic helm of your choice. Setup # 2 : Mystic Robes, Ancient Staff, Glory, Wizard Boots, Unholy Book, God Cape, Nezzy Helm, or Far seers, Seers ring if you got it. Inventory Setup You don't need much food because you're going to be praying melee the entire time, so i just recommend bringing almost a full inventory of super restore potions to make your trips as long as you can! Enjoy The Video! It Will Explain Everything Else!
  11. Big Robs Vetion Guide!

    Hey everyone thanks for stopping by i hope my guide helps you kill Vetion quick and make money effectively! Recommended Gear Setup ! Gear Setup 1 : Void (Elite or non doesn't matter) Glory or anguish, Snake Skin Or Pegs, Blowpipe / or Twisted Bow, Avas, Archers Ring (Optional) Gear Setup 2: Black Dhide ( Or What ever you can afford , Karils works too, ) Unholy Book, Snake Skin Boots, Rune/Dragon/Dragon Hunters Cross Bows, Archers Helm, Glory, Dragonstone Bolts (e). Inventory Setup - 5-10 Brews 3-4 Restores 2 Ranging Pots ( Since You'll Be Banking Semi Frequently) A Few Sharks Or Anglers To Fill Remaining Space, Vengeance Is Optional! Things to take into consideration.... 1) This is in the wild, don't bring what you don't want to lose. 2) I recommend making a preset that lowers your stats so you're around 86 - 88 combat roughly so you don't get killed by teams of mains. 3) Remember you only need to walk one tile over when Vetion casts his splash spell! Im aware that the video has a bit of a goof in it but it will be fixed soon! Watch The Video Here!
  12. What do you guys want to see?

    A lot of you have been saying to get more active on forums, So my plan is to make a guide, If there is something in the game you would like to learn/ do better comment below and ill try my best to make a guide video for it! Thanks guys 4 more days!
  13. Woodcutting Guide

    Woodcutting is one of the most boring skills in my opinion. Even tho it's very easy, I thought why not make this guide. As @Oli told me: ''You just have to slave trough it.'' Hope this guide will help you achieve 99 woodcutting . What do you need to start woodcutting? 1. You will need to make a preset with the best axe you can equip and an empty inventory. 2. Ability to slave trough a very boring skill The Dragon Axe can be bought from players, but you can also get it as a drop from Ents, north of ::chaos. What trees do I cut at certain levels? ! Everytime your inventory is full, click the preset you made and continue woodcutting ! 1-75: Regular trees. (can be found at ::edge) 75-90: Oak trees (can be found at ::gamble) 90-99: Willow trees (rub your glory and go to Draynor Village, south of the bank) If you want to cut yew or magic logs, you are more than welcome to do so. But the method above is one of the most efficient ways of getting 1-99 woodcutting. Magic trees can be found when you rub your skills necklace (bought at furnace in Edgeville) and you select ''Wood areas.''
  14. Cooking Guide

    Cooking is one of the easiest and most afk skills off all. As no one has made a cooking guide yet, I thought why not make one I would like to hear your opinions, as this is my first guide. Before you start cooking 1. Buy a skills necklace from Kaqemeex, he can be found at the furnace in Edgeville. The necklace costs 50k. 2. Buy cooking gauntlets from the same shop. The gauntlets cost 5m. ( used so you dont burn your fish ) 3. Make a preset with your cooking gauntlets equiped and an inventory of the fish you are cooking Let's start cooking Rub your skills necklace and select: ''fishing areas'' and then teleport to ''barbarian fishing.'' At this spot there is a fire which you can cook your fish on. ! Everytime you are done fishing an inventory, click your preset again and continue cooking ! 1-15: Shrimps ::item 317 28 15-30: Trout ::item 335 28 30-35: Salmon ::item 331 28 35-50: Tuna ::item 359 28 50-62: Lobster ::item 377 28 62-84: Monkfish ::item 7944 28 For 84-99 you have 2 options (anglerfish is the fastest method): 84-99: Monkfish ::item 7944 28 84-99: Anglerfish Unspawnable, you will need to fish/buy them. ! Check the fishing guide to see how to fish anglers !
  15. Crafting Guide

    *Props to Tom as I used his Calculations and Layout for my Guide* Crafting Crafting is one of the easiest and straight forward skills on RuneWild. There are only 2 steps to this guide in order to achieve level 99. You can do this skill anywhere if you're using Presets. If you aren't using Presets, spawning per inventory and using the bank is also viable. I will not be teaching you how to use Presets to skill, it will be in a different guide. You will be spawning all the items in this guide. (There's only 3!) 1-16 Crafting - Cutting Uncut Opals ::item 1755 1 ::item 1625 19 You will need to cut 19 Uncut Opals in order to reach level 16. 16-99 Crafting - Cutting Red Topaz ::item 1755 1 ::item 1629 27 You will need to cut 5213 Red Topaz in order to reach level 99. Thank you for reading my guide and well done on 99 Crafting!
  16. Fishing Guide

    Fishing Fishing is a simple skill which is done in 2 locations. Some aspects of this guide require gp in order to purchase items. You're able to use Presets to make your xp/hr faster but spawning is just as viable. I will not be teaching you how to use Presets to skill, it will be in a different guide. After each inventory, either ::empty your bag and spawn another fishing tool, or shift click each fish to drop them on the floor. Refer back to this picture to see where to fish. To start fishing go to the Skilling Shop located at the Furnace in Edgeville. Purchase a Skilling Necklace and teleport to Fishing Guild. 1-5 Fishing - Catching Shrimp ::item 303 1 5-10 Fishing - Catching Sardine ::item 307 1 ::item 313 1000 10-20 Fishing - Catching Herring ::item 307 1 ::item 313 1000 20-30 Fishing - Catching Trout ::item 309 1 ::item 314 1000 30-35 Fishing - Catching Salmon ::item 309 1 ::item 314 1000 35-40 Fishing - Catching Tuna Item 311 1 40-50 Fishing - Catching Lobster ::item 301 1 50-62 Fishing - Catching Swordfish ::item 311 1 62-76 Fishing - Catching Monkfish ::item 303 1 76-82/99 Fishing - Catching Shark (99 is Optional) ::item 311 1 The Next 2 methods require you to buy bait from the Skilling Shop. You will need to purchase a fair amount of Sandworms and Dark Fishing Bait. These 2 spots are located at Barb Fishing, via the Skilling Necklace you bought earlier. It as advised you use Presets whilst catching these because they're unspawnable and can be sold to players so they can train cooking, or to the shop once cooked. If you aren't using Presets, teleport ::home and use the bank, then use the Skilling Necklace to teleport back to Barb Fishing to carry on. In this case you will need to buy more Skilling Necklaces as they only have 5 charges each. 82-86 Fishing - Catching Anglerfish ::item 309 1 Stack of Sandworms 86-99 Fishing - Catching Dark Crabs ::item 301 1 Stack of Dark Fishing Bait Thank you for reading my guide and well done on 99 Fishing!
  17. Herblore Guide

    *Props to Tom as I used his Calculations and Layout for my Guide* Herblore Herblore is a very basic skill and can be done anywhere if using Presets after each inventory. If not, using the bank to withdraw is equally viable. I will not be teaching you how to use Presets to skill, it will be in a different guide. You will be spawning everything in order to level this skill. All you're required to do is use the Herblore Secondary on the Unfinished Potions. 1-3 Herblore - Cleaning Guam Herbs ::item 199 7 You will need to clean 7 Grimy Guams in order to reach 3 Herblore. 3-12 Herblore - Making Attack Potions ::item 91 3 ::item 221 3 You will need to make 3 Attack Potions in order to reach 12 Herblore. 12-30 Herblore - Making Strength Potions ::item 95 12 ::item 225 12 You will need to make 12 Strength Potions in order to reach 30 Herblore. 30-45 Herblore - Making Defence Potions ::item 99 14 ::item 239 14 You will need to make 33 Defence Potions in order to reach 45 Herblore. 45-55 Herblore - Making Super Attack Potions ::item 101 14 ::item 221 14 You will need to make 53 Super Attack Potions in order to reach 55 Herblore. 55-66 Herblore - Making Super Strength Potions ::item 105 14 ::item 225 14 You will need to make 132 Super Strength Potions in order to reach 66 Herblore. 66-72 Herblore - Making Super Defence Potions ::item 107 14 ::item 239 14 You will need to make 135 Super Defence Potions in order to reach 72 Herblore. 72-76 Herblore - Making Ranging Potions ::item 109 14 ::item 245 14 You will need to make 135 Ranging Potions in order to reach 76 Herblore. 76-81 Herblore - Making Magic Potions ::item 2483 14 ::item 3138 14 You will need to make 249 Magic Potions in order to reach 81 Herblore. 81-99 Herblore - Making Saradomin Brews ::item 3002 14 ::item 6693 14 You will need to make 3012 Saradomin Brews in order to reach 99 Herblore. Thank you for reading my guide and well done on 99 Herblore!
  18. Agility Guide

    *Props to Tom as I used his Calculations and Layout for my Guide* Agility Agility is probably the easiest skill to train on RuneWild. Using this guide, it will take you approximately 3-4 hours to reach 99 in the skill. When you train agility, it is advised that you should take a full inventory of Stamina Potions to maximize your Xp/Hr. 1-52 Agility To start off Agility, you'll want to make your way to the Gnome Agility Course. To get there, teleport to ::alever which will take you to Ardougne Wilderness Lever. (This is a safe teleport and wont take you to the wilderness) From here you can run to the Gnome Stronghold and begin your Agility training. You will gain 13,720 xp per lap. This mean you will have to do 11 laps in order to reach 52 Agility. 52-99 Agility Once you're level 52 Agility, you'll want to go to the Wilderness Agility Course, west of Mage Bank. It is advised that you don't bring anything of any value other than Stamina Potions, as this is in the Wilderness and you may risk it on death. To get there, teleport to ::44s which will take you to the level 44 Wilderness Obelisk. (This is deep wilderness) From here, run past the Ice Warrior and Giants, through the gate, and follow the ice path round until you reach the entrance of the Wilderness Agility Course. Once you're here, walk across the log and you're there. You will gain 50,000 xp per lap. This means you will have to do 258 laps in order to reach 99 Agility Thank you for reading my guide and well done on 99 Agility!
  19. Firemaking Guide

    This is a fairly simple guide, The reason i am making it is for the Item ID's I'm sure everyone here knows how to click a log & Tinderbox Please no hate. Item ID's ::Item 590 - Tinderbox ::Item 1511 - Logs 400 XP ::Item 1521 - Oak Log 600 XP ::Item 1519 - Willow Log 900 XP ::Item 1517 - Maple Log 1350 XP ::Item 1515 - Yew Log Not Spawnable, Can be Cut Using Various Locations Or Bought From the Skilling Master. ::Item 1513 - Magic Log Not Spawnable, Can be Cut Using Various Locations Or Bought From the Skilling Master.