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    OBJECTIVE Mercy is a new multi cc clan looking to take over Runewild's Multi-Scene. Defeating every opponent who dares to challange us. The team we had to close, in-order to gain action. Mercy is currently an OPEN Clan-Chat, which means we will hold sheer dominance. Our main objectives are to maintain sheer dominance of multi, to retain the #1 CC cape, to remind everybody, how dominant Mercy is... Official information Official Clan Chat name: Mercy RECRUITMENT Username: Timezone: Discord: Yes/no: Multi Experience: Discord Name(Exactly the same): Why should u be accepted into Mercy: ABOUT US We're a team full of multi pkers. A team which the majority of us have spent multiple years pking together in some what shape or form. We're a multi team which STRIVES of strong, clear communication. A team which isn't afraid to be open to the public, in order to control multi on RuneWild. You do not necessarily need a crazy amount of multi experience to join us, we thrive of loyalty, and STRONG CLEAR COMMUNICATION. which means a head-set is a MUST in order to participate in MERCY events. The format will be checked atleast once per day. If accepted u will be sent a friend request with the invite link: https://discord.com/invite/mercyrw
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    just make this crack whore staff already fuck
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    Absolutely +1, there is certainly a requirement for more staff, and Saved has been helpful on many occasions and consistently making the help cc the place to be in even at near endgame content for me. Good luck.