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  1. nh clips

  2. My appeal hasn't been looked at

    We always do permanent mutes when it comes to advertising other rsps, I'll lift this one and I hope this serves as a warning to not do that anymore.
  3. Hp Veteran Application

    Let me know when you are online through discord, you surely are a veteran - Approved
  4. I'm honoured as the owner of RuneWild to the wonderful community we have created. As a thank you to whom has played RuneWild in the past years and who stuck with us through our immense growth to be one of the top servers around, I have decided to do a small giving back to our community. I will be hosting 3 x 100M OSRS tournaments every day starting tomorrow for 7 days straight, starting on Saturday 1st of August and ending next week Friday 7th of August. The #1 will be granted 100M OSRS as an item ingame which can be cashed out by right-clicking it. Tournaments The usual tournaments that took place every day ranging from 10M 07 to 80M 07 wil be upped to 100M 07. These tournaments took place at 7:30 PM UTC (Pure NH, Main NH, Hybrid, F2P, Zerker MSB, Max Strength, Dharok's - sorted from monday to sunday) The usual tournaments which happen at 7:30 PM UTC upped to 100M 07 A new tournament, 'Max Strength' which will happen at 9:00 PM UTC for 100M 07 A new tournament, 'Dharoks' which will happen at 10:30 PM UTC for 100M 07 Thanks again to everyone for being apart of RuneWild and start practicing to win these tournaments!
  5. Ferox Enclave Ferox Enclave is the restored remains of a small town south-west of Carrallangar (known today as the Graveyard of Shadows). What is the Ferox Enclave? It's town is a safe area within the Wilderness, meaning players cannot kill other players while within the boundaries of the town. You can bank, recharge your prayer and special attack at the altar and pool of refreshment which is located north-west of the town. How can I get there? You can walk to it through the wilderness, it's located south of the Graveyard of Shadows. You can also get there by typing ::ferox. Is it dangerous? The inside of the Ferox Enclave isn't dangerous. You can't be attacked by others, but outside of it is the wilderness. Players who have had Tele Block cast on them will not be able to enter the town from the outside until the spell has worn off, though players can still enter whilst in combat. Outside of the town by each entrance, there are a few tiles where players cannot be attacked, however whilst teleblocked they can still be attacked here. Collection Log Rewards You will now be rewarded for completing the collection logs of the bosses. The rewards vary from new cosmetics sets to ultra mystery boxes. How do I get rewarded? Receive all drops from a monster and then click on 'claim reward'. What are the rewards? You will receive the Ornate armour set and 5 Ultra mystery boxes from the Nightmare. You will receive the Corrupted armour set and 5 Ultra mystery boxes from the Corporeal Beast. You will receive the Graahk outfit set and 5 Ultra mystery boxes from the Alchemical Hydra. You will receive the Twisted outfit (t3) set and 5 Ultra mystery boxes from the Central Boss (Malevolent Ghost). You will receive the Gravediggers set and 5 Ultra mystery boxes from the Theatre of Blood. You will receive the Sandwich lady outfit set and 5 Ultra mystery boxes from the Chaos fanatic. The other bosses will reward varying from 1x to 4x Ultra mystery boxes. Other updates Elysian spirit shield's graphical effect will now only appear upon actually deducting damage instead of all the time. The lever system has been adjusted, instead of allowing 1 player it now allows an unlimited amount of players per tick who pull it at the right time like OSRS. The purple shadow at verzik vitur phase 3 has been patched, it will now properly stay beneath and damage the player. Twisted bow damage has been patched for a few bosses. A few autocast issues have been patched where you were able to autocast whlst being on the lunar spellbook. The emblems have a proper risk value now, this affects the items kept on death. The ladder at Edgeville PvP has been patched, it will now take you one up instead of teleporting you to home. Godwars zamorak boss now will count towards your greater demon slayer task. Black dragon task teleport through servant has been patched.
  6. Price Fixes (risk)

    Patched most but.. Rings aren't worth 25M, yes they are 25M to be imbued but once your opponent gets the drop he only gets a berserker ring which is worth 1/2M. As for fury it's sell value is 4/5M, atm the economy value is 3.4M since it's based off the sell value at the shop. I could make all shop items have a value in between the sell value and buy value, around 60% of it's buy value.
  7. Before we release the #33 update, which will include the long-awaited group boss and a new game mode, we decided to release a small update to keep you all warmed up! PvP Weapons Revenants will surely be a hotspot with these weapon releases, also the Vesta's armour have been moved from the wilderness bosses Callisto, Ve'tion and Scorpia to the Revenants. These wilderness bosses still drop the Korasi in the `very rare` table. Morrigan's throwing axe You can only use this weapon in the Edgeville wilderness. This weapon can only be used with 78 Ranged. It is unaffected by Ava's device's ammunition saving effect. It has a special attack, Hamstring, that consumes 50% of the player's special attack energy and deals between 20% and 120% of the user's max hit. It will also increase the rate in which the target's run energy is drained by sixfold It is dropped by the Revenants in the Revenants' cave. Morrigan's javelin You can only use this weapon in the Edgeville wilderness. This weapon can only be used with 78 Ranged. It has a special attack, Phantom Strike, that consumes 50% of the player's special attack energy and applies a damage over time effect to the opponent after the special attack is performed. This special attack has no effect on NPCs. Every 3 ticks (1.8 seconds) after the special attack is performed, the opponent will take an additional 5 hitpoints of damage until the same damage dealt by the special attack has been delivered It is dropped by the Revenants in the Revenants' cave. Zuriel's staff You can only use this weapon in the Edgeville wilderness. This weapon can only be used with 78 Magic and Attack. A passive effect which boosts Ice spells - 10% increased accuracy. A passive effect which boosts Blood spells - Hitpoints restoration is increased by 50%. It is dropped by the Revenants in the Revenants' cave. Multi Wars: Control and Conquer We will be holding wars from time to time which will be livestreamed by me for a certain prize ranging from ingame to possibly OSRS gp. This isn't a new concept, we used to do this around 2018 with atleast 60 players participating from 3 different clans. I'm interested to see what the turn-up will be 2 years later with a much bigger playerbase. The Concept Every team spawns in an instance at a different location past the gate at lvl. 50, you cannot leave your team zone until the game starts. In order to win you have to be the last team standing or kill the boss Vorkath with your team. The boss Vorkath will spawn 3 minutes after the round starts. Vorkath's hitpoints will reset if it gets hit by a different team than he was hit before, you can cancel the opposing team killing Vorkath if you risk to attack the boss. The Mage Bank Multi war spot is north from the level 52 Wilderness Obelisk The Rules Your team must consist from 15 to 20 members. You will bring your own items into the war. You cannot bring more than 12 brews. You cannot bring an Elysian spirit Shield or Dinh's bulwark. Other updates Your attack delays caused by eating are now exactly the same as OSRS after thoroughly testing it with @Death on OSRS. You will now be prompted another warning message upon selling an item which is below 20% of it's economy value. You can no longer enter the high risk zone whilst having a (temporary) godsword or dragon claws. Red and green casket now drops more often. Patched most economy prices. Weapon styles changing in between items for halberds have been fixed. Inquisitor armour special attack bar has been removed.
  8. Lots of reworks and QoLs like promised, you will enjoy this one! Next update will be an expansion of end game content, creating new game modes and a long awaited group boss. Bounty Hunter The interface has been reworked to match the new OSRS one, there are now lots of bounty tasks and a wilderness hotspot which rewards you with an Archaic emblem. Blighted rune packs have also been added to the PK store. Bounty Tasks You can now be assigned a bounty task by clicking on the 'Bounty Task' button on the interface You can view all the tasks in this wiki: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Bounty_Hunter You will have to kill your target in the way the assigned task tells you too, upon failure of a task e.g. kill your target without using body armour and you did attack the target with body armour on. You'd have to leave and re-enter the wilderness to be eligible for the reward. The reward after completing a task is an Archaic emblem tier 5 to 7. Bounty Hotspot There is a button at the left-bottom of the interface which tells you the current Bounty Hotspot. The Bounty Hotspot has a chance of rewarding you with an Archaic emblem tier 5 when you kill your target in the defined area. Gear System The gear system received a great interface update, making it much easier to see what's inside a gear slot. What was changed on the interface? The interface has been fully reworked to be more user friendly, a button was added which you can left-click instead of having to right-click in order to change a gears appearance or loadout. Upon hovering a gear slot it will now show you the equipment and inventory, you no longer need to click on all your gear slots to see what it contains. What was changed with the system? You can now do Ctrl+Q in order to load your latest loaded loadout, speeds up things very well. Loading a gear will now restore your special attack, you no longer need to go to a special attack pool. You can only use this feature once per minute even if you have the ultimate, diamond, royal donator rank. You can still go to the special attack pool if you want to recharge it more than once per minute. Banking System We have modified the interface to match the current OSRS Bank and added some neat features. You can now modify the left-click quantity button, upon left-clicking an item in your inventory or in the bank you can change the deposit or withdraw value to 1-5-10-X-All You can now view your equipment in the banking screen by the equipment button at the left-top. You can equip and un-equip items here. You can change the appearance of the tab displays, first item in tab, digits or roman numerals. You can now release all placeholders with a button in the settings tab at the right-top, also a few other options for the appearance of the bank. Summer Event: Aurora The Ice queen needs a helping hand, Aurora and it's pyros are spewing fire throughout the wilderness. Gather 20.000 Summer tickets and she will reward you with great rewards. What is the reward? You will receive an summer box after bringing 20.000 Summer tickets to Ice queen. The summer box rewards you several cosmetics and exclusive items. How can I obtain Summer tickets? You can obtain the tickets by killing Pyros in the wilderness, they don't return as quick after dying so head off to the other zones before someone else kills them. Every three hours Aurora will appear near Demonic Ruins, after it's death it will reward you the Summer tickets equal to 50% of the amount of damage you've done. Pyros spewing fire, standing on them damages you for a few seconds. Larran's Chests & Keys Every monster in the wilderness drops the Larran's key, the higher the monsters HP the higher the chance that it drops it. It has a chance of rewarding the Dagon' hai robes, upon a reward of 25M+ it will be broadcasted to the entire server so be aware! What are the rewards? The small Larran's chest close to hills, chaos altar around lvl. 18, this chest rewards ranging from 2M to 27M in items. The big Larran's chest inside the Pirate ship at lvl. 55 west of Mage Bank, this chest rewards ranging from 5M to 50M in items. Other updates Amulet of blood fury has been added, you can purchase the blood shard for 20K PK Points at the PK Store. Sponsor+ ranks can now do Ctrl+T to open their trading post. You can now make the blade of saeldor (c) upon upgrading it with 1000 crystal shards. Added warning timers into trading, flower poker and dicing upon removal or adjustment of an offer. Added emblem tier 5 to slayer uncommon loot table. You now have a bigger chance to receive uncommon loot table at slayer monsters. There is a 50% chance when offering a bone on the wild chaos altar that it will not be consumed. Through servant you can now teleport to the donator monster zone teleports of bosses which are also in the donator zone. You can now recharge your special attack by just loading your gear, this is capped to once per minute even if you have the best donator rank. Monster loots now show which KC you got it on through the server broadcast. Emblem tiers now reward much more. Crumble undead at Vorkath now always does 100% damage without a splash. The purple attack of Vorkath no longer blocks you activating your prayers for a few seconds, it just disables it. You can no longer get the same slayer task after cancelling one. Your ::risk will now be triggered upon entering the risk zone. Demonic gorilla kills count as black demons on bd task. You can now enable your prayers when you jump the edgeville ditch.
  9. Wildy Diversity

    What are you trying to suggest though? That ranged gear should be tankier?
  10. What's boppin -Justin Here

    wb mate, weren't you the one with the festival videos? or is that someone else on your account
  11. I'm open to changes, just PM me with any of your designs and lets find the best one
  12. Could you PM me on discord, we have patched this issue and reimbursing the players that lost due to this bug.
  13. We might be working on the bounty hunter rework for #32, depends on the amount of work that comes in from suggestions.