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  1. pin bank

    I made a guide on how to remove forgotten bank pins. Check it out here https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/7181-cant-get-rid-of-your-bank-pin-problem-solved/?tab=comments#comment-35828
  2. Hey All, I recently had this issue when I wanted to remove my bank pin as it became more annoying than useful. So you're probably thinking how can I do this? Look no further. First off gotta give credit where it's due shoutout to @Durag & @HASH ROSIN for helping me resolve my issue. Step 1 - Go to edgeville bank and select the talk to option on the banker to get to this dialogue. Step 2 - click continue Step 3 - Select Yes Please Step 4 - Just simply click Exit and wallah your bank pin has now been removed. I don't post much but I found this extremely useful so I'm posting here for anyone else who is confused and interested in removing their pin. Cheers, A Pleb