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    The New 1M OSRS item You can obtain this item by participating in the events, it's directly rewarded for the winner of the single tournaments and it can also be bought through the clan store for 100 clan points. You can cash-out by right-clicking it, after pressing cash-out it will send an alert to me. After that simply PM me on discord or on the forums for the cash out. King of the Hill The Top 3 in King of the Hill will receive clan points which they in return can use to buy the `1M OSRS` item. Top 3 rewards #1: 35M OSRS / 3500 clan points #2: 12.5M OSRS / 1250 clan points #3: 2.5M OSRS / 250 clan points Tournament (1v1) Rewards You will receive an x amount of the item `1M OSRS` for the tournament you've won. Clan Tournaments (4v4) Rewards The winning clan's leader will receive clan points which he can spend in the clan store afterwards.
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    Hey everyone! As you all know, we are very grateful to the tremendous amount of support our Youtubers and streamers have given us. We'd like to thank them by offering rewards. The reward will be based on a very simple criteria. Once again, we'd like to let y'all know that we value the support our content creators has given us. We thank you in advance for making great videos/streams.
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    The Top 3 Voters every week ending on Tuesday 6PM GMT will receive great rewards. Rewards #1 Ultra Mystery Box #2 2 Mystery boxes #3 1 Mystery box You can vote & view the current top 10 here A video showing Mystery Box rewards
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    The rules... a topic nobody wants to talk about yet it's something that has to be mentioned and preferably read by every player. Just take a quick gander at the rules so you're at least familiar with them if you're a new player. Once you look at them once or twice you'll find we're quite fair and not at all unreasonable. When it comes to punishments per rule that's up to staff to decide depending on the situation, any and all staff decisions are final. Rules and things we do not approve of: In-Game 1. Inappropriate Behaviour (incl. scamming) 2. Real World Trading 3. Account Sharing & The Hijacking/Hacking of accounts 4. Bug Abuse 5. Macros/Bots/3rd Party Software 6. DDoSing / IP Leaks. 7. Luring 8. Using fraudulent accounts or credit cards to donate Forums Rule 1. Flaming Rule 2. Spamming Rule 3. Gravedigging If you have any questions regarding the rules feel free to PM any staff member on the forums or ingame.