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Found 7 results

  1. YouTube Application

    New to this YouTube scene. Too much wild ish happens to me constantly for me not to show everyone the insanity of my Yin/Yang luck, I'm talking from the "how in the ....????" to the "wow... imagine that actually happening to someone though...." type ish. Love this server more than any other that I've ever played throughout the years to date. Really it's just way too phenomenal to not want to support and advertise it and assist it's growth in the near future to not give it a shot IMO. Anyways. Go for gold David. Let's make this economy grow even larger and flourish more than ever before together. I got you my guy. Hope you'll feel the same and throw this dog a bone to get some ish going in a better direction in his life. Leggooooooooooooooo RUNEWILD! YouTube Tag : @rubadubflub Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC88MY7FHbfmU5X1PcWsftrQ youtube.com/channel/UC88MY7FHbfmU5X1PcWsftrQ
  2. Hi! Names Flub, you can call me Flub... I'm probably busy somewhere winning #charliesheen.. Can't wait to get this going whoop whoop!
  3. Enchanted Notepaper

    I had an epiphany while killing brutal black dragons. They dropped 3 mithril bars each, and i thought, being able to note these from my inventory, would be incredibly helpful for both me, and the people wanting to buy them for less than 75k each. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of notepaper, you can find information about it on the rs3 wiki. As to how it would be implemented, I would leave that for the experts. Source could be anything from voting, monster drops or PKP. Feel free to express your opinions below
  4. Staff - App

    What's your in-game username?. Z E N O X What is your timezone? UTC What is your playtime?. 27-Days ( I played RW in 2020 for a few months, left the RSPS until recently when I came back to play again. ) Tell us a little about your gaming history. I have played the original OSRS And some RSPS. OSRS: two years RSPS: three years Why do you want to be a member of our staff team?. I enjoy helping RSPS players especially new players. If the RW STAFF team allows me, I would start uploading guide videos on a YouTube channel and share the videos on the FORUM explaining everything both in the videos and in text so that the guides are understood by both the [ EN ] community like the [ ES ]. I will also be aware of players who abuse a bug or do things that violate the rules of the RW server. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here. My main language is Spanish, and I understand a little English. I can be of help to that " 50-70% " of players who speak Spanish.
  5. New Players Guide

    Newbie Guide Welcome to a guide made for new players. In here we will discuss a few points and tips that I wish I knew before, as it would've helped me save up a lot of money and time. General Tips and Tricks Use ::commands in-game if you cant find a command Purchasing Items Money Making Great Guide by @lustman Where to find... Emblem Trader: Ancient Wizard (Can tp you to alot of places): Duradel (Slayer): Tournament Hoster Barrows Repair Stand Lunar Altar Rejuvenation (Restore Healing+Prayer+Spec) Scams TBA Please let me know in the comments anything else that comes to mind when reading this guide, so i can add it. Shoutout to @Peterfor helping me with some questions I wasn't too sure about. THIS GUIDE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS Habra una parte donde estara traducido el guide al Español, Spanish Translation of the guide will be provided after completion.
  6. Auto’s pc setup

  7. Hello

    Hello Community of runewild i am new and ready to see what this server has to offer! if you see me in game say hello! have a great day guys! gl pking.