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  1. Staff Application -- Hovaldo

    Thanks for the feedback ladies!
  2. Before we get started there's some basic requirements. You must know the rules of our game. You must not have any previous bans on record. You have to be active both in-game and on the forums. In the case you get declined you have to wait at least 7days before re-applying unless told otherwise. About yourself? What's your in-game username? - Hovaldo What is your timezone? - GMT +1 What is your playtime? - 50 days Tell us a little about your gaming history. - Always been playing 07, but never really liked it so I switched to RSPS. Started playing on RSPS pk untill the current state of RuneWild. Used to play games like FIFA and COD but i quit those. Only game I play at the moment is Runewild. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I've gathered alot of knowledge about the game and I'm a helpfull person myself. I've been a Global Moderator before but I quit because I had some irl things that needed sorting. Now that I'm back I would love to join the staff team again and help the server and it's players. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: To this day I'm still getting questions in my pm from people who remember me as Mod xd. THANKS FOR READING THE APPLICATION!
  3. Man's putting in work, great additions bro
  4. Donator Suggestions

    Don't like the custom items at all I must say.
  5. Mining Guide

    Dope work! Thanks for making this bro
  6. Amazing work David, keep it up bro. Thanks to the players who left suggestions!
  7. League systems?

    Its ranked by ELO, highest ELO gets #1
  8. Design'ARS

    Great guy, has made some sick things for friends of mine. Sick designs too!
  9. 1.5B 07 LOOT Risk fightermen

    Rage staked after?