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    As promised, sorry for the delay. My video editing software was bunk and I finally gave up on it and decided to re-edit it with a different one. Script was written and recorded in the span of a few hours, so don't expect too much. Hope this helps some of you, and hope this puts GIANTS 300m shit heap of a "guide" out of business. Time stamps for each phase in description + comments: Script:
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    Way too long, didn't read. +rep edit- btw by playtime they mean in-game playtime such as a screenshot of this (thus the 7 day minimum stipulation):
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    Hey everyone! As you all know, we are very grateful to the tremendous amount of support our Youtubers and streamers have given us. We'd like to thank them by offering rewards. The reward will be based on a very simple criteria. Once again, we'd like to let y'all know that we value the support our content creators has given us. We thank you in advance for making great videos/streams.
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    very lovely, will pin this
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    Very nice guide man, thanks!
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    No more staff pls There's no reason for more, we already have too many.