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Found 12 results

  1. Infinite PvM

    Welcome to Infinite PvM: https://discord.gg/aVwUydJ5af We are a brand new Runewild PvM clan that is dedicated to helping new players in understanding mechanics to anything PvM related. We are super active and treat everyone with high respect and as equals. The staff team is highly understanding of not belittling anyone and helping anyone by any means necessary so we can have more people to enjoy the Runewild PvM scenery and not leave due to them unable to find that specific “group/family” to be apart of. You may find this community here is not only welcoming but we are here to help each other grow and succeed. There is always an opportunity to learn and grow for everyone and together we will find those opportunities. I am pleased to have you apart of this group and hope to hear from you soon!! Recent Accolades: 140+ Members and growing! 20B+ in Giveaways! Many messages of gratitude for helping people! Many more to come!! Reasons to join: Yes we are a brand new PvM CC in Runewild but for how long we been public we have grown rapidly. We do need more people to join our staff team inside the discord which would give you any experience you may need if you have plans on applying for Runewild's Staff. Infinite PvM is a no beef zone meaning there is absolutely zero tolerance for disrespecting other members or any other clans inside the cc/discord. We have a HUGE event planned once we are "official" with BIG prizes to come. We also assist with any raids/PvM monsters you may need help with but you're struggling to complete. We were all there at one point and there definitely is a learning curve. We are here to help! Everyone is welcomed to join! ¿Español? ¡Ningún problema!: Hola, si hablas español eres bienvenido a unirte a Infinite PvM. Actualmente tenemos un grupo en español aquí con un chat dedicado en español para que también puedas hacer amigos!!
  2. Lords Of War

    Lords Of War NOW RECRUITING! RULES: #1. Always Look Out/Help your Clanmates #2. No Baiting #3. Never Leave a Man behind #4. Spare No-One #5. No Clan/Member Disrespect #6. Follow the RuneWild Rules Join "Lords Of War" Clan Chat in-game Today! Promotions are given out to those who put in the Most Time, Energy & Positivity into the Clan & Making sure we stay on top of ALL PVP Boards & PVM Bosses. An Official Discord will be made Soon! Stay Tuned! Lords Of War is an ENGLISH/SPANISH Speaking Clan & has an Active PVP/PVM/Skilling Member base.
  3. Thieving

    Probably not right area, Suggestion : At the thieving stalls, we should be able to sell all the items from each table... what is the point in giving items from stalls that we can't even do anything with. Please add the items to the skilling shop at the least so we can "Sell" them. Specifically the first few stalls.
  4. How maxed Woodcutting 99 Guide

    **Cómo máximo Woodcutting 99 Guide** Suscríbete a mi canal para obtener más contenido
  5. Hi Guys, Pretty new on this server (started 1 week ago) but saw people asking a lot for XP/Amount of runs/Gold and all other kind of numbers and guides on the forums. Thought I would also contribute a little to the community and server that I enjoy so much, so here I am on my road to max on my Realism account. Current REALISM status and gains (December 2021): - Combat x25 - Skills x10 This form will be updated for every 99 I hit with all the numbers and info. hope you enjoy it and let's grind together shall we? 1. AGILITY 2. HERBLORE
  6. #BOZO

    https://discord.gg/MwFfdwuzHk Daily RuneWild GiveAways !!! #Bozo
  7. Pestle and mortar

    Add Pestle and mortar with according crushing items to enable in depth items for example crushed superior bones/lava scale shards for super anti fire potion
  8. General suggestions.

    So these are just somethings I have picked up on over a few weeks.. that i have noticed. feel free to post a suggestion below and i'll update this accordingly. (will be updating this as i find more/remember more) (Even if you feel its a bad request/suggestion, it will be added to the list and treated as any other one. remember these are just suggestions and not written in stone.) :Pvm related: Can Steel dragons/iron dragons have their drop-tables updated to have the dragonic visage. if possible could a "rough/detailed" post come around about drop rates of certain rare items? (tob(raids2)/basilskJaw/Etc) / It could be requested to see the drop rate and then you could edit forums post? Could the HP event have a bit more health, since it's now a "ditch" .. event. and the reward has been increased too. - More people go to this event then ever before now (pvp/pvm mixture of both) A possible increase to the rewards given by ancient emblems from revenants. Adding a locator for mole. (Falador shield (3?)) https://gyazo.com/90df5d2ca656be889c7c89eddc17acc4 Allow us to mine/jump this rock. Allow possessed pickaxes count towards the achievement of killing the floating axes Can all monsters inside the Catacombs have their drop tables worked (to match the rest of them outside of Catacombs) :Pvp related: Pj timer at egdeville to be prolonged after obtaining a kill Make it so you cannot redskull with the starting "lent" items. (when you first start the game you can get an Ags which dispersal in 50 hits, same with claws etc.) :Skilling related: Adding the ability to add crystal dust to be used with a super combat (or any other potions) to make them divine - https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Crystal_dust Allow ironman to retrieve a needle and thread to make d'hide bodies/chaps/vambraces. Using chisel on dark essence block to be instant rather than set to a delay. currently has a delay like cutting gems.. (qol update ofcourse) Add crushed superior dragon bones to the Skilling shop so super antifire potions can be made, along with Extended Super antifire . https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Super_antifire_potion#4_dose https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Extended_super_antifire#4_dose Perhaps adding a wishing well which costs 500m to fill up and boosts xp rates by .50 for 3hours, 6hours, 9hours or 12hours :Equipment related: Volatile possibly have an accuracy buff on its special attack? (To be reviewed also so it's not outstandingly good) Can abyssal dagger have it's max hit increased from 42? this makes the weapon almost.. just not viable in any scenario. Dismantle option for the wilderness weapons (Craws bow, viggs mace and thammons sceptre or whatever its called!) into ether Allow the Dwarven rock cake to act as an untradeable and be autokept below 20 wilderness. check the variations of max cape have the Bonuses the regular max cape have. ie. the minimal but increased drop rate. Tyrannical ring(i) And Ring of Gods(i) do not have double stats like they should Possible introduction of Arclight and Skotizo :Stores: a possible rework on valuating the PKP store/Bounty Hunter store sell cut gems back to the skilling store for a marginal price.. like Sapphire 25k > sell to shop for 2400.. just something like this. Adding Crystal dust to the skilling store(or drops) Adding pure essence to the skilling store - So when people get them as a drop they can just sell them back to the store. like herbs etc Add a tax fee on decanting potions.
  9. Suggestions!

    First I want to thank you for taking your time to read this post! *Please note that I only play in Iron Man Mode, so this topic might not apply to regular players!* Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, it wont hurt my feelings! +Brutal Green Dragons - BGD in the Ancient Caver are glitched and do not drop loot when killed (please fix)! +Divine Potions - Will Divine Potions be craftable/made by players in the future? I see this as important options for Herblore and Money Making for Irons! +Cooking Gauntlets - Very annoying when fishing & cooking to have to take the gloves off to not fish cooked fish. Could this be a players' decision on the Game Toggles? +Resource Area Fishing - Anglerfish only give 1200 XP for TWO, Sharks give 1100 XP for ONE? Unlike Mining and Woodcutting XP seems to not be worth it while fishing. +Skilling - While many play to PK, the Iron Man community is growing and people are skilling a lot more. The server has a lot of rewards for PKing but NONE for skilling? *Mods feel free to PM me I have some ideas* +Donator Rank - Many of us, including myself are BROKE in real life! Could Donator Ranks be purchased with in-game gold? If so, could they be purchased by Irons? I think this will give people another possible goal and also encourage game-play! This concludes my suggestions (for now) I'll be making more updates to this in the future!
  10. Hey everyone, I have decided to compile all my skilling knowledge of Runewild and place it into this very topic! There will be a mixture of Fast/Profitable methods for most of the skills. If you want to max from scratch I suggest that you follow the skills in order of what I put them as you will have accumulated a fair bit of money by the time you get to the buy-able skills at the end! Note* Divide any xp/xp rates by half if Ironman. If any of these methods require elaboration please do not hesitate to pm me in game. Ctrl + F to find the guide of your choice. Table Of Contents 1. Agility 2. Thieving 3. Woodcutting 4. Mining 5. Smithing 6. Fishing 7. Cooking 8. Slayer 9. Runecrafting 10. Crafting 11. Fletching 12. Firemaking 13. Herblore ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Agility ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Theiving ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Woodcutting ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Mining ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Smithing ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Fishing ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Cooking ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Slayer ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Runecrafting ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. Crafting ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. Fletching __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12. Firemaking __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 13. Herblore