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    About yourself? What's your in-game username? - R E D What is your timezone? - Gmt 10+ What is your playtime? - 63 days 20 hours Tell us a little about your gaming history. - I started playing Runescape at 12, 15 years ago its been a love hate relationship since, I've branched out to other games but always came back to the one that feels right, Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? - I would love to join the staff team on Runewild as i enjoy the game and helping players enjoy themselves and progress as i did once apon a time. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: I've played Runewild now for over a year and got to know the community well and its became like a 2nd home for me. I'd love to hear your feedback thanks everyone.
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    Gl mate. Winning give this man his veteran rank
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    Nex: The Fifth General That's right, Nex is here. We have been working day and night to bring Nex to RuneWild. Enter the Ancient Prison and defeat this tryannical ancient general! How can I get there? You can get there by using the teleports of the Spiritual Fairy Tree, Bosses > Nex What are its characteristics? Nex has 5 phases with each it's own basic attack along with 2 unique special attacks. Every 680 damage you are forced to kill the assigned corner mage in order to advance to a new phase. Nex can drop up to 3 uniques, unlike other bosses everyone has a chance on receiving an unique rare drop. The MVP has a 10% higher chance of receiving an unique rare drop. Deaths inside the chamber aren't safe, it will be an instanced death where you can purchase your items from Death What is its fighting style? Nex transitions through 5 phases starting with his smoke phase and transitions through the following ones as she loses HP, shadow, blood, ice and zaros. Every 680 damage you will be forced to kill the corner mage, the first phase corner mage is north-west and it continues clockwise as the phases transition. All basic attacks hit partially through pray, certain phases hit harder through pray than others. Each basic attack has it's own effect which range from poisoning you, decreasing your prayer level, stats, to freezing. Each phase has 2 unique special attacks, the final zaros phase uses the soulsplit and deflect prayer. On death it will use the wrath prayer. Unique to other bosses, Nex is able to run and find the perfect path to it's target. More in-depth information related to attacks, phases, damage amount and more can be found in the guides below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-S66HoajsM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f_eFLBft-s Major Client Update: GPU We have been working on the client for some time now, this comes with great changes such as GPU, stretched mode, better compatibility for MAC users and more. What are the changes? You can now use OpenGL GPU rendering for RuneWild, this will make the game much smoother. Antialiasing, this will also improve the visuals. Stretched mode, this can also be used in CPU. This will stretch your game as you modify your window size. Skybox and sky-depth, each location with it's own sky. This is a small fade to the sky that masks the black map cut-off. Bright textures, the textures will appear much smoother. Color banding, this improves the inaccurate colour presentation. MAC users can now properly fullscreen their client. New Items Lots of new items have been introduced with this update. Mainly through Nex, Ancient godsword, Zaryte crossbow, Zaryte vambraces, the ancient ceremonial set through it's collection log and cosmetic sets through PvP leagues which you can read below. Ancient Godsword As with all godsword variants, it requires level 75 Attack to wield. The Ancient godsword has a special attack, Blood Sacrifice. In addition to doubled accuracy, it inflicts damage with a 10% higher maximum hit than a normal attack, consuming 50% of the player's special attack energy. Upon a successful hit, the target will be marked for sacrifice and will have eight ticks (4.8 seconds) to move at least five tiles away from the attacker. If the target fails to do so, they will take 25 damage and the attacker will be healed for the same amount. Praying Protect from Magic will not reduce the sacrifice damage. Zaryte Crossbow A ranged weapon that requires a Ranged level of 80 to wield, and can fire up to and including dragon bolts. The crossbow itself is crafted by attaching a nihil horn, obtained as a rare drop from Nex, with an Armadyl crossbow and 250 nihil shards. It has a passive effect that strengthens the effects of enchanted bolts by 10%. For example, with enchanted ruby bolts, the bolt's special effect, Blood Forfeit, would deal 22% of the opponent's current hitpoints with a cap of 110 damage, rather than the usual 20% damage and 100 hitpoint damage cap. The Zaryte crossbow has a special attack, Evoke It consumes 75% of the player's special attack energy The special attack will guarantee the special effect of enchanted bolts to occur on the next shot, with doubled accuracy, providing that the player lands a successful hit on the target. QoL & various additions Added noted variants to items without noted variants Scythe of vitur Infernal cape Sanguinesti staff Ferocious gloves Avernic defender Tokhaar-Kal Dragonfire shield Toxic blowpipe Mystery and ultra mystery boxes Avas assembler Rainbow phat and black partyhat, black mask, black santa hat Yell tag scroll PvP Leagues New Cosmetics Rewards 20th Anniversary set Light tuxedo outfit Mourner gear Trailblazer Relic Hunter set Added various Pet Metamorphosises Golem Phoenix Heron Mole Squirrel Vet'ion Other updates The Chambers of Xeric drop table has been updated, torva has been removed, vesta's armour has been added along with statius warhammer and vesta's longsword. Chaos fanatic no longer drops torva either. Added bastion and battlemage potions to the miscellaneous shop. You are also able to make them, vial of blood can be found in the skilling store and you are able to crush crystal shard now into dust. Blood shard has been added to the vote store. You no longer need cash in your inventory upon repairing barrows items, it will use your platinum or coins in your bank. We finally kick players from the duel arena if they have both disconnected. No more afk players in the duel arena. All wyverns in the wyvern cave can now be killed for the Ancient wyvern slayer task, besides the skeletal wyverns. The tutorial for starters has been redone to show more of the UI features. The magic cape spellbook switch limit now resets midnight server time, it can be used 5 times per day. You are now able to right-click quick pass the risk zone barriers. Barrows drop table has been revised and it's gp per hour has been improved. PvN death deletes from the ground after 30 minutes instead of making the drop global. Harmonised orb will now only attack faster if it's autocasting and it's a normal spellbook spell. Wyvern cave has been removed from the wilderness. Improved the object clicking system where it queues your object click if you aren't able to click it at that moment. Improved the system which checks whether your opponent has a ranged weapon, for PvP and cPvP. This way you can use ranged on your opponent in those areas. Dagannoths in the donator island no longer switch attackers. Godwars bosses and minions are a bit weaker offensively now. You can now duel (NH duel) whilst being gamble banned. (it checks for blocked equipment in the first duel screen, less than 4 must be blocked) Patched quick prayers bugging the protection prayers still showing it above your head whilst it's not on. Patched a bug with the PvP Leagues where dying outside the PvP zone wouldn't cause a loss. Patched a bug with lootshare which gave you negative lootshare potential. The HP event now rotates from two spots, spider hill and varrock multi.
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    After submitting a ticket and getting a reply form Ry, The problem arouse from the java client. It is a problem with the java version (it will be fixed for all version later). One suggested solution is the following: (For windows): 1- Open your windows notepad. 2- Type the following javaw -Dsun.java2d.uiScale=1 -jar RuneWild.jar 3- Save as the file like the following below on the same place Runewild.jar is located at: 4- Now you can play Runewild with OpenGL normally by clicking the new created file:
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    very nice and helpful guy, deserves this alod +1
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    Red has always been an amazing help especially when I first joined Runewild. Nothing but love comes from him, and always helping. Works hard to keep the community happy and always taking a leap to help when it's needed. 100% support his decision on staff application.
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    This is the guy you want, admins. He helped me go from being completely clueless at merching to becoming one of the best merchers in the game, and answered my questions every step of the way. Stand up dude, doesn't power trip, trustworthy, and genuinely wants to help.
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    red stole all my money and then made fun of me, +1
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    Exciting hope you make it you been a good supportive player ever since i knew you, thanks for everything. Red for president +1
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    Hey everyone! As you all know, we are very grateful to the tremendous amount of support our Youtubers and streamers have given us. We'd like to thank them by offering rewards. The reward will be based on a very simple criteria. Once again, we'd like to let y'all know that we value the support our content creators has given us. We thank you in advance for making great videos/streams.
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    The Top 3 Voters every week ending on Sunday 9PM GMT will receive great rewards. Rewards #1 Ultra Mystery Box #2 2 Mystery boxes #3 1 Mystery box You can vote & view the current top 10 here A video showing Mystery Box rewards