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  1. Blackhats staff feedback

    Grave-dug post - locked.
  2. New Players Guide 2022

    Well done Joy! Keep it up!
  3. Staff APP

    Joy is actually very helpful. Much better shot at Staff than any of the current applicants.
  4. Please unban me

    Do ::support ingame and create a ticket.
  5. Jailed for RWT but didnt RWT

    I promise you David will respond to you. He goes in order received. Everyone gets responded to. Do not spam him, do not spam us; do not spam the forums. Take a break from thinking about this. He will get back with you.
  6. Hello all! :D

    Welcome back!
  7. Amazing update boss. This is exactly what Runewild needed.
  8. GFX Artist Needed

    Hey! I'm a seasoned GFX artist, over 13 years experience. hit me up if interested! RWBJ#4092
  9. decrease central boss collection

    No support
  10. hi guys i am new

    PM me on Discord @ RWBJ#4092 Envíame un mensaje privado en discord en RWBJ#4092
  11. add some staff member and support

    This is a thread from a year ago... If you need help PM someone on discord. ::discord
  12. Only the Server Owner David can help with any sensitive info related issues. There will soon be an option on ::support for recovery related issues in-game. (Should be on there this week if not already). Believe us, if we could help (us moderators), we would.
  13. hi guys i am new

    Welcome to the server! Be sure to vote for a nice head-start. Any questions my DM's are always open.
  14. banned for RWT ACP

    ::support ingame and wait for reply.
  15. Roulette

    Lets be honest, if any new gambling games are added it's gotta be poker.