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Found 5 results

  1. Extra bonus drops for vote

    Extra bonus drops for vote Can you get almost 15% in drops killing an npc for the 1hour bonus when you do the vote
  2. What Drops

    hey I was just wondering as I just received my first golden casket drop. and I need to use a Casket Key in order to open it without receiving -%66. could anyone make a list of what monsters drop caskets and casket keys? or if so guide me to a forum that already has. I can't seem to find one. and people say only way to buy a casket key and some say basilisk knights drop keys.. idk just help me out please.
  3. Ironman Loot Problems

    Can something be done about Ironman not receiving loot for doing the most damage? -With current mechanics, if I, ironman, was at Chaos Fanatic for example, and deal 145 damage, and another person crashing does only 100 damage, I wouldn't receive the drop. I understand its more of an integrity thing of people trying leech drops or whatever they're trying to do, but it hinders actual end-game PvM where you have to compete for kills, because there's only one world and one NPC.
  4. AIO Wilderness Boss Guide

    Please note: This guide is a work in progress, I only posted it because I don't see a way to create a draft topic. Any feedback is appreciated and encouraged, Thanks! Last updated: 17/06/2021, 0.02 added Callisto The Wilderness is a high-risk / high-reward area in Runewild, here you'll find majority of the bosses and they drop a fortune of items. As mentioned this comes at a high-risk with pkers always hunting for individuals to kill, and also teams of pkers who will take you down if you're caught in a multi-combat area. Whenever entering the wilderness it's important you understand that you don't bring anything you cannot afford to lose. Deceitful players will attempt to skull trick you and you may lose your more valuable items. This guide will outline important information about the wilderness, such as multi-combat areas, where the bosses are located, what gear to fight each boss and their mechanics. The Wilderness Map In the map above you can see the multi-combat areas highlighted in red, also where all the wilderness bosses are located. Some of these areas such as Callisto, Vet'ion, Venenartis, Scorpia are located in multi-combat areas and are very risky when you attempt to kill them. Although bosses such as Corporal Beast and Zulrah are located in the wilderness, their chambers are not in the wilderness - See their specific section for more information. Vet'ion Callisto
  5. UNDER CONSTRUCTION I'll write a kc and drop that i got rare+ I'll be using Ring of wealth (i) during 100 of kills of each monster. Alchemical Hydra Drops: Callisto Drops: Basilisk Knight Drops: Basilik Jaw #108 KC Giant Mole Drops : Zulrah Drops: