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  1. Freezing client

    RAM/CPU issues maybe? Check your task manager whilst it freezes to see if your PC is causing it.
  2. Update suggestions

    Patched the hydra drops not showing in chatbox, what do you mean with the 3 hits? PM me on discord about it. As for CoX, it's the same as OSRS, not sure how head-turning can be faster than OSRS, I really mimiced it and compared 1000 times to get it perfect. LMS is being worked on.
  3. HiScores for Realism

    Working on it!
  4. Magic + Raids & more

    Patched scythe for next update, we are working on tile markers and overlay timers. The room already works that way where 2k has a lower chance of getting a rare drop, although I will make this more prominent instead of it being a 3-5% difference, it will probably be a 15-20% difference if you have low points. I'll look into the auto-attack magic staffs. Thanks!
  5. PvP

    Gmaul isn't broken if you are used to other servers, those are broken. Food eating is the same as OSRS, please provide clip proof with comparisons if you think otherwise. Anglerfish doesn't heal over 99 if you have been in combat recently, like OSRS. Divine pots work like OSRS too.
  6. Bank glitch

    Quite sure it's just a visual bug, we haven't had an item disappearance bug in years.
  7. Pvp suggestions

    Patched the anglerfish eating, it will now no longer cap the healing if you are in a safezone.
  8. CTRL+Q does NOT bank your money!

    Odd, you are really the only one experiencing these 'bugs'. PM me on discord.
  9. CTRL+Q does NOT bank your money!

    I checked myself, it does bank it for me. Do you possibly have a max cash stack of gp in your bank? If so just convert that into platinum tokens so you can easily bank your looted coins into your bank automatically by swapping gears (CTRL+Q)
  10. Winter Event: Ice Queen The Ice Queen has taken control! King David has been turned into a yeti and asks for your help in Edgeville. Bring him your winter tickets and he will reward you. What is the reward? You will receive a Winter box after bringing 20.000 Winter tickets to King David. The Winter box rewards you several cosmetics and exclusive items. The Ice Queen has a 1/500 chance of dropping its exclusive Inverted santa hat. How can I obtain Winter tickets? You can obtain the tickets by killing Ice soldiers in the wilderness, they don't return as quick after dying so head off to the other zones before someone else kills them. Every three hours Ice Queen will appear near Demonic Ruins, after it's death it will reward you the Winter tickets equal to 50% of the amount of damage you've done. For the location of the Ice soldiers click here (https://i.gyazo.com/5daeebbe1036b112ed98ad5b33f015ab.png) What are the attack styles of the Ice Queen? The Ice Queen has a 85% chance of doing a magical attack, the magical attack freezes you if it's successful - it's the Ice Barrage Ancient Magicks spell attack. The attack can be negated by using the Protect from Magic prayer. The Ice Queen has a 15% chance of doing a ranged attack, The attack can be negated by using the Protect from Ranged prayer. When Ice Queen's HP is below 75% it will spawn 2-4x Ice soldiers every few attacks which will choose a random target. New Dungeons & PvM Drop Tables New Dungeons have been added to provide alternative training or slayer spots. Which dungeons were added? Asgarnian Ice Dungeon: Mugger, Pirates, Hobgoblins, Ice warriors, Ice giants & Skeletal wyverns Waterfall Dungeon: Shadow spiders & Fire giants Ancient Cavern: Brutal green dragons & Mithril dragons, Waterfiends + misc. Skeletons. Which monsters drop tables were tweaked? All slayer monsters gp drops were buffed, we have buffed the PK drops in the past year without buffing the PvM gp drops. Verzik Vitur's drop table has been tweaked, the Justiciar set & Ghrazi rapier has been moved down to the rare table from the very rare table. Other updates The spear attack has been adjusted to the new OSRS update, after getting speared at the end of your stun you will now have a 3 second immunity timer from magical freezes. The central and seasonal boss now require you to skull in order to attack. A few UI changes, added the music tab, changed the events icon, the quest tab icon also changes based on which subtab you are on, profile being the blue icon, events being red and achievements being green. Al-Kharid scorpion pit has been filled with scorpions, also the Al-Kharid bank scorpion spawn has been added. You can no longer ignore the risk protection system when attacking someone in single whilst being in multi. The enchanted gem now shows many more alternative monster spots outside the wilderness. Dragon hunter lance is now a tad better compared to ranged whilst using on Vorkath. You can no longer trade on the flower poker tiles in order to prevent scams. Patched the ferox safezone system, you can now properly attack players who lose their 'safe' immunity due to attacking you. Patched the ::unban command for clanchats. Patched the twisted ancestral pieces to buff the maximum magic damage. Patched non-spawnable items (e.g. Magma/Tanzanite mutagen) not being seen when the 'show spawnable items' was toggled off. Patched the click area of the orbs, you will no longer miss-click whilst clicking on the minimap. Patched the click area of the minimap, the far right side was unclickable.
  11. Theatre of Blood

    I understand the part with justiciar, where it should be less rare and not in the same table. Along with ghrazi rapier which shouldn't be in the same table since it devalued quite a lot past 2 months. We could probably add both of those to another table. Although Sanguinesti staff, Ferocious gloves, Avernic hilt & Scythe of Vitur should still belong in the rarest table, if we put those in an easier table the price will devalue making them worthless items.
  12. Botchecks

    It shouldn't really block you from logging in, unless you entered the wrong password too many times. Then it would block you for 5-10 minutes.
  13. Botchecks

    You managed to log back in?
  14. Chambers of Xeric: The Great Olm It is finally here, the group boss you have all been waiting for, the Great Olm! This raid consists of only the final room, the Great Olm, with 1:1 mechanics to OSRS. The Great Olm can be fought in normal and challenge mode. How can I get there? You can get there by using the teleports of the Ancient Wizard, monsters > Raids 1 (Great Olm) What are its characteristics? Deaths inside the chamber are fully safe and you will be respawned at the rope, you will only lose points. You can create a room with either the Normal or Challenge mode. With the challenge mode the Great Olm has higher bonuses and max hits. In return you have a chance of receiving the twisted ancestral kit and the metamorphic dust. The Great Olm scales based on the amount of players in the chamber. You are able to withdraw 'Raids potions' from the 'Raids supplies' kist before the raid starts, this kit will spawn next to the rope. The Great Olm has 3 or more phases per raid depending on the amount of players in the raid. The Great Olm has 3 different phase-styles which is randomly picked when a phase starts, Acid, Flame and the Crystal phase. A phase ends when the hands die, on the last phase after the death of the hands the Great Olm's head will be attackable and all phase-style attacks will be used by the Great Olm. What is its fighting style? The Great Olm is quite the complicated boss if not the most complicated boss in RuneWild. It has magic and ranged standard attacks along with a special sphere attack in all three different combat styles. Each phase-style has 2 unique attacks, a fire phase will have fire related attacks and the acid one will have acid related attacks. Aside from the phase-style attacks, there are also attacks executed by the left-hand, if the left hand is clenched or dead these won't execute. In between phases stalagmites will fall from the sky hurting anyone on the tile and the surrounding tiles. These stalagmites will also fall during the final phase. On the final phase all phase-style attacks will be able to be used and an extra attack will be added which is called the healing pool. More in-depth information related to attacks, damage amount, the way the head movement works can be found in the guides below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5yDAKSaRVo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sACYyrEdD7w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0xWBFQZDD New Game Mode: Realism A new mode on RuneWild! You can now train your combat stats and play like you would on OSRS without spawning. What are the experience rates? 25x for Combat 10x for Skills What is the difference? You have a 5% drop rate bonus. You cannot set your combat levels, you will have to train them like our Ironman game mode. The biggest difference is that unlike our Spawn game mode, you cannot spawn basic items, these cost gp and can be purchased through the shops. The restrictions with the Realism game mode towards the Spawn game mode You cannot pickup spawnable items dropped by the Spawn game mode. You cannot receive spawnable items from the Spawn game mode through gambling or trading. Flower Poker Rework Flower Poker has received a few QoL additions, more patches and a High Roller patch! What are the changes? You can now challenge your opponent from the end of the flower poker patch, this will come in handy when you have just played a game and don't want to run back to the starting spot. There are now 8 patches instead of 4, no more waiting for others. We have added a High Roller patch, the pot at this patch (the southern-middle patch) must be atleast 5B gp. Risk Zone Rework The risk zone has been reworked after it being suggested lots of times. What are the changes? There are now 3 risk zones instead of the original 1 where the back size of the zone wasn't even used. You will now teleport to the middle of the 3 risk zones by using the command ::rz. Upon death or teleport inside these risk zones you will teleport to the same spot as the command, in the middle of these three zones. Added a ::bridrisk command for hybrids or NHers who want to risk in a larger zone. Event System The new Event system has been reworked, now it's more organized and gives more information about the event. What are the changes? The events have now been split up to, Active (which event has started, Upcoming (which event has to start) The events now show the location, status (e.g. at chest/keys whether it's picked up or where it is) and the command that can be used to get there. The upcoming events are ordered by the time that there is left for an event to start. You can now toggle off certain yellow broadcast messages (the one that pop up above your chatbox) by the 'Prefs' button at the right-bottom of the interface. During the King of the Hill event the Events button will have red borders along with the KotH stats showing on top. Haunted Event: Headless Gardener The headless gardener is beheading everyone that steps foot into the wilderness, help Rick by stopping the headless gardener and its disciples. What is the reward? You will receive a haunted box after bringing 20.000 Haunted tickets to Rick. The haunted box rewards you several cosmetics and exclusive items. The Headless Gardener has a 1/100 chance of dropping its exclusive gilded spade. How can I obtain Haunted tickets? You can obtain the tickets by killing Headless disciples in the wilderness, they don't return as quick after dying so head off to the other zones before someone else kills them. Every three hours Headless Gardener will appear near Demonic Ruins, after it's death it will reward you the Haunted tickets equal to 50% of the amount of damage you've done. For the location of the Headless disciples click here (https://i.gyazo.com/5daeebbe1036b112ed98ad5b33f015ab.png) Other updates The Amulet of blood fury has been buffed like OSRS with a 20% chance of healing you for 30% of your melee damage. The risk protection tiers in the wilderness have been changed to 25M, 50M and 100M. Added a toggle to hide/show spawnable items on the ground for the Spawn mode. Added a toggle to hide/show unpickable items on the ground for the Realism & Ironman mode. E.g. Spawnable items dropped by the spawn mode can be hidden for Realism like this, or any item that can't be picked up by an Ironman will be hidden. Realism and Ironman modes can now lock their combat experience through !toggle. You will continue receiving visual XP drops. XP Drops will continue showing even if you have 200M experience in a skill. You can now swap your chat icon in !toggle, the options being: Actual rank(Ironman/Realism/Veteran/Mod), Sponsor Rank or None/Hide. You can now lookup a monster drops by right-clicking on the wiki tab, clicking on lookup then click on the monster. The account tab has been added with lots of useful data, such as your trading post status, collection log, slayer/boss log & more. Ignore list has been merged with the Friends list. Friends list and ignore list have been reworked, this system will prevent double name bugs and give support to names with the '-' character. You can now toggle off the quick gear hover through the 'prefs' button. The clanchat has been rewritten to support up to 400 members. Added the longrange system to the Powered staffs (Sanguinesti, tsotd etc.), their distance on default is now 7 and on longrange 9. King Black Dragon has been added to the Collection Log. Fremennik kilt has been added to the PK Points store for 25K PK Points. The entangle XP drop is now the same as OSRS, 70 on splash and 89 on hit. Added the ::pure and ::nh commands which teleports you to its Edgeville Hotspots. You can now alch your pets as an Ultimate ironman, you will receive 50M gp in return. Zamorak brew effects have been updated to be like OSRS. You can no longer PJ in league fights, fight evasion during league fights no longer end the league fight that quick (2 mins now) it's also punishable. The death reclaim chest at Theatre of Blood now also functions as the Death npc, where you can get your items back if you died in an instance. The infamous tournament bug which would give one player an unknown target halting the entire tournament has been patched. Leather body and the Tzhaar-ket-om have been added to the ironman shops. Improved the banking system for max-stack banking, it will now bank/withdraw up to the maximum amount in your bank or inventory. Fixed the bug in Theatre of Blood where you can get attacked by an unknown attack in the death-cage. Fixed the bugged tile at Nightmare which could make players immune to attacks. Fixed the pricing guide bug where you weren't able to use the add-all option. Fixed the screenshots system showing double menus. Fixed the drawing order of the xp bar to not draw on top of interfaces. Fixed the bank tab icons, they will no longer show the amount of the item like OSRS. The Iron Man Tutor is back! He resides in the slayer house. You can no more animation stall with the goblin bow. Ancient staff pound no longer gives defence experience. The Report button will work as quick links to report a bug or a player.
  15. nh clips