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  1. OSRS Token Cash-in

    PM me on discord mate
  2. i donated 24.9%

    Issue has been resolved, closed.
  3. Check the video mate, you have to lure it to the correct fountain first.
  4. Alchemical Hydra We have implemented the Alchemical Hydra, you can get there by talking to the Teleportation Wizard at home. The fight attributes work exactly the same way as on OSRS, you can watch the tutorial video below on how to kill it the easiest way. Items lost within the Hydra room can be obtained by re-entering, it will be on the ground. Drops You can obtain the Brimstone ring You can obtain the Hydra's eye, fang and heart and combine them together to create the brimstone ring. You can obtain the Dragon hunter lance by combining the Hydra's claw with a Zamorakian hasta You can obtain the Boots of brimstone You can obtain the Alchemical Hydra pet Ikkle Hydra Central Boss: El Loco Toro The infamous Loco Toro is back, this time it's even more enraged and has evolved into a huge red Toro. Fight Attributes El Loco Toro attacks a random player in his radius for a random amount of time before running off in a certain direction away from everyone. On attack there is a chance that the attacked player gets stunned and pushed back. The Toro can walk over walls and stones (objects) due to its huge size. Drops It has the same drop table as Vorkath (prior to when it was a Central Boss). You can obtain the pet Loco Toro Jr, which is a miniature version of the Central boss. Vorkath The Central Boss is no longer Vorkath, it has been replaced with El Loco Toro. You can get there by talking to the Teleportation Wizard. The fight attributes work exactly the same way as on OSRS, you can watch the tutorial video below on how to kill it the easiest way. Drops You can obtain the Vorkath's Head You can obtain the Dragonfire ward and Draconic visage. You can obtain misc. items worth around 5-10M You can obtain the pet Vorki Mystery Boxes Mystery boxes have had a great revamp! You will no longer perceive these boxes as waste and losing money, instead it mostly guarantees the base price as a reward and adding quite a big chance on doubling or quadrupling your invested money through the various tables we've added. The boxes Mystery box - 20 credits Ultra Mystery box - 85 credits Tables Ultra-rare table containing scythe, avernic defender, ghrazi rapier, ferocious gloves and the christmas cracker. Rare table containing prayer scroll, h'ween masks, kodai wand, 3rd age and pet mystery box Moderate table containing spectral spirit shield, dragon warhammer, vesta's longsword, ancestral top and bottoms. Mediocre table containing heavy ballista, all godswords except the armadyl version, primordial, eternal and pegasian boots. Loss table containing fury, abyssal whip and tentacle. Sell-back value All items in the loss, mediocre and moderate table, except for the vesta's longsword, can be instantly sold to Vannaka. What's common? You will have a big chance on receiving the mediocre table upon opening the normal Mystery box. You will have a big chance on receiving the moderate table upon opening the Ultra Mystery box with bigger chances on the tables above. Make-over Mage All colours and clothing are now the same as OSRS. Bug Fixes Revamped the zoom and area view distance system, it's now static like OSRS. Godwars minions no longer respawn before the boss is dead, it's delayed and spawns at the same time as the boss. The risk calculation system now also calculates the items in the looting bag. Double drops from monsters such as 2x black dragonhide are now able to be picked up by ironman. A safespot at the donator zone against Vorkath has been patched. Fury no longer protects over dragon pickaxe. Runecrafting issues patched with the blood and soul altar. Crafting gems is now automatic. Quick gear interface scrollbar now works with the mouse wheel.
  5. Money making Guide

    Quality for sure, other than PKing and killing revenants, I find just casually doing Slayer is profitable too.
  6. Need some help

    Contact me on discord, join our discord at https://discordapp.com/invite/7uEtVx
  7. Wilderness: Resource Area We have made it where the resource area has alot of buffs whilst skilling in it. You can get here by walking from Mage Bank or with the Skills necklace which can be bought from the Misc. store. You can mine, woodcut, fish, cook and smith in the Resource area. You have a chance on receiving the new 3rd age druidic items whilst skilling here. You can use the banker in the Resource area to note and unnote fish, ores, wood and bars. Bonuses whilst skilling You will receive a bonus fish every time you catch a fish. You will receive a bonus ore every time you mine a rock. You will receive a bonus log every time you cut a tree. Fletching Making crossbows You are able to make stocks from logs which are used to make crossbows. You can make an unstrung crossbow by using a stock on a limb. You can use a crossbow string on an unstrung crossbow to make a crossbow. Making bolts You can make bolts by using feathers on unfinished bolts. You can chisel a gem in order to make bolt tips which you can use on bolts to make enchanted bolts. (we skipped the enchant magic spell effect) Making a bow You can make an unstrung bow by using a knife on a log. You can use a bowstring on an unstrung bow to make a bow. Making arrows You can make arrow shafts by using a knife on a log. You can make headless arrows by using feathers on arrow shafts. You can make arrows by using headless arrows with arrowtips. Making darts You can make darts by using feathers on dart tips. Dragon dart tips are dropped by all dragons and Vorkath. Making javelins You can make javelin shafts by using a knife on a log. You can make javelins by using javelin shafts on javelin heads. Dragon javelin heads are dropped by all dragons, Demonic gorilla and Vorkath. Zulrah now drops a tanzanite fang instead of a toxic blowpipe. You need to chisel the fang in order to make a toxic blowpipe or you can choose the 20.000 zulrah scales option. Runecrafting The Abyss You can get to the Abyss by talking to the Mage of Zamorak. Mage of Zamorak can be found in Edgeville wilderness at lvl. 4 and in the master area of the donator island. A small twist from OSRS, the wrath altar can be entered through the Abyss instead of the Myth's guild. Runecrafting pouches You can store pure and rune essences into those pouches. You can obtain the runecrafting pouches through the permanent achievement `Craft x runes`. The small pouch at the first perk, the medium and large one at the second and the giant pouch at the third perk. Making tiara's Use tiara and the corresponding talisman on the altar of that particular talisman. Making runes Use a rune or pure essence in order to make runes You need dark essence fragments in order to make soul and blood runes. You can obtain those by mining the dense rock, bringing them to the dark altar and crafting them afterwards. Making combination runes To make combination runes, players need to bring equal amounts of pure essence and elemental runes, and a talisman or tiara to craft the combination rune. Mining You can now mine ores: Dense block Pure essence Tin Copper Iron Coal Gold Mithril Adamantite Runite Amethyst We have added four new areas designed for mining Mining Guild (Tin, Copper, Iron, Coal, Gold, Mithril, Adamantite & Amethyst ore) Crafting Guild (Gold ore) Rune essence mine (Pure and rune essence) Dense runestone (Dense essence block) You can now obtain the dragon pickaxe from the following bosses: Callisto Venenatis Vet'ion Chaos Elemental King Black Dragon You can now obtain the infernal pickaxe by using a smouldering stone (dropped by Cerberus) on a dragon pickaxe: Mining rocks with it will give a 1/3 chance for the ore to be smelted as it's mined. The ore will be consumed and will grant you some smithing experience based on the amount that would usually be gained when creating a bar from the ore. We have added a new permanent achievement: Mine 1K ores -> 2K ores -> 4K ores You can store your coals in a Coal bag: The coal bag is obtainable from the permanent achievement: Mine 1K ores It will let you store up to 36 coals in the bag. Smithing You can now smelt bars: Bronze Iron Steel Gold Mithril Adamantite Runite You can smith in the following regions East of edgeville bank [Furnace] Ressource area [Furnace + Anvil] Crafting guild [Furnace] Master donator zone [Anvil] West side of varrock [Anvil] You can now make cannonballs by using an ammo mould on the furnace (need steel bars) Thieving You can now steal from stalls and NPCs Stalls in south of Edgeville Baker's Stall, 5K gp (level 5 thieving) Silk Stall, 10K gp (level 20 thieving) Spice Stall, 30K gp (level 65 thieving) Gem Stall, 50K gp (level 75 thieving You have a small chance of thieving an uncut onyx from the gem stalls. Vote Bonus You will now receive a double PK Drops bonus for 45 minutes after voting on all the websites. Miscellaneous Zulrah no longer drops magma and tanzanite helms, instead he drops it's mutagens which you can use on the serpentine helm in order to transform. The helms are now untradeable and in a PvP death reverted back into a serpentine helm and given to your opponent. You can now craft the serpentine helm into 20K zulrah's scales. You can now spin flax and sinew into crossbow and bow strings south of Edgeville bank. The tabbing bug from riskzone which told that you are still in the wilderness has been patched. We have added the support and veteran rank.
  8. Thank fuck for trading post

  9. Don't sniff petrol from a can

    nothing wrong with a bit of petrol
  10. New Duel System I have introduced a chatbox option dialog prior to the duel screen where the player's can choose what kind of stake they want to do. Due to this system you may no longer change your duel rules if you choose the bottom two options, making it impossible to scam. The staking and gambling limits have been removed. An UUID blocking system has been added to gambling restrictions. You can now block your computer and IP Address from gambling by talking to the Gambler. Caskets For Free You can now open caskets for free. Upon opening the caskets you will be prompted a dialog which gives you the option to open it for free. You have 66% less chance on receiving a rare upon opening it for free. Unskull Command You can now unskull by using the command ::unskull. You must be premium+ (150 total used credits) to use this command. You may not be in the wilderness whilst doing this. You may not use this for 30 seconds after being in combat. Referral System We have added the ability for youtubers to reward their viewers by having a certain referral code. Type ::refer then the name of the referrer. You will be rewarded a Vote box. You can use this referral code for 24 hours after creation. You can only claim one referral reward per 24 hours, with the exception for a few youtubers who will have a special referral code that may be claimed uniquely. Risk More For A Bigger Reward You will now get rewarded more for risking more. Upon risking 50M+ gp in Edgeville you will receive a 100% bonus in PK Drops. Upon risking 200M+ gp in Edgeville you will receive a 200% bonus in PK Drops. 1 Credit & 1 Vote Point In order to avoid confusion amongst our players we have added a 1 credit item and a 1 vote point item. Miscellaneous You will now earn 25% more experience for doing elite slayer tasks and 5% for hard slayer tasks. I have added various icons to make the chatbox and yellow messages more prominent. You can now zoom in more whilst being in the fullscreen or resizeable mode. A bug has been patched where certain items couldn't be sold to the trading post. A bug has been patched where you would be lowered to 117 HP after logging in. A bug has been patched where donators would have a prayer drain advantage inside tournaments.
  11. Big list of suggs

    1. This has been added for premium+ 2. I checked it out and there is already a veng timer. 3. I checked this out and I couldn't recreate the bug. 4. Those items have been patched. 5. I would rather give the people who have been grinding the league seasons a slight edge on winning the new season, I already have a system which deducts ELO if the player has been active for longer than 3 days. 6. Elite slayer tasks will now give a 25% buff on a monster kill and task completion, hard elite tasks will give a 5% buff. 7. I'll be doing these hopefully tomorrow. 8. It has been added. 9. These will be done by tomorrow's update, thanks for the clarification. 10. Maybe in the future, needs some heavy testing. 11. I have made it so you can open caskets for free, although this will reduce the chance of getting a rare by 66%. Bugs section All the noted bugs have been patched. Suggestions #1 has been added, the rest isn't really of priority right now. Thanks for this topic, I always read through them and program the ones I can add right away.
  12. Battle Mage Slayer tasks

    Any suggestions on what to remove or add to hard tasks?
  13. PvP Leagues: Season VI The official Season VI has started and ends in the morning of the 1st of May, 6 AM GMT. I congratulate the winners of the previous season. More information on the contents of PvP Leagues https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/2361-pvp-leagues-system/ Season V Rewards #1 - 20M OSRS, 50$ credits scroll & 50.000 Wild Points #2 - 10M OSRS, 25$ credits scroll & 25.000 Wild Points #3 - 10$ credits scroll & 10.000 Wild Points Season V Winners Ranked by divisions & tiers first, after that by LP and as last by ELO Hybrid #1 KEEP TALKING, 1199 ELO - Silver II #2 IIlIIlllIIlP, 1113 ELO - Silver III (56 LP) #3 NON PAREIL, 1122 ELO - Silver III (30 LP) Pure NH #1 XiaoA1ZBN38a, 1421 ELO - Gold II #2 KILO, 1343 ELO - Gold III (26 LP) #3 sissy boy, 1245 ELO - Gold III (0 LP) Maxed #1 high risker, 1381 ELO - Gold III #2 Number1 Prod, 1253 ELO - Silver I (69 LP) #3 Lumin, 1245 ELO - Silver I (16 LP) Pure #1 RAZCLART, 790 ELO - Bronze III (74 LP) #2 BIG TOUCH, 832 ELO - Bronze III (60 LP) #3 Hippolord, 855ELO - Bronze III (55 LP) The rewards will be given tonight automatically
  14. Email verification

    Did you claim the reward at Town crier?
  15. Staking BIG + Infernal Cape GIVEAWAY!!

    Nice man generous.