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  1. Cant Color Blade of Saeldor

    You can only color the corrupted version of the blade of saeldor.
  2. Bow of Faerdhinen & Crystal Armour The Bow of Faerdhinen is a magical bow that once belonged to Faerdhinen, an elite elven warrior. Requiring level 75 Ranged and 70 Agility to wield, it provides the highest Ranged Attack and Ranged Strength bonus out of any weapon for its attack speed. If the player dies in PvP, the inactive bow is dropped, and all shards used to charge it will be lost. In PvM on the other hand, all current charges will be kept. How do I obtain it? You can obtain the items through the crystal chest by using an enhanced crystal key on it. The crystal armour & bow loot out of the chest is rare. You can create an enhanced crystal key by using 20 crystal shards on a crystal key, read more below. How does the crystal armour work? The bow benefits from damage and accuracy boosts when crystal armour is equipped. The bow will receive a 15% damage bonus and 30% accuracy bonus if the entire crystal armour set is equipped. Do the items degrade? The armour doesn't degrade, the bow does. The tradeable version is the inactive version of the bow which can also be looted from the chest. You have to charge the bow with crystal shards in order to make it the active variant with bonuses, 1 shard grants 100 charges like the Blade of saeldor. How can I corrupt the bow? In order to corrupt the bow you need to use 2.000 crystal shards on it, the corrupted bow will not degrade and reverting it will make you lose the inital shards used to corrupt it. If you have already charged your bow, it will use less crystal shards in order to corrupt it. How can I colour the bow? You can colour the corrupted bow by using the Crystal weapon (c) ornament on it. You can purchase this from the PK Point store for 50.000 PK Points. The bow can be transformed into white, black, green and the purple colour. The projectile of the bow will be the same colour as the bow. Iorwerth Dungeon A new dungeon has been added, you can get here through the Ancient Wizard, dungeons category > Iorwerth Dungeon. Which monsters can I find in the Iorwerth Dungeon? Moss giants Kurasks Iorwerth Warriors Waterfiends Mutated Bloodvelds Dark beast Greater Nechryaels What do they drop? This is the only area where you can obtain crystal shards, crystal shards are used for creating enhanced crystal keys and charging the Blade of saeldor & Bow of faerdhinen. The monsters drop shards every drop, as an uncommon and a rare drop. The amount that's dropped every kill varies based on the combat level of the monsters, the rarity of the uncommon and rare is also based on that. Teleport, Shop & Other UI Reworks We have redone the teleport and shop system to be more user-friendly. What has been updated in the Teleport system? We have added icons next to the categories to make it more user-friendly. Descriptions have been added, skilling has more informative descriptions. The search bar can be used for: In order to find monsters, locations or shortened versions of locations, e.g. corp, gdz or revs. Searching for certain item drops from monsters, e.g. torture. Searching for fishing spots, e.g. shark, shrimp. Searching for mining spots, e.g. amethyst. You can now add teleports to your favorites. You can toggle the descriptions with the 'Show less information' button for a slimmer interface. What else has changed UI-wise? The shops UI now has improved borders and buttons, also icons have been added next to the categories. The 'Opponent HP Bar Overlay' has been updated to match the OSRS overlay. You can toggle this to the old one in ::toggle at 'Overlay Style' Other updates Every imbued max cape will now have the item options of the default max cape along with it's benefits. The blade of saeldor can now be corrupted into lots of colours just like the Bow of faerdhinen by using the Crystal weapon (c) ornament on it. Summer pies now work exactly like OSRS, you can purchase it in the miscellaneous store. We have added a key remapping feature, you can now use 1-9 digits as your hotkeys. You can use this feature in ::toggle. You can now hide the Bounty Hunter killstreak skulls through the ::toggle interface, 'Hide Killstreak Skulls'. The southern area of the Jorgumand's prison is now slayer task only. The shortcuts in the catacombs now work properly along with their agility requirements. You can now use revenant ether on your god cape to imbue it instead of having to talk to the Emblem trader. Added the missing fishing options for Pike and Bass at the fishing guild. Realism ranks will now also get their stats restored at the rejuvenation pool or through ::restore. Your looting bag inventory check interface will now close upon moving or getting attacked. You will now always left-click in duel arena, regardless if you are in the same clanchat as your opponent. More demonic gorilla's have been added to the donator island. Added the special graphic effects on attack of the ornamented Scythe of vitur and sanguinesti staff. The door of the general store has been fixed at Edgeville PvP. You can no longer enter the resource area in a PvP height. Added the last changes OSRS has done with the equipment rebalancing update. Rick Turpentine will no longer bug and interrupt you if you are afk-splashing. The neitiznot faceguard will now properly show your beard. Patched a bug with banking whilst in search mode. Patched a bug with the gear system whilst in resizeable.

    Stop spamming the quotes please, lemon water.
  4. #36 will have a slight home & gamble area rework, we will also improve the interfaces that get used alot (drops, shop, teleport interface)
  5. Summer Event: Hespori Hespori is wrecking villages and now the wilderness! The Mogre Guard's gnome village has been destroyed, he is asking for your help in Edgeville. Bring him your Summer tickets and he will reward you. What is the reward? You will receive a Summer box after bringing 20.000 Summer tickets to the Mogre Guard. The Summer box rewards you several cosmetics and exclusive items. Hespori has a 1/500 chance of dropping its exclusive easter egg helm & the eggshell armour. How can I obtain Summer tickets? You can obtain the tickets by killing tree spirits in the wilderness, they don't return as quick after dying so head off to the other zones before someone else kills them. Every three hours Hespori will appear near Demonic Ruins, after it's death it will reward you the Summer tickets equal to 50% of the amount of damage you've done. For the location of the tree spirits click here (https://i.gyazo.com/5daeebbe1036b112ed98ad5b33f015ab.png) What are the attack styles of Hespori? Hespori does a magical attack, the attack can be negated by using the Protect from Magic prayer. When Hespori's HP reaches 25, 50 and 75 percent it will spawn 8 flowers which you will have to kill in order to be able to damage Hespori again. Theatre of Blood (Hard Mode) The hard-mode version was just released a few days ago on OSRS, the raid was made a bit harder with higher damage output and a few more attacks. What are the changes? Stage I - After hitting a pillar with her magic attack, rubble will fall within a 3 tile radius from the edge of the struck pillar, dealing up to 35 damage if caught in one. Stage II - Verzik's ranged attacks leave behind a poisonous pool for a few seconds after hitting the ground, dealing 7-11 damage per tick if stood on. Stage III - Verzik's charged attack hits three times for each player, with three individual tiles each to protect from each strike. They cannot be tick-eaten. The green balls also deal more damage. When she reaches 5% or lower of her health, she will heal 1,000 health as a one-time occurrence. This cannot be avoided or skipped. What do we get in return? You will have the chance to receive a few more items like you do in the Hard/Challenge mode in Chambers of Xeric. You can read more about the items below in 'New Items'. PvP Leagues The rewards for the PvP Leagues have been upped immensely, we have also added another League: Main NH. What are the changes? A new League has been added, Main NH League You can now view up to 30 matches, we have also patched the league rank value in the profiles tab. We have renamed the Challengers divison to the Champions division. What are the rewards? Instead of monthly rewards, you will now be rewarded every week - on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th. As an addition on top of the usual rewards, you will receive cosmetic item(s) every week if you are in the top 3. There are four different cosmetic sets, one for every week, the top 3 is rewarded 1-3 items depending on their rank. #1 receives 25M 07 & a 50$ scroll + 3 pieces of the cosmetic set for that week. #2 receives 10M 07 & a 25$ scroll + 2 pieces of the cosmetic set for that week. #3 receives 5M 07 & a 10$ scroll + 1 piece of the cosmetic set for that week. Raids Scoreboard We have improved the functionality of the scoreboard system for raids which tracks who has the fastest raid time. What are the changes? We have added the scoreboard system ToB used to have to CoX & Nightmare. The scoreboard system has been expanded and now has seperate score-cards for the Solo, Duo, Trio and Group type raids. Quick Teleporting Personally the biggest QoL for me in this batch of updates, quick teleporting! You are now able to right-click the home-teleport to configure where it leads too. How does it work? You can change your home-teleport to any teleport, you also have a second quick-teleport option you can use by right-clicking. Simply right-click the home teleport in your spellbook > Configure Teleport options Choose whether you want to configure your first or second teleport option. Choose from the batch of locations you want it to teleport to. You can also use the home teleport to teleport to different locations instead of having to type the command, simply right-click > Choose Teleport Destination. Countdown Timers We have updated our overlay system to match with RuneLite's. What was added? We have added support for CoX potions & other potions. You will now see whether it was an entangle, snare, bind or an ice spell freezing you. New Items Several new items, cosmetic sets have been introduced with this update. Which new items were added? Theatre of Blood (Hard Mode) The Sanguine dust, using this on Lil' Zik will allow you to metamorphosis it into 5 other pets. The Holy and Sanguine ornament kits. The Holy sanguinesti staff, this is made by using the holy ornament kit on a sanguinesti staff. The Holy ghrazi rapier, this is made by using the holy ornament kit on a ghrazi rapier. The Holy scythe of vitur, this is made by using the holy ornament kit on a scythe of vitur. The Sanguine scythe of vitur, this is made by using the sanguine ornament kit on a scythe of vitur. PvP Leagues The Crier outfit which you can receive on the 7th for placing in the top 3. The Christmas tree costume which you can receive on the 14th for placing in the top 3. The Dark tuxedo outfit which you can receive on the 21st for placing in the top 3. The Clue hunter outfit which you can receive on the 28th for placing in the top 3. Summer event The Eggshell armour & easter egg helm through the Hespori boss (1 out of 500 chance) The Cow costume through the Summer box. The Gnome child hat through the Summer box. The Cursed banana through the Summer box. The Banana cape through the Summer box. The Gold coffin through the Summer box. QoL Additions We have had a few great QoL additions. Weapon tab attack style saving We have updated the weapon tab UI to match OSRS. The weapon tab now saves it's attack style based on the weapon type like on OSRS, prior to this it would look for a matching option which didn't suit certain scenario's such as attacking with long-range on your Sanguinesti staff. Chatbox The chatbox now matches with the newly updated OSRS chatbox. We have added the blue highlight if a chat-tab has received a message, e.g. you receive a trade whilst you are on the clanchat-tab. All trade, duel, flower poker & dice messages will now go into the trade chat-tab, you are also able to click on the flower poker request in your chatbox. All yell messages now go into the channel chat-tab. Autochat will no longer show in the chatbox, only over the players head. Mode Tutor You can now downgrade your combat skill if it's below level 92. You cannot return back to your original level. You can now remove your realism or ironman status. The mode tutor is located in the Slayer house (!slayer) Trading Post (Item Searching) You will now see the latest item you searched for & the latest items that matched your keyword. Camera System The camera system has been updated to match OSRS's behaviour. Other updates The tournament rewards have been increased, you will now receive an Ultra Mystery box from a 1v1 tournament and a prize pool of 200M gp from a war based tournament. We have redone all weapon animations, they now include the animation for each style (e.g. crush, stab) Swampbark armour has been added to the magic store along with it's freeze duration increasing effects. The XP Bar and drops have been reworked, it will no longer overlap with the HP overlay plus fixed the centre positioning. The underground dungeon walls have been corrected, no longer black overlayed walls. The new OSRS update with the weapon bonus & speed tweaks have been done. You can now eat & drink consumables whilst you are banking by right-clicking a consumable. In a PvM death your items will remain on the ground for 30 minutes. Lil' destructor has been added to the pet box, lil' creator is it's metamorphosis. All the bosses now have proper crush bonuses. Ankou has been added as a slayer task, Kraken task amount has been increased and increased the task amounts for both the 'slayer task increase' and individually extended tasks. The barrage spell effect of attacking your surrounding in a 3x3 tile-radius will take effect on cast instead of on hit. The gambling ban system works properly now, it's also 100M per week instead of 50M for the ungamble ban fee. You can no longer get stacked special attacks from different players, it will disallow special attacks for 10.8 seconds from other players upon getting special attacked. The infamous deadclicking bug in Verzik Vitur or other areas in the game has been patched. Mage Arena lever no longer nulls damage, you will still receive damage in the teleport. The ingame rank to forums integration has been patched, it will now properly transfer your rank to your forums account. You will now automatically attempt to teleport if you have disconnected and you are below level 31. A brew smuggling bug has been patched which would allow you to bring more than the allowed brew limit into the wilderness. Your second special attack will now also show it's hitsplat even though your opponent is dead, for better visual purposes. The object clicking system has been redone, it will now wait & execute if you've used an object before instead of cancelling the click. (e.g. mass clicking enter/exit wilderness caves) A PvN pathing bug has been patched where a player would sometimes be stuck in his position even if he was spam-clicking attack on the monster, too complicated bug to explain but fixed. You will no longer walk up to your opponent after using your special attack with the volatile & eldritch staff instead it will reset your attack. Your manual spell will now prioritize over the special attack of your magical staff. The magical powered staves will now only attack faster if you are using it's powered spell. You can no longer drop items in the duel arena. You will now be warned before entering an instance if you have items stored at Death. Arrows/throwables no longer drop on the ground in the duel arena, they are added to your inventory or bank after the fight ends. Chambers of Xeric challenge mode kill count is now summed up with your normal mode kill count in your collection log. The Giant Mole in the donator island will no longer teleport to the dagannoths. The Revenants level 17 entrance area was multi when it should've been single, this has been patched. You can no longer talk in jail. The level 99 combat capes now have the proper requirements. You can no longer fish or cook whilst being in combat. Renderself now works like RuneLite where you are able to see your hitmarks, hitpoints bar & prayer overheads. Added the Realism highscores. You will now see the blood fury gfx when it triggers on your opponent. You can now use the donator perks without having to spend your credits in !store. It will now check for your actual donator rank without the usable credits. The Chambers of Xeric points system has been reworked, the more your points are the more likely you are to get a drop. This system was already in place, it just now punishes harder if you have low points and a bigger chance if you have high points. Ironman can now access the clan warlord store. Upon switching gear your combat stats will no longer reset to it's original level if the switched gear has the same combat stats. Verac the Defiled will now attack through prayer and defence at a 25% chance instead of 100%. Boosted magic levels now give increased damage to Trident of the seas/swamp & Sanguinesti staff. Decreased magic levels will do the same but it won't go lower than it's base damage. You can no longer splash on Dagannoth Rex. You will no longer receive magic experience in the first phase of verzik vitur, this was being used as a training method since you would hit high with the dawnbringer. The wilderness teleport confirmation message now includes whether it's multi. King black dragon will now show in your boss logs and it's kills will show in the chatbox. The bug with dying after verzik vitur dies which forced you out of the instance has been patched, you are now teleported to the rewards room. The bug with being able to superheat anything without the level requirement through the normal spellbook has been patched. Patched a bug with godwars room entrances toggling off your auto retaliate. Patched a bug with the PvP Leagues where the opponent that you killed would temporarily have the same League stats like you until logout. A bug has been patched with the antibot system. A bug has been patched with smuggling the staff from ToB. The Corporeal beast will no longer reset it's HP walking away from you if a person is joining & leaving at it's entrance. Patched a few bugs related to the risk zones, you can now trade inside them but you can't accept the trade (just for visual purpose) also you cannot toggle off your red skull whilst being inside. Patched a PM system bug where you would be notified about a player who logged in whilst he had the private chat mode on Off or Friends without having you added. Patched an annoying bug for Realism & Ironman in the gear system which wouldn't allow you to load your saved runes into your rune pouch. Patched a bug in the gnome agility arena which allowed you to noclip in a certain area due to it. Patched a (combat) following bug where you would walk back and forth if your path was unreachable. Patched a few Vorkath bugs in order to match it to OSRS, also the donator PvM dungeon Vorkath can no longer be safe-spotted. You can now fill your cannon whilst it's firing. You can no longer kill Rick Turpentine with a cannon.
  6. 100 Credits Not Added

  7. Freezing client

    RAM/CPU issues maybe? Check your task manager whilst it freezes to see if your PC is causing it.
  8. Update suggestions

    Patched the hydra drops not showing in chatbox, what do you mean with the 3 hits? PM me on discord about it. As for CoX, it's the same as OSRS, not sure how head-turning can be faster than OSRS, I really mimiced it and compared 1000 times to get it perfect. LMS is being worked on.
  9. HiScores for Realism

    Working on it!
  10. Magic + Raids & more

    Patched scythe for next update, we are working on tile markers and overlay timers. The room already works that way where 2k has a lower chance of getting a rare drop, although I will make this more prominent instead of it being a 3-5% difference, it will probably be a 15-20% difference if you have low points. I'll look into the auto-attack magic staffs. Thanks!
  11. PvP

    Gmaul isn't broken if you are used to other servers, those are broken. Food eating is the same as OSRS, please provide clip proof with comparisons if you think otherwise. Anglerfish doesn't heal over 99 if you have been in combat recently, like OSRS. Divine pots work like OSRS too.
  12. Bank glitch

    Quite sure it's just a visual bug, we haven't had an item disappearance bug in years.
  13. Pvp suggestions

    Patched the anglerfish eating, it will now no longer cap the healing if you are in a safezone.
  14. CTRL+Q does NOT bank your money!

    Odd, you are really the only one experiencing these 'bugs'. PM me on discord.
  15. CTRL+Q does NOT bank your money!

    I checked myself, it does bank it for me. Do you possibly have a max cash stack of gp in your bank? If so just convert that into platinum tokens so you can easily bank your looted coins into your bank automatically by swapping gears (CTRL+Q)