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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys, aftter a long time I finally verificated my email. (Thought ive already done it before). So i went back on forums the other day but now i've seen that my Donor rank is not updated from the game to the forums. I think some staff told me it should just update it automatically. Haven't seen it yet , someone who knows the awnser maybe and get it sorted out? Thanks yall
  2. Issues on login

    Hi, I can log in to forums with my acc and pw and i've even done the recovery to change my pw, however I still can't login on the client. it tells me 'invalid username/password' and to use the forgotten my password process (which I have done and still have the issue). Any guidance?
  3. help

    How can I recover my acc that is blocked I tried to open a ticket and they only took me out of the support discord and well at least I want to know what I can do to recover it since in this acc I have many things like holy ornament kit some pets that cost me a lot in get it I want to try to recover it if any admin or manager reads this please I want to recover my acc :c note: i am willing to accept any normal or whatever is necessary
  4. pray book filtering

    i check everyday for filters coming to pray book, please any info on when we get this quality of life update? im hesitant to play cuz i dont wanna relearn how to use praybook without filters then vice versa going back to main game. PLEASE PLEASE. TY DAVID 4 ALL YER HARD WRK!
  5. Hey All, I recently had this issue when I wanted to remove my bank pin as it became more annoying than useful. So you're probably thinking how can I do this? Look no further. First off gotta give credit where it's due shoutout to @Durag & @HASH ROSIN for helping me resolve my issue. Step 1 - Go to edgeville bank and select the talk to option on the banker to get to this dialogue. Step 2 - click continue Step 3 - Select Yes Please Step 4 - Just simply click Exit and wallah your bank pin has now been removed. I don't post much but I found this extremely useful so I'm posting here for anyone else who is confused and interested in removing their pin. Cheers, A Pleb
  6. How do i comfirm email?

    It says to comfirm email to get a dragon defender and 5m, how do i do it?
  7. Items vanished

    Hi! I logged in today and bank and items are gone, literally everything from my bank is gone, any mod knows whats up, i would appreciate an answer, this happened few days after i donated around 100$ + to benefit from the store in game, i hope i didn't get scammed.... Pls help me to resolve this !
  8. stuck in duel arena duel

    idk if this is a good place to post this, but i dont know anywhere else to post this, but im stuck in a duel in the duel arena with my brother and i cant forfeit since i turned on no forfeit and i accidently turned on no mele. We tried closing the client but it just says we are still logged in even though we arent. edit: i got help
  9. Corporeal Beast

    Does anyone know what slayer level you are able to get Corporeal Beast as an elite slayer task? Level 85 Ty "Eternlas"
  10. Cant enter Master area

    I have 1 credit left and im not able to enter master zone. How can I spend this 1 credit?
  11. Hey everyone; just started an account and its been fun. Wanted to make my own ring of wealth instead of buying one from the trading post. I got the right crafting level and materials but when i try and make it happen I dont get the option. It only allows me to make a gold ring. It does allow me to make other types of rings though.
  12. my game stays in this screen

    my game works till reading settings then goes to a black screen and stays on it forever, i redownloaded client even tried mac client but it doesnt work
  13. Need help making display bigger

    Hello, For some reason, even in full screen - the server is extremely small for me: can someone recommend suggestions?
  14. Help plz

    I am new here, i was doing pvp in order to learn and i got a RIng of the gods, i was trying put a offer of the item but say something like "You can sell this item" is not imbued so i want know why i can sell it??
  15. Mac client wont load saying an error occured whislt loading rune wild