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  1. Come back friend...

    1. Adam


      Both of you come back😴

    2. David
    3. Adam


      I guess there's still no hearing on whether he's dead, or lurking around anywhere :(

  2. CRAZY!

    OMG SENPAI @repmygang123 Teach me your ways now! I need lessons
  3. @rayp Solid guide buddy, keep it up!
  4. Wag1

    Welcome back, Real recognize real.
  5. Staff Update 1/22/2019

    Great choice of having @Adam as forum manager, he keeps the forum an Active and fun Place init.
  6. 1.5B 07 LOOT Risk fightermen

    ya'll ready know it bro
  7. 1.5B 07 LOOT Risk fightermen

    Did you watch it? or just leave a quick comment for posts? :thinking:
  8. Ratlords Domination | Impact Leadership Audio

    So Fascinating woow.
  9. Edgepvp 10

    Of course I'll enjoy this a BANGER! @VPVP
  10. Forums kinda dead

    Forum God speaks :poggers: Come back already.
  11. I am back :D

    Welcome Back walky <3
  12. Suggestions.

    The realest N*gga on RuneWild @Adam <3
  13. Hello there

    Welcome G.