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  1. Gora Veteran rank application

    give it to him nowwwww
  2. Staff App - Kalluto

  3. Idea Hydras

    Better off suggesting in the discord the forums are dead.
  4. My thoughts and feedback.

    Unity cc has a lot of people who are willing to help it is a PVM cc as well
  5. HARD CORE - Stats + Bank Update

    nice bank so far gl on the grinds
  6. Log out frezze

    same thing happens to me i have no idea how to fix it
  7. Gora Staff application!

    +1 This guy is always helpful to players anywhere, Unity cc (where he is modded), Runewild Discord, and ingame. He is very knowledge-able and is willing to help anyone.
  8. 1 Defence solo TOB

  9. Staff Application

    Amazing Unity admin/manager, always respectful and is active. Would be amazing to have on the runewild staff team. #unity
  10. PVM streaming

  11. Different ways to play (challenge accounts)

    1 skill at a time or extreme collection locked would work.
  12. Iron 4 hit Staff App

    Can vouch has ran/helped run events in Unity cc and is always helpful to anyone who asks questions.
  13. Gora Veteran rank application

    +1 Always helps people and is a great pvmer.