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    It makes no sense whatsoever that a powerful set is worth so cheap. It is really tanky + capable of hitting up to high 90s easily during a fight. Just think about a scenario when you're axing around 50-60 hp, around this hp it reaches a max hit of 70-75 effortlessly. You litterally see everyone in edge wild running with it, because the price (8M) means absolutely nothing in a server where you can litterally make 400m+ an hour pvming using mid level gear. Please increase the price of Dharoks set up to atleast 30-40m so people think twice before using it. With this I feel the other barrows pieces need a slight price upgrade aswell, to match along. For example: Ahrims > mystics & Karils > d'hide = such minimal upgrade cost, yet massive stat differences, defence wise aswell as offensive.
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    Finally a veteran application that has all the requirements. Good luck.
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    You must have atleast 50 posts on the forums. Yes. Account creation must be atleast 12 months old. Yes. Your past 30 days play time must be atleast 50 hours. Yes. No severe punishments in the past 90 days. No. No past toxic behavior. No.
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    Hey everyone, I have decided to compile all my skilling knowledge of Runewild and place it into this very topic! There will be a mixture of Fast/Profitable methods for most of the skills. If you want to max from scratch I suggest that you follow the skills in order of what I put them as you will have accumulated a fair bit of money by the time you get to the buy-able skills at the end! Note* Divide any xp/xp rates by half if Ironman. If any of these methods require elaboration please do not hesitate to pm me in game. Ctrl + F to find the guide of your choice. Table Of Contents 1. Agility 2. Thieving 3. Woodcutting 4. Mining 5. Smithing 6. Fishing 7. Cooking 8. Slayer 9. Runecrafting 10. Crafting 11. Fletching 12. Firemaking 13. Herblore ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Agility ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Theiving ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Woodcutting ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Mining ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Smithing ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Fishing ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Cooking ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Slayer ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Runecrafting ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. Crafting ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. Fletching __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12. Firemaking __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 13. Herblore
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    nice vid, and welcome back !
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    Hey guys We are primarily a Spanish clan but we welcome English speakers too. You will find that we have guides and info available on our discord to help you in RW which we aim to improve as we go. Bienvenido al clan Somos principalmente un clan español, pero también damos la bienvenida a personas de habla inglesa descubrirás que nos estamos desarrollando a medida que avanzamos, pero ya tenemos información disponible para cada tipo de raids y continuaremos ampliandola en el futuro Head over to our discord here discord.gg/RuneWildES
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    ummm mine is a bit odd to explain l0l
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