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Found 10 results

  1. NBS [ No Bull Shit ]

    Short , sweet, and simple. NBS Stands for No Bull Shit Just trying to build a community that isn't constantly advertising they're active with 3 people in their CC's and completely useless to the community. NBS is a helpful community for beginners and experienced players alike. We focus on PvM and PvE I'll try to incorporate weekly giveaways of some sort or rewards for the most active members in the clan. Here's the discord : Not much yet, but it will be soon. https://discord.gg/jHuFkv2uBd
  2. Iron Family

    Iron Family Iron Family is an Ironman/HCIM/UIM only social clan of all skill levels, experience, and knowledge. Starting out an Ironman can quickly feel daunting and that's why we're here- to help each other along the way. From group bossing to socializing to giving tips and support we're here so that the long grind of an ironman doesn't ever begin to feel too lonely. There are a few key priorities we place in our clan to make everyone feel welcome: 1. Everyone starts from somewhere. We understand everyone has a beginning, and it's the responsibility of the veterans to support them so they can do the same some day. 2. Patience is a virtue. We'll always be patient with our members. RuneScape has always been about the grind; be patient in your words too. 3. Positivity spreads like Covid. Be a positive person and our chat will be a positive place. However, negativity spreads negativity. Be the person you want to see! If you'd like to know more please post below. There are no requirements to enter the clan aside from being an Iron member. Hope to see you there!
  3. #BOZO

    https://discord.gg/MwFfdwuzHk Daily RuneWild GiveAways !!! #Bozo
  4. Elyshes

    New clan single pking. Elyshes • Discord. • Pker events. • More info PM. • Elyshes discord: https://discord.gg/4AbsvXcgae
  5. Pkmassive199

    Join a new clan for massive pk in all locations of the wildy. Everyone is welcome! #pkmassive199
  6. Clan limit

    why clan limit is max 400 1 clan is plague 400 ppls have make 100 better we split ppls and we can see actions 300 ppls camped revenant we cant go rev ppls want 250-1b money for protect not good urs need to fix clan limit max 100 better action maybe we can fight everythere.
  7. 24 Hours PK/PVM Clan

    New PK Clan - "24Hours" Apply and add: 24hours - ingame for recruitment V: Clan Requirements To be an applicant you need the following: 110+ Combat 90+ Attack/Strength/Defence 90+ Magic and 90+ Ranged 70+ Prayer with rigour and augury ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minimum Sets Requirements NH SET (Ahrims Ancestral) PVM Set (bandos) (Void) The rules are quite simple, Always help your cc when they are in trouble when you're online in the game. Inactivity or ignorancy will not be tolerated. Back stabbing = Rag 4 life Welcome to 24 Hours You can be tested anytime to see if you still are active and if you're ready to help your team mates. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any ranking member (Silver star +). Discord (REQUIRED). Discord is an essential voice server program that allows clan members to communicate over mic. Discord is REQUIRED for all members of "24hours cc" to properly communicate when doing PvP. Discord can be used by members at any other time to socialize and hang out, and this is STRONGLY encouraged to become more involved in the community. Copy Paste, and comment down below : IGN : KDR : DISC: BANK WORTH: BOSS KILLS(highest): ROLE(you pref): RATE YOUR PK SKILLS 1/10 : RATE YOUR PVM SKILLS 1/10:

    IMPERIAL Are you tired of bsing members? Are you tired of braindead members? Do you want to join the best of the best? Do you have what it takes? Do you want to dominate multi? JOIN Imperial today! Shortly. Imperial is organized team that will compete at the multi. No clowning around, straight dominate. If you are interested fill up the following information. IGN: Language: Microphone: YES/NO Multi experience: Discord: Send this information on discord to: honcho#0666 or IMPERIAL#4419
  9. About Us We are a multi and single clans and are thriving towards the top of the leader board. We first opened out clan a week ago with a objective to overcome other multi clans and we have overcame that multiple times with max kills and much more. We have experienced PKers from singles and multi. How to join. To join you can join our discord server we will be hosting giveaways and invite giveaways. You need to go through verification however if do not want to join you can talk to our members or other people in the public chat. Join: https://discord.gg/SwEFNr34hh #WF
  10. Delete

    Clan has disbanded. /Delete -Thank you!