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    I run a big multi cc & It's hard to feed them when all the events are junks. you get like 25m each from xmasboss which is every 4h 10m max on toro and like 20m total on chest.. you guys should add more wildy events or change loot on the current ones like the chest or add something new like blood keys or so which give you higher amounts of money. then people would actually think it's worth building multi teams to go up & try get the keys or whatever it is. also more 07 events for multi and higher than only 35m when you go to an event 2 days and only get 35m. It's impossible to split this between the cc members @David@Hope
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    Im not sure if it has been there, but it would be handy:)
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    Thought I'd make this post to see who's still knocking about from back in the day. Will hopefully be playing again soon.
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    I don’t think that was so necessary to reply to this post now guys, we consider that as (grave digging ) and that’s a rule on our forum. Please don’t do that again or you can get your forum account banned. Kind regards
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    Hello my friend Rudra, I’m still knocking about, I see you a lot on discord, good to see you around, much love appreciated, enjoy your day
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    Hey guys! My in game name is fux boy. I’ve been playing runewild on/off for a couple years now. I’m 23 years old. I just got out the military last month. Which is why I’m able to play again and be active! I love pking and hanging out with friends! Whenever I’m on I’m always down to pk or just chill and hang out. I love playing sports and watching sports. If you guys ever want to talk or hangout HMU in game or on discord!
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    A lot of wealthier people like doing give-always. It would be cool for player to be able to choose the type of tournament and choose the cash prize for 1st/2nd/3rd place rewards. so they could talk to the NPC at home and choose when and what type!
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    Nice video, keep up the good work
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    So you have reported players in our discord for being severely toxic with proof, and we haven’t done anything against it?
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    David and Hope are dedicated to help the community of RuneWild grow to its maximum potential, helping the community in-game via forums/discord with questions and queries. They overlook the staff team and would correct their staff members actions if their action are unacceptable or wrong and take great leadership. The RuneWild staff team are doing a good job, if you feel like they aren't just message David or Hope with proof privately and i'm sure both of them or one of them would look into it and reply as both take great leadership of RuneWild and only want the best for the community. Much love appreciated my friend me k0ed you1, enjoy your day
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    Welcome my friend Fux Boy, enjoy your stay!
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    Welcome back, you are a great dude. Happy to see you on the forums aswell
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    Nice to see you again fuxie! my man cheers from para
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    welcome back, best of luck!
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