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Found 3 results

  1. Problem solved

    Hey I pressed by accident that puts on your gear (CTRL+Q) and my cash stack didnt go into the bank, is there a way I can reclaim it? edit: LOL i died in the wildy with it by accident LOOOL
  2. New Players Guide

    Newbie Guide Welcome to a guide made for new players. In here we will discuss a few points and tips that I wish I knew before, as it would've helped me save up a lot of money and time. General Tips and Tricks Use ::commands in-game if you cant find a command Purchasing Items Money Making Great Guide by @lustman Where to find... Emblem Trader: Ancient Wizard (Can tp you to alot of places): Duradel (Slayer): Tournament Hoster Barrows Repair Stand Lunar Altar Rejuvenation (Restore Healing+Prayer+Spec) Scams TBA Please let me know in the comments anything else that comes to mind when reading this guide, so i can add it. Shoutout to @Peterfor helping me with some questions I wasn't too sure about. THIS GUIDE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS Habra una parte donde estara traducido el guide al Español, Spanish Translation of the guide will be provided after completion.
  3. Botchecks

    Hi, I'm a new player who joined the server only after the most recent realism update. I have been playing less than 7 days and I bought premium status. I do alot of skilling and training with high intensity and I have been sent messages in my chat with numbers to type in order to prove I'm not a bot. Instead of directly answering in the chat, I was distracted, I clicked a thieving activity and was immediately logged off. I am making this then directly after because I cannot log back in. I guess this system attacks bots, and we all like that, but at what cost. I even have witnesses who could verify my activity, chat logs too. @ShadowRs07 and I, who I met doing alchemy to try magic next to the slayer master. Food for thought