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    • First of all i like u as a friend so dont please hate me for this. -1  1. ur to new on the server, ur here now about a month ish thats for me to low to say u already interested etc in the game 2. cus u are new at the moment i dont think u have enuf game knowledge about the things going in on runewild. 3. All tho u doing a great job within plague CC i dont see u helping or tryna help people on yell or at home or anything. 4. U comming up with a sentence " I also see a lot of problems within RuneWild," I didn't see a thread yet with things u would like to change i didn't see anything in discord yet? these things might be private to other staff members but as runewild has a decent community i think if u knew these problems u should share them.  - Sjoerd
    • Before i make my decission i have a question: Would u be able to chose sides?  If one of your people RWT's what do u do? u gonna tell david? u gonna let it slide or? ur reaction on this would be a +1 or a -1 from me.
    • What's your in-game username? - eskimJo What is your timezone? - GMT+0 What is your playtime? - 5 days Tell us a little about your gaming history. - I've played online games for many years, runescape since 2009 and a lot of shooters like valorant, CSGO, overwatch. And of course I was a minecraft kid in the 2012 days! Been playing games most of my life and in not all but a lot of multiplayer games I've tended to take up staff positions on them throughout the years since being a kid. In 2012-2014 I even ran my own Minecraft Network typically ranging 70-100 players at all times which was a real eye opener and a great experience to have at my younger years which has not only helped me in staffing servers of other games throughout the years but also in my personal career. This experience is something I value deeply and something i'm thankful I explored at a younger age. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - To explore another area of staffing in another multiplayer game. I've never been a staff member on a RSPS before and see it as a unique opportunity to learn more about people and methods of support. Being staff of lots of other different games one thing I've taken from them is they all have a unique aspect to them. In GTA V roleplay it was a very personal experience with most of the game being voice related. In minecraft being an owner it was administrative, problem solving and financial problems i had to deal with on a daily basis. All different games bring their own personal task you have to tackle and I'd love to try out RuneWild as a staff member to add more experience in another field to help further me as a person and my career outside of gaming. I also see a lot of problems within RuneWild, things community based that have toxic aspects to them that could be improved, I'd love to join the staff team to bring my own skills to the table to help fix these problems and improve not only my own but everyone's experience when they log onto the server every day. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: Even if my application is unsuccessful I'd like to thank everyone in the community! I've not been in RuneWild for a long time and for the most part everyone has been great and you all have contributed to making this my daily game to play and something I'm addicted to! For that I thank all of you, also shoutout to the current staff team for all the work you put in and to David for making it all possible, thanks!
    • -1 Guys extremely rude towards community members and attempts to cause turmoil within clans and the community rather than fix problems. Also has said very terrible things about other players and overall just doesn't seem like the kind of person you'd want to represent your server.
    • isnt this the guy whose team were in voice saying they would stamp on panics daughters head? and even louis was talking about his daughter? 
    • just eat ur kids, easy. making rich people out here
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