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  1. What's boppin -Justin Here

    wb mate, weren't you the one with the festival videos? or is that someone else on your account
  2. I'm open to changes, just PM me with any of your designs and lets find the best one
  3. Could you PM me on discord, we have patched this issue and reimbursing the players that lost due to this bug.
  4. We might be working on the bounty hunter rework for #32, depends on the amount of work that comes in from suggestions.
  5. This took me quite a while due to the blackjack system since rewriting code is a lengthier task than writing new code, but it certainly was worth it! Next update #32 we will be working on lots of suggested ideas, QoLs and improving existing features. Feel free to suggest on the forums or on our discord. Blackjack Rework A task that was long in my mind since I have written this blackjack system approx. 5 years ago. It lacked a few functionalities which blackjack can't do without. Which functionalities were added? There are now 4 decks and a shuffle only happens at the end of a round. The shuffle happens between 50-70% of the total deck. You can now decide your move before it's your turn, pre-decisions will show next to your name. You can now split at your initial hand when both cards are matching. (initial hand = first decision) Blackjack now pays 3:2. At an ace split you won't be able to hit, blackjack payouts also apply for split hands (3:2). You can now only double at your initial hand. When the dealer has a face card, it will always check whether the dealer has a blackjack and auto-end the round with the dealer winning. When the dealer has an ace as the first card, it will ask all seats whether they want to insure their bets for 50% of their bet. If you insure it and the dealer has a blackjack you will be refunded your bet, if you also had a blackjack you will win if you had insurance and draw if you didn't. The dealer has the ability to set min. and max. bet. The dealer must have 400% of the total pot in order to fund every double and split. Which UI changes were made? The interface is now semi-transparent, that way you are able to see the surrounding, who's at the table, walking etc. The dealer and the seater will be able to see their profit at the left-top, the profit will save as long as you are seated. The status of the seat is now shown below at the card points amount instead of at the name. Status being whether it's your turn or that you lost, bust, won or have a blackjack. We have redone the way you bet, we have replaced it with buttons, new bet and rebet. You can rebet if you have bet the round before. Instance Item Reclaimer You can now claim back your items through the item reclaimer system after you die in an instance. You will receive three free unlocks, after that every unlock will cost 200,000 gp. Where can I reclaim my items? At the Death NPC which can be found right next to the Town crier, quick teleport being ::guide. Which instances does this apply for? Any instance where you will lose your items upon death, e.g. Zulrah, Vorkath, Hydra, Cerberus New Donator Rank: Royal Rank The best donator rank ingame which you can obtain by having 100.000 total credits. What are the perks? All the perks you had with the diamond rank, type ::benefits ingame or visit the Knowledge base on the forums for more information. You will receive an exclusive Royal outfit and a Servant pet after talking with the Town crier. A 40% increased droprate on monster drops. A 400% buff on PK Drop rewards you receive from killing players. Outside the Wilderness the prayer drain will slow down by 75%. What does the Servant pet do? The pet will pickup the coins on every player kill from the ground if you have inventory space. The pet will pickup the PK Point tickets on every player kill from the ground if you have inventory space. The pet will pickup the event tickets on every player kill from the ground if you have inventory space. The pet will pickup the coins from the ground on every monster kill if you have inventory space. You are able to teleport directly to your slayer task. You are able to teleport directly to Zulrah and the Corporeal beast. (safezone) Other updates You can now ask where your slayer task is located through Duradel or through the Enchanted gem. Tome of fire will now count as a fire staff, you don't need to add burnt pages to it for it to work. The new inquisitor's armour effect has been added. Combat movement rework to mimic OSRS movement. Adjusted PJ timer in Edgeville from 7.8 to 10.8 seconds. The HP Event has been moved one level up to level 4. QoL feature with flower pokering where you don't need to wait on the flowers dissappearing if the last game was yours. Spellbook swap can now be used 5 times every 12 hours instead of 24 hours. The sanguinisti staff, scythe of vitur and all maces weapon styles have been patched, it will now correctly remember upon switching weapons. You can no longer entangle, snare, bind when your opponent is frozen or on immunity. Yell tags will no longer include [ ] A bug has been patched with being able to wear ring of vigour and torva in PvP which bugged you from doing anything. A bug has been patched with being able to teleport immediately after using a dragon spear special attack ignoring the special attack teleport rule. A bug has been patched at Verzik Vitur with the red minion walking beneath the boss.

    luv it
  7. We bring you lots of new joy with this update. A new treasure key event, the Nightmare boss and finally a new seasonal event: Easter! Also the wilderness events rewards are now significantly better, along with QoL features such as tinted hitmarks and an improved clickbox system have been added. The Nightmare of Ashihama The Nightmare of Ashihama, often simply referred to as The Nightmare, is a large, otherworldly horror who feeds on the life force of sleeping people, giving her victims horrible nightmares until their life force is completely drained and expires. There are no requirements to fight The Nightmare. It's identical to OSRS with all it's normal and special attacks, quite proud of this work. You can follow the guide at the bottom for some help on slaying it. How can I get there? Through the teleport wizard at home. You can join two instances.. Global instance, you can only join this instance when the Nightmare is sleeping. At the entrance you can see this through the Nightmare's state. Ironmen have their own seperate global instance. Clanchat instance, you can create an own clanchat instance if you are of legendary+ sponsor rank. Or join another player's clanchat instance by being in his clanchat. What does it drop? Every player in the fight will be eligible to receive a drop, with the quantity increasing based on how much damage they have done. The player who deals the most damage in the fight will receive big bones and 10% additional non-unique loot. With each kill, The Nightmare has a chance to roll two unique drop tables, one containing the inquisitor's armour, mace, and nightmare staff, and one containing the volatile, eldritch and harmonised orbs; both table rolls can be successful with each kill. Additionally, there is a chance that both are rolled a second time (independent of the first rolls), with this chance being (partySize - 5)%, capped between 0 and 75 percent. Easter Event: Evil Rabbit Rabbits are ruining the easter spirit, help out Super Bunny Man which is located at home by slaying these monsters. A superior evil rabbit, the easter boss, will spawn every three hours rewarding 10.000 Easter tickets upon death. What is the reward? You will receive an easter box after bringing 10.000 Easter tickets to Super Bunny Man. The Easter box rewards you several cosmetics and exclusive items. How can I obtain Easter tickets? You can obtain the tickets by killing Rabbit-o's in the wilderness, they don't return as quick after dying so head off to the other zones before someone else kills them. Every three hours the big Evil Rabbit will appear near Demonic Ruins, after it's death it will reward you the Easter tickets equal to 50% of the amount of damage you've done. The evil rabbit being healed by evil rabbit jrs. They will spawn once after the Evil Rabbit is down 50% of it's health. Tinted Hitmarks Any hit that isn't yours will now be tinted, this way you can easily see what hit is yours. You can toggle this off in your ::toggle tab at UI Toggles 'tinted hitmarks'. The Treasure Key We have redone the way the treasure chest works, you will now need a treasure key to loot the treasure chest. The treasure key event will occur every 90 minutes, a treasure key will spawn throughout three locations in the wilderness. Where does the key spawn? The axe hut At 52s portal At 44s portal What happens after looting it? You won't be able to attack anyone or teleport until you manage to leave the wilderness. You will no longer have risk protection, anyone with any risk will be able to attack you. The Treasure chest You can only open the treasure chest in the wilderness with the treasure key. The loot of the chest is now much better. The treasure chest spawns after every 2 treasure key spawns. Where does the chest spawn? Chaos dwarves East dragons Demonic Ruins What happens after looting it? You won't be able to attack anyone or teleport until you manage to leave the wilderness. You will no longer have risk protection, anyone with any risk will be able to attack you. Amazing loot The loot has been drastically improved, you now have a chance on receiving either a mystery box, ultra mystery box or a 10$ scroll. Other updates The rewards for both the HP and Central Boss event have been buffed. The HP Event has one location now, which is at ::multi. Upon dying in that zone you will be respawn at the ::multi zone again. We have added the shortcuts, ctrl+b for banking, ctrl+g for gearing and ctrl+s for screenshotting. Ranged and magic projectiles have been reworked to match exact OSRS behaviour, looks much better. The npc, object and player clickbox have been greatly improved, now they respond exactly like the OSRS clickbox system. The walk location upon right-clicking the ground is now memorized even if your mouse moves away from that tile (due to right-clicking whilst moving). Dynamic width-changing HP bars based on monsters total HP. Broadcasts no longer stay visible forever, broadcasts can now include links for example to view future updates. Added options to broadcast messages to clear them or clear all of them in one go. NPCs now follow OSRS random walking behaviour. We have done a rework on auto-retaliate to mimic OSRS behaviour. Your bounty hunter target will now be able to PJ you off a monster. Dice bags are now tradeable. An infamous bug with loots dissappearing around the Zulrah's cave has been patched. Unspawnable runes inside your rune pouch will now be dropped on death. You can now imbue your Vorkath slayer helm with the Enchant slayer helmet token. You can now add noted recoils into your ring of suffering. Slayer assignment system has been redone, you will now have more unique assignments. Cerberus will count towards your hellhound slayer task. Autocast will no longer delay upon autocasting a player and mass-clciking on attack. A flower poker bug has been patched with dropped items being inaccessible if you had a full inventory at the end of a game. You can no longer teleport with multilogged accounts into the wilderness using e.g. the carrallanger tab teleport You can no longer cook if your fire runs out. Updated veteran rank icon.
  8. We wanted you to enjoy the new items OSRS released as soon as possible. Two night-shifts and here we are, all the new items that were released are now on RuneWild. The boss will be released in approximately 2 weeks around the 20th of February. Nightmare Staffs The Nightmare Staff is a powerful magic weapon. It is tradeable and requires 65 Magic and 50 Hitpoints to equip. It does not degrade and can autocast both standard and Ancient spells. You can attach three different orbs to the Nightmare staff. These orbs are tradeable and change the staffs powers upon attaching. Harmonised Nightmare Staff Requires 75 Magic and 50 Hitpoints to wield. Allows the Staff to cast standard spells a tick faster than normal. Removes the tick delay when autocasting. The staff loses the ability to autocast Ancient spells. Harmonised Nightmare Orb is purchasable from Hatius Cosantius, the credits store, for 2.500 credits. Eldritch Nightmare Staff Requires 75 Magic and 50 Hitpoints to wield. Adds a special attack to the staff `Invocate` that consumes 75% of the player's special attack energy. The base damage for Invocate is scaled based on the player's Magic level, ranging from 39 at level 75 to 50 at level 99, which can be increased with magic damage boosting items. At level 99, the maximum possible hit is 60. Restores the caster's prayer points by 50% of the damage dealt. Invocate can boost the caster's prayer points above their prayer level (like the ancient mace), up to a maximum of 120. The special attack does not consume runes. Eldritch Nightmare Orb is purchasable from Hatius Cosantius, the credits store, for 1.500 credits Volatile Nightmare Staff Requires 75 Magic and 50 Hitpoints to wield. Adds a special attack to the staff `Immolate` that consumes 55% of the player's special attack energy. The special attack hits with an added 50% accuracy. The base damage for Immolate is scaled based on the player's Magic level, ranging from 50 at level 75 to 66 at level 99, which can be increased with magic damage boosting items. At level 99, the maximum possible hit is 80. Volatile Nightmare Orb is purchasable from Hatius Cosantius, the credits store, for 3.500 credits. Inquisitor's Armour & Mace The Inquisitor's Armour & Mace are mainly useful for their crush bonuses. Inquisitors Mace 1-Handed crush weapon with bonuses congruent to the Ghrazi rapier and blade of Saeldor, acting as the crush variant of these weapons. It is tradeable and requires 75 Attack to equip. It does not degrade. Inquisitor's Armour The Inquisitor's Armour, a new set of melee armour with a focus on crush accuracy and defence. All three pieces require 70 Strength and 30 Defence to equip. They are all tradeable, do not degrade Other updates The Malevolent Ghost is the new Central Boss, we thank El Loco Toro for all it's hunts. Patched all flower poker bugs. Patched the stairs at the gamble area. Patched the armadyl godsword weapon sounds. Patched the yellow kill death ratio overlay on-screen. You can no longer alch items from the sponsor store as an ironman.
  9. I get your point, although isn't it the same on the original game?
  10. Home Rework: High-Risk & Gamble Zone The home area has been reworked to be much more pleasant, all home teleports are now closer to the bank chest and ornate rejuvenation pool. The High-Risk Zone The zone has been moved to the home area, this will make the risk-zone more popular, get more people to watch and risk-fight. The quick teleport ::rz has been added besides the one we already had, ::riskzone. You need to risk atleast 50M gp to be able to enter. The Gamble Zone This zone is located south of Edgevile bank, this is the only area where you are able to dice, flower-poker and play blackjack. You are able to flower poker at the four gold-black patches. The quick-teleport ::gamble can be used to teleport to here. Sounds They are finally here, sound effects. You can now enjoy the PKing in Runewild with the clashing sounds of shields, the freezing of your spells and the leashes of your whip. What is currently supported? Weapon sounds Block sounds Item equipping Item dropping & picking up Magical spells Prayer sounds Teleport sounds How can I turn it on? You can do so in your settings tab at the speaker button. For other sounds you would like to hear, please suggest it to us and we will look for it. This was a big project and took lots of time to gather all these sound ids. Yell Tag Scroll You are now able to change your yell tag by using this scroll. Where can I buy this scroll? You can buy this scroll at Hatius Cosantius or simply type ::store for 300 credits. Flower Poker Rework You are now able to self-plant! You heard it, although still with the automated gambling system which is completely safe. What has been changed? You are now only able to plant at the four 5x2 patches at the Gamble zone. You can now self-plant, if you fail to plant a flower within 5 seconds the system will do it for you. Flowers disappear quicker, white or black flower replants delete all former flowers and no longer bugged tiles blocking you from starting a flower poker game. Important Game Mechanics You can no longer overheal with the food Anglerfish if you have recently been in player-combat. You can no longer preload your granite maul as this was removed on OSRS. You can no longer teleport away immediately after using a special attack on a player, the duration must be atleast 5 seconds. You can no longer cast 'Vengeance Other' when that player has recently been in combat. Patched a bug with karambwans, you can no longer drink a potion immediately after eating a karambwan. The combo is as follows, Shark, brew then eat a karambwan as last. Other updates Added the ::wduel command which teleports you to the edge of duel arena where you are able to watch fights. Raids, Verzik Vitur, will now drop much better items from the `normal` loot table. Boosted combat stats will no longer reset to 99 but stay boosted after using the ornate rejuvenation pool. Guthix rest will no longer bring your HP down to 104 if you already have a HP higher than that. Added two more coal rocks to the donator zone area. You will now receive a confirmation box upon modifying a trading post offer price. Patched all cannon bugs. Patched a bug with ring of vigour and granite maul where it wouldn't granite maul special attack immediately.
  11. Suggestions

    I wanted to redo the treasure chest with a loot table like the slayer drop table and add a chance for an ultra mystery box in it. Isn’t the Anti-Santa quite profitable though? Loco Toro also mostly drops atleast 5M to 5 people, correct me if I’m wrong.
  12. bullshit

    Locked, nothing constructive.
  13. bullshit

    So you have reported players in our discord for being severely toxic with proof, and we haven’t done anything against it?
  14. Rodeo ride

    Lmao and the skill would be AHKing 3 way food to stay alive