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    Expect more to come, the edit is a little sus but I have to make do with what's available to me at the moment on some doggyfart laptop. Also! @David GIB YOUTUBER RANK
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    This application gets a huge +1 from me. Extremely active player, very knowledgeable about the game and an all around good player. Only thing I can criticise is I don't see you very active around the help cc. Other than that, great applicant
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    Nice video. Look forward to some clips of the clan
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    a big no no from me, - immature - Flames quite alot. - and the top of the ice berg, he lost a FP to King x Ragnr. after that he changed his name to: and certain things should be sproken in dms or with staff right? Adrian thinks it should be spoken out in yell: