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  1. Remove Corp from Slayer or add instance,

    There is instanced Corp for Ultimate+ donors.
  2. GPU mode is sooooo fresh! Great work @David & @Ry
  3. How 2 log in?

    We are aware of this problem & are seeking the cause/solution. Hopefully resolved within the next 24 hours.
  4. R E D's Staff application

    More activity in help cc & helping over yell-chat would be a +. Regardless I know you are helpful in public chat, it's a support from me.
  5. HASH ROSIN Staff Application

    GL Hash, has my support. More activity inside help cc would be a +.
  6. What are the signature limitations?

    ummm i think theres only limits to size which is pretty large. You can check by trying to upload one. Also checkout my forum siggy shop
  7. what should i do with my money?

    3B isn't a crazy amount. Just continue grinding, stay away from gambling and you'll get there quicker than you think.
  8. what should i do with my money?

    1st big purchase should be Scythe.
  9. Good luck on the grind man! I'll be tuning in if I ever catch ya when i'm on.
  10. Do ranks even boost pkp as intended?

    This has been fixed. closed.
  11. BaguetteRSPS's Staff application

    GL man. would love to see you in the help cc more & helping on yell chat etc
  12. Crystal Keys Collection logs

    Fully support this! Suggesting to devs
  13. RW Blackjack's GFX Shop

    Pm'ed ya!
  14. Looking for Infernal cape service.

    This is impossible.. lol
  15. Looking for Infernal cape service.

    Infernal cape is only obtained via Donating, trade post or PvM (malvorent mage)