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Found 1 result

  1. Price Guide LAST UPDATED (with love) October 9th, 2019 This price guide is updated semi-regularly religiously. (bug me in game if you think something is fricked) Items with a larger price deviation are mostly due to a lower volume of the item being traded. The prices will be based on what is being actively traded between players. Please if any prices are wrong and you don't agree pm me ingame or forums. Color guide: Price Unstable / Uncertain Price Greatly Increased Price Increased Price Flat Price Decreased Price Greatly Decreased CTRL+F / CMD+F Then type the item you are searching for! ~Basics~ Platinum Token - 1 = 1,000 coins / blood money when used on the bank So 1k tokens = 1m / 10k tokens = 10m / 100k tokens = 100m / 1m tokens = 1b ~God Wars Armour and Weapons~ Bandos chestplate - 12m Bandos tassets - 12m Bandos boots - 3m Armadyl helmet - 3m Armadyl chestplate - 12m Armadyl chainskirt - 12m Armadyl godsword - 150m Bandos godsword - 15-25m Saradomin godsword - 25-50m Zamorak godsword - 15-25m Armadyl crossbow - 155-175m Saradomin sword - 6m Zamorakian spear - 6m ~Staffs~ Trident of the swamp - 15m Trident of the seas - 4-5m Staff of the dead - 8m Staff of light - 15m ~Barrows~ Dharok's set - 7m Guthan's set - 2m Karil's set - 4m Torag's set - 2m Verac's set - 2m ~Jewelery~ Occult necklace - 3m Amulet of fury - 4m Amulet of torture - 500-650m Necklace of anguish - 500m Tormented bracelet - 70-90m Ring of suffering - 70-90m Archers ring - 2m Berserker ring - 2m Seers ring - 2m Warrior ring - 1.5m Ring of wealth - 10-15m Amulet of the damned - 2m Berserker necklace - 2.5m ~Boots~ Eternal boots - 40-65m Pegasian boots - 50-65m Primordial boots - 45-50m Infinity boots - 2m Ranger boots - 3m Dragon boots - 1500k Guardian Boots 40-50m ~Shields~ Elysian spirit shield - 80-115b Arcane spirit shield - 2-2.4b Spectral spirit shield - 180m Blessed spirit shield - 1.5m Spirit shield - 700k Dragonfire shield - 15-25m Ancient wyvern shield - 150m Dragonfire Ward - 35-50m Odium ward (or) - 8m Malediction ward (or) - 8m Malediction ward - 3m Odium ward - 3m ~Raids~ Ancestral hat - 35-40m Ancestral robe top - 120-140m Ancestral robe bottom - 120-140m Kodai wand - 300-400m Twisted bow - 600-650m Elder maul - 550-600m Dragon claws - 140-150m Prayer scroll - 400-500m Twisted Buckler - 20-30m Dinh's Bulwark - 275-350m Dragon hunter crossbow - 3.5m Dragon sword - 4m Dragon thrownaxe - 200k ~Theatre Of Blood (Raids 2) Rewards~ Justiciar faceguard 1.5-2B Justiciar chestguard 2B-3B Justiciar legguards 2B-3B Full set 6-10B Avernic defender - 2.2-2.4 Sanguinesti staff - 2b Ferocious Gloves - 2.5-3b Ghrazi rapier - 3b Scythe of vitur - 8-12B ~Rares~ (I don't change these from @G's prices, idk rare prices!) 3rd Age Mele full Helmet - 700m 3rd Age Melee Platebody - 700m 3rd Age Melee Platelegs - 700m 3rd Age Melee Kiteshield - 700m 3rd Age Mage hat - 450m 3rd Age Mage robe top - 450m 3rd Age Mage robe legs - 450m 3rd Age Mage amulet - 50m 3rd Age Range coif - 50m 3rd Age Range top - 50m 3rd Age Range legs - 50m 3rd Age Range vambs - 50m Druidic Wreath - 75m 3rd Age Druidic robe top - 125m 3rd Age Druidic robe bottoms - 125m 3rd Age Druidic staff - 50m 3rdAge Druidic cloak - unknown 3rd Age Longsword - 550m 3rd Age Bow - 2b-2.5b 3rd Age Wand - 400m 3rd Age Pickaxe - 100m 3rd Age axe - 50m 3rd Age Cloak - 200m Christmas cracker - 500-600m Rainbow partyhat - 6b-7.5b Black partyhat - 1.25-1.5b Partyhat & Specs - 700-800m Blue Partyhat - 700-800m Red Partyhat - 800-900m Purple Partyhat - 800m White Partyhat - 500-600m Green Partyhat - 500-600m Yellow Partyhat - 500-600m Red h'ween mask - 300-350m Blue h'ween mask - 300-350m Green h'ween mask - 300-350m Black h'ween mask - 700-900m Santa hat - 350-550m Black santa hat - 800-1b ~1 In Game / Ultra Rare~ Each set is likely in excess of 10b Cow outfit - unknown Ankou outfit -unknown Samurai outfit - unknown Mummy outfit - unknown Robes of Darkness - unknown ~Vote Store~ 1 Vote point - 1.2-2m Crystal key - 1m Kraken tentacle - 3.5m Dark bow - 600k Team cape zero - UNTRADEABLE Team cape I - UNTRADEABLE Team cape x - UNTRADEABLE Magic shortbow scroll - 5m White dark bow paint - 5m Blue dark bow paint - 5m Frozen whip mix - 5m Ring of stone - 25m Armadyl godsword - 30-40m Bandos godsword - 20-25m Saradomin godsword - 20-25m Zamorak godsword - 20-25m Amulet of torture - 15m Amulet of anguish - 15m Occult necklace - 15m Amulet of fury - 15m Dark infinity - 8m Light infinity - 8m Dragon sq shield - 8m ~Infinity~ Infinity hat - 400k Infinity top - 400k Infinity bottoms - 400k Dark infinity hat - 8m Dark infinity top - 8m Dark infinity bottoms - 8m Light infinity hat - 8m Light infinity top - 8m Light infinity bottoms - 8m ~Donor Store~ Infernal cape - 1.3-1.5b Ava's Assembler - 1.75-2b 100 credits scroll ($10) - 450-550m (4.5-5.5m per credit) Sagacious spectacles - 150-225m Blackjack table - 1.7-2.2b Mystery box - 200m Ultra mystery box - 350-400m Pet mystery box - 1-1.3b 3rd age Mystery box - 400m Kandarin headgear 4 - unknown Varrock armour 4 - unknown Morytania legs 4 - unknown Falador shield 4 - unknown Fremenik sea boots 4 - unknown Wilderness sword 4 - unknown Fancy Strong Armour (1) Top - 8b Fancy Strong Armour (1) Bottom - 8b Fancy Strong Armour (2) Top - 16b Fancy Strong Armour (2) Bottom - 16b Snow imp costume - 500m Skeleton costume - 350m Bunny costume - 700m Chicken costume - 800m Shayzien (2) costume - 250m ~Zulrah~ Zulrah's Scales - 5-15k Serpentine helm - 80-100m Tanzanite helm - UNTRADEABLE Magma helm - UNTRADEABLE Toxic blowpipe - 100-120m Toxic staff of the dead - 40-60m Magic fang - 50m+ ~Wilderness items~ Ward upgrade kit - 1.5m Dragon Pickaxe - ~15m Revenant ether - 25-30k ea Viggora's chainmace (u) - 1m Thammaron's sceptre (u) - 700k Craw's bow (u) - 2.5-3.5m Statius's warhammer - 500-650m Vesta's longsword - 200m Brimstone Ring - 75-120m Red Casket 5m Green Casket 10m Purple Casket - 40-50m Gold Casket - 100-120m ~Vork~ Vorkath's head - 2b Obsidian Helmet - 10m Obsidian Platebody - 20m Obsidian Platelegs - 20m ~Cannon~ Cannon barrels - 500m Cannon base - 500m Cannon furnace - 500m Cannon stand - 500m Full Cannon - 2-2.5b ~Other Items~ Kiln (Diamond Donor Item) - 20-55b Wise old man's santa hat - 3-4b Mask of Balance - 500m-1b Woolly Hat - 200m Dragon Hunter Lance - 2b Dragon warhammer - 50-60m Heavy ballista - 20-30m Dragon javelin - 30k Abyssal dagger - 6m Abyssal bludgeon 30-55m Master wand - 2m Robin hood hat - 3m Mage's book - 10m Granite maul - 700k Dragon spear - 700k Leaf-bladed battleaxe - 15m Dragon kiteshield - 2m Dragon platebody - 15m Dwarven helmet - 3m Tome of fire - 8m Hunters' crossbow - 8m Dragon crossbow - 700k Burning amulet - 30-40k Ring of Coins - 25-50m Ring of nature 50-75m Infernal Pickaxe - 1b Infernal Axe - 400m Pm me in-game or forums if anything has to be changed! Changelog: Full credit for the format goes to @G, he's a busy man and prices were getting updated too infrequently, so I decided to try my hand at picking up the perceived slack. <3 One day I'll download photoshop again, to make the new items transparent and sexy, I promise.