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  1. Huge Rewards: Happy New Year!

  2. - ANONYMOUS Veteran Application

    this dude cool af! he helps me a lot and train me to pk ! goodluck brother!
  3. How to Vote & A Bonus for Newbies

    ezz game. simple guide. ty
  4. Corp Solo Guide (After Tbow Nerf)

    great guide I was too lazy to try and figure it out solo. however if you have max gear, is prayer flicking still crucial? For example, if someone has full torva, max melee untradeables etc... would it be better to just pray mage and tank melee with torva?
  5. Demonic Gorillas Guide

    @TreuMeR could definitely use this, he's big noob. ;P jk
  6. Rob's Dust Devil Guide (50m+ BM / HR)

    ayy nice vid, however I don't believe TSOTD has an auto-cast for barrages.. might not be the best suggestion. overall great vid
  7. knights

    big rip... just know there are worse out there.
  8. gl on journey to max brotha. good work.
  9. 10 Money makers for beginners! - BIG GIVEAWAY!

    im gonna @ this to any gamblers that get cleaned LOL
  10. Haven't played for months, i've missed so much ;-;. Great update daddy. I mean David.
  11. Salve amulet

    Not a bad idea.