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  1. PvM on multiple accounts

    Yeah unfortunally you cant pvm with 2 accounts, but i am sure you can pvm/pk try that
  2. Sponsor rank not showing on forums

    No way you got picture of my face in snapchat filter i am dead brate HAHAHAHAHHAHA
  3. How do I get dwarven helmet?

    I would say for spawn accounts in the shops or spawn it..
  4. Staff App - Kalluto

    Just a amazing guy +1000 from me, wish you alot luck Kalluto 💕
  5. Al-Qaeda Veteran Rank Application

    +1 funiest player out there and is good for community! gl mano
  6. lumekazan veteran rank application

    +1 amazing guy
  7. Intro, been a while

  8. Intro, been a while

    welcome to the real world mate
  9. Safe lending

    Its not even worth the time and effort mate, you can make 200b for every singel item eazy if you just put time and effort..
  10. Explain this Raids RNG please.

  11. Completionist Cape

    +1 would be cool, but as long as comp cape doesnt looks to much rs3 its pogg gonna give more grinds.
  12. Ideas For 200m Max Capes

    +1 like it, but cape designs looks like rs3 -1 on it
  13. War Acker Veteran Rank

    Good luck!
  14. Heavy Ballista

    Not sure myself but i would guess it would be a sick multi weapon for no money at all..