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    • These are personal suggestions that I may have suggested before now. Also suggestions I’ve came to a conclusion with from feedback with the community over a period of time.   1.) EP DROPS Ive no idea why this hasn’t been implemented yet. It passed the polls with flying colours, it was so successful back in LocoPk, and I think it could be a good mix up to current pking phrases at edgeville. For example how we have currently got time phrases for different pking ways (126) (88-94) whatever it is. E.P drops could mix it up that little bit more, to make pking at edgeville that little more exciting.   2.) DEEP WILD We need some big changes added to deep wild, I personally still don’t think it’s as active as other users want it to be. Maybe adding that you need to risk X amount of gp to attack the NPCS such as Vet’ion, Callisto etc, or add E.P drops to +30 wild. I understand there could be an issue with clans boosting for E.P drops, but after all, logs can always be checked and punishments could be dished out.   3.) GAMBLING Currently there’s a lot of players who just enjoy gambling on RuneWild. As Prestige has already mentioned, we should definitely add hot or cold to the list. I personally think we should make dice bags tradeable again, the dice bag has been a good money sink to get rid of the 250M’s already spent.   4.) SKILLING When are we going to get a new skill/skills already? The amount of players I’ve seen who have come back (and this is including myself) and said why has “such a skill” not been added yet? I personally would like to see some easy skills such as fletching, thieving etc be added to the game. They are the 2 easiest skills to be added. IF new skills was to be added, maybe adding “a well of good will” this could be a plausible money sink replacement for dice bags. For those who don’t know what it is, it is a well where people can “donate” there in game blood money, after a certain amount as been added to the well, double xp for a certain skill for a certain time frame would be implemented.   Last but not least, a quick suggestion from myself as well as (some) of the community. When are we going to take staff applications seriously again? Some of these applications been put in are a waste of time, and should be declined by a member of staff instantly. Although there is a plausible candidate in my eyes atm, the majority of the applications are a joke. On the staff matter there has been a massive decline with inactivity. Hovaldo, Prestige, Maxed the only staff members I’ve seen online in maybe a week or so, that could be due to time scale etc... However only Hovaldo has been active constantly.   These are just a few suggestions I’ve got in-mind currently from what I’ve been seeing in the community’s ideas, aswell as my own. PLEASE, FEEL FREE TO LEAVE FEEDBACK!   ADAM
    • In my opinion, economy look's perfect. We don't need any reset's now.
    • Honestly I think the economy is in it's best state we ever had, what's so bad about it? We have good economy sinks and with the upcoming lottery item sink I just see it improving.
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