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  1. help

    How can I recover my acc that is blocked I tried to open a ticket and they only took me out of the support discord and well at least I want to know what I can do to recover it since in this acc I have many things like holy ornament kit some pets that cost me a lot in get it I want to try to recover it if any admin or manager reads this please I want to recover my acc :c note: i am willing to accept any normal or whatever is necessary
  2. new staff

    well to start I will introduce myself I am zeldick that is to say my name in the game now you will wonder what experience I have in the game Well, I have a lot of experience in the game, especially in the matter of pvm. From the moment I arrived at the game, I was very attracted to what raid 2 is, that is tob, at this moment I have already finished the collection log of tob, although well, that is already deviating from topic well I have a long history from osrs and now I would like to contribute help through knowledge to this great game well since I arrived in the game and I have made many friends and I would like to help improve coexistence in the game and to talk a little about my experience in the game will now start to answer the requirements 1 how long have you played? : I have played approximately 60 days with 23 hours depending on the game, it is the total game time 2 Do you have knowledge about the rules of the game? : If I am aware of the rules of the game 3 Have you ever been penalized for breaking any game rule? : Not until now I have not broken any rules of the game and I try to keep it that way 4 what is your time zone? : My time zone is GMT -4:30, that is, I am from Latin America, specifically from Venezuela. Well, now they will wonder what I would contribute that another person would not contribute, well? Well from the moment I got to the game as my English is not very good I find it difficult to communicate with the staff since many speak English and this problem has not only happened to me but to many of my friends who play this great game The same thing happened to them and I would like to take charge of answering all the questions that the Latino community has and thus create a more diverse and united community. Well, having said all this, I would like to have the great opportunity to be part of the staff and well, and I am also active on the discord and in the game, you will almost always find me active, thanks for your attention.
  3. -nex-

    este es el link del formulario el cual estara en el discord oficial del clan entra en la parte q dice reglas y hay odras verificarte : https://discord.gg/BXCPDhKTsQ tambien podras verificarter por medio de nuestro grupo de facebook aqui les dejo el link de el facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1168207133938748/posts/1331529207606539/
  4. familia -hxh-

    le damos la bienvenida a nuestro clan -hxh- donde podran disfrutar de un hambiente familiar y como donde podran hacer una gran variedad de bosses y de sorteos y muchas dinamicas divertidas y todo esto en una gran hambiente divertido y tambien podran entrar a nuestro discord para mas divercion enlace de discord : https://discord.gg/RxDMHuZyCP