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    Hey guys i'd like to celebrate finally getting maxed after a decade of playing Runewild by hosting a scavenger hunt. Find the following items and show them to me in game for a big reward! If I am not online just pm me on discord and i'll try to get on as soon as possible. (Hippolord#8898) The first winner will receive a hefty prize of 10B cash and any subsequent winners will be rewarded with 1B each. The event will last 7 days (starting today) or until 5 winners have claimed their prizes. Good luck! Inventory (28) β€”β€” Abyssal head Tier 8 emblem Dark essence block Wrath Tiara Amethyst Javelin Heads x200 Silver Bar Superior Dragon Bones x 50 Binding Necklace Raw Dark Crab x 28 Dragon Hunter Lance Guthan’s Warspear (broken) Ring of Nature Magic Stock Vote tickets x24 3rd age range vambraces Guardian Boots Imbued Heart Any raids item Thammaron’s Sceptre (u) Trident of the swamp Magma or Tanzanite Mutagen Ring Enchant Scroll Ward Upgrade Kit Ale of the Gods Any Sigil Green Casket Skeleton Gloves Zenyte Shard (uncut) Worn (7) β€”β€” Imbued Zamorak Cape Any Pet Colored Slayer Helm Granite maul (or) Bandos Chestplate Void Robe Bottoms (not elite void) Amulet of fury (or)
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    Okay here is my 5b drawing, please like comment subscribe <3
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    i appreciate it, this are nice words from you.
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