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  1. Staff Application - L0OT

    +1 Incredible game knowledge super friendly.
  2. Change to Seasonal Event Boxes

    Not enough cosmetics to fill all the boxs like the old days.
  3. Revenant cave

    Feel free to join "mercy" cc in order to farm revs and ::mercydiscord to read the rules of doing so! =) Pm me any questions u got about mercy
  4. Mercy CC

    Invite link was updated, must of bugged out.
  5. Dohx Staff Application

    +1 from me has deep knowledge of the game, high tier pvmer and humble beggings! Great friend aswell!
  6. MERCY'S XMAS EVENT Hello fellow Runewilders! It is my pleasure to present to you , Mercys Christmas/Hannukah/Sodoku, EVENTS SCHEDUALE! We will be giving away a total of around 50-100b ! There will be several events hosted threw out the week but this thread will be focused on 1 day specifically, that in which is the 23rd of December(friday)!(times are following GMT time zone(greenwich mean time) 22:00-23:00= Inner Tournaments, in which all the players who participate will be put into a pool and divided into 2 teams ! 2 Seperate voice channels will be made and teams will be moved for communications/calls ! Each team will have 2 captains who will act as main callers!(Prize will be between 10-30b). Style still TBD!(f2p,barrows,40 defence,pures) 23:00-23:45= Corp Mass ! Anyone who gets an announced drop that isnt an ely will get a "Rip Ely" by everyone, and receive 10 ultra m boxs! 23:45-00:30= Scribble Time! We will be hosting scribble perhaps 1 or 2 games at the same time ! Each winner will receive a prize! Will be monitered for cheaters... 00:30-01:00- Image Hide n seek ! I will post a picture of my location on the discord and whoever finds me will get a prize! And to end in the best way possible...... 01:00-1:45 - "Secreat Game" ... the most fun game to play with ur friends which always ends up in non stop laughter! Those who participate will find out how it works , rules etc will be explained, whoever has played it knows how it ends... and afterwards a drop party will be hosted for anyone who has participated! ALL THE EVENTS WILL BE HOSTED IN A SEPERATE DISCORD NOT RELATED TO MERCY THAT WILL BE DELETED AFTER THE EVENTS IS OVER ! Discord link: https://discord.gg/BHkUjsddJS DONATION LIST: - No more Fp - 30b -XGoon- 3.2b -Joyerino - 31b
  7. #Gunslingers | The Destruction of Demon Vennys

    Gunslingers look like a solid team ! Good job and nice kills : ) !

    Very good vid and edit my brotha, and gf vallhalla on the 10v10. #mercy tings
  9. Staff

    Remeber the day we meet, the storys we told each other about our runescape expriences, when u told me ur dream to be #1 rank max xp at realism and i thought u were crazy, haha! Good to see u grow brother, always see u help people in unity discord and ingame cc . U are a stand up G +1 Vouch from me brother, Good luck in ur app fam!
  10. RuneWild 2022 Server Trailer

    Sick vid bro ! Best editor #mercy
  11. 30 30 staff application

    Active and helpfull member from unity cc . +1 vouch Good luck !

    Great guide , very well put and detailed. As per usual good job Mr.toe !

    Yet no max kill pics on me ? . Maybe 1 day :3 <3.

    521 point lead and u guys still lost sunday. #NotAGoodLook for VH at all same numbers aswell.

    Mercy Savages have spent the prior week fighting an unholy-dog-shit alliance, all bound together by a wet paper towel known as the Valhalla CC. The ShoshaKebab remake known as, Akuma, KOS (LOL), and even the Once-Mighty SnapChat Group were called upon to challenge Mercy dominance. Some say, I get my writing style from the leader of a closed Single team, but that is false, my writing style comes from a man who can not be mentioned for legal reasons, but it's safe to say 6-.... (OH CRAP) COUGH I mean Mercy. Will Always Be First And Foremost A Multi Team. We may come give you a little nuggie during the Single boss and give your alliance of single + multi team merge a desperate struggle but when it comes to our area, and we mass the GOONS, it doesn't even come close. Mercy Leadership can admit we got Complacent; we had been fighting the kebab-alliance for the better part of a week in single; we figured because of the constant beat downs and humiliations in multi Valhalla CC had learnt their place and had just become a justiciar veng bolting team for their allies, we figured they were done with multi. Valhalla hard massed to fight the friday KOTH event, and managed to secure a win over 12 Mercy voice chat users, and boy did they let us know about it. You would think they had won a 200Meter Sprint in a wheel chair by how much pipe was said, AND THEY WERE NOT GOING TO GIVE A FIGHT ON THE SUNDAY VS A FULL MASS THIS WAS THEIR CAPE. Mercy Masterminds took note of this and planned to fight koth with a full mass the following friday, where Deranking is no issue, however we were LIED TO BY A WEASEL We fought, we destroyed, we "left no doubt", they unranked, got a dildo shoved repeatedly up their bum bum. What was even funnier was when Valhalla (+ Various alliances) realised despite the derank they were STILL GOING TO LOSE VIA POINTS (LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL) the NERD at the Valhalla support office came up with a plan to Rerank people and attempt a final hit from the 30 line south of REVS, scoop up some points tele out before dying and claim victory. Well of course Mercy heard this as it was happening and had designated TBers to deny the escape. THIS MADE IT WORSE FOR THEM As it stands, since opening 4 months ago Mercy has won 99.6 perfect of twice-weekly KOTH events we congrulate vallhalla on the 0.4%, although it was short lived.. MERCY IS HERE TO STAY