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  1. Gora Staff application!

    Road to Mod gora. gl
  2. Live or die.

    New Event for the Hardcore ironman. -This event will be used by hardcore ironman, to help them in the wild complete things that are difficult for them. -Each Hardcore Ironman will have 1 hour to enter the wilderness, and they will be able to die comfortably in that period of time. -This event can be carried out every 4 hours to maximize what you can do in the wilderness, be it: Clues, Diarys, Slayer, Skilling, ect. -A special timer is provided so that the hardcore ironman have more visibility of the time they will be able to spend in the wilderness. -This Event will be the drastic change between the Hc so that they can take more advantage of what is wilderness.
  3. Idea for !di

    Idea for !di -!di bosses be they artio, spindel and calvarion. They will need a slayer task to be able to do them globally so to speak, due to the number of crashers that there are lately, the only way to do them without a slayer task will be to pay instance. -This is to help players who have a slayer task, there are many problems involving farmers who do not have a slayer task.
  4. New Item

    This is my suggestion for the new item. - Add the Bonecrusher. An item widely used for xp in prayer, its purpose is to bury the bones automatically. - To obtain this item it would be with slayer, it will cost approximately 1k - 2k points. - The way to recharge it would be with gold. With the ease that it will provide, my suggestion would be: every 100 bones is 10m or 20m depending on how it is implemented, and what this generates in the long term in xp. -Being an item, there is a lot of benefit left in prayer. You will need the max cape to give the full xp, not having the max cape will only give half the xp.