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    What's your in-game username? – lil toe, 4nic8 What is your timezone? – GMT What is your playtime? https://imgur.com/1QI4mGi lil toe https://imgur.com/LZfYgfP 4nic8 Tell us a little about your gaming history. I started playing runescape about 14 years ago and transitioned to RSPS's few years after. Since then I’ve been playing several games ranging from MMORPGS to FPS (mostly Counter-Strike) while i was on a on and off runescape period. Currently I only play RuneWild, game in which I been for the last 3 years. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? I love helping the community and to be there when there’s someone in need, whether it involves pvm, skilling or supporting players in general. Having a staff position would allow people to reach me easily. I usually play late at night, on a time zone which has less staff members online. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here: Im fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English (I also understand French), being able to reach a vast majority of our playerbase. As long as Forum posts go, despite not having any or close to none, I would be able to improve my activity in them.
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    Big PLUS 1 from whole FGOONS and from myself to this guy!!!!!!! Would be best in staff team.
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    Nice vid, gl on giveaway guys
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    Hey guys! Episode 3 of Road to 20B from scythe in out now! Make sure you watch it to keep track of the progress ! I also am doing a 500M Giveaway! watch the video for more infos !
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    I completely understand your distaste toward me for being the one to issue your punishment, however, I'm not the one who makes the rules. Also, regardless of how much you donate and threaten to charge back, the rules still apply to you.
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    Rule 9. Yell Rules You aren't allowed to use any other language than English through the yell feature. Yells are seen by the entire server and shouldn't be of annoyance where another player can't read what you're saying. Moderator's do not make the rules, we simply enforce them. Perhaps if you'd seriously like to consider applying for staff, first familiarize yourself with the server's rules.
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    Indescribable efficient consistent sustained Oreo milkshake +1
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    if this isnt a instant support idk, this man helps everyone on yell/pms has been around for ages and been nothing but a good dude! huge respect for him
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    I think you’d greatly benefit the staff team along with your bilingualism . Huge +1
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    Alod nice and helpful guy! Big SI! Gl alod mano!
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    This man DESERVES it, people dont even understand how much he has been helping me/us ! <3 Gl fam !
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    +1 would be a massive asset to staff team gl mano
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    +1 one for me, Always a helpful guy towards me when i was in need of help, Well known and knowledge players as well. Good luck on your staff application my dude!
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    Multitalent mano, big addition to staff team not only handy with tongue but also fingers! big yes
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    I'm on the wall about this, like Nasty said not really sure what they would appeal to other than tick eating but combo food is already more than enough, but it's always nice to see new things added so I'm neutral.
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    Very nice, best of luck achieving your goals!
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    ur 49 posts away, declined
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    so i was at riskzone fighting casually and then "death" came to trashtalk me so i trashtalked back and he muted me, after that he started to rag me (melee protection kept attacking me) and after that he jailed me all that he did for no reason i get it maybe he had bad day or something but he is not supposed to do that. and its not even first time he just logs in and starts trashtalking